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Tell us what you think of the character above!

Paulo is a good boy!! I know he gets flak for the way his arc was handled, and understandably so... it's just that his very specific kind of character (the "good person who finds themselves doing bad things for the sake of what they consider to be good before eventually being set straight") appeals very much to me. unsurprisingly lol. Him and Lear are very special to me.. I won't claim that they're the best-written characters in the series or anything like that, but I still found them surprisingly compelling for gacha game-spinoff exclusive characters.

Speaking of the devil... Lear?
Tina my beloved !! I love her smsm i wish pokemas would do more with her. I was hoping so desperately that the third story arc would be focused on her only for her to get released as a 4 star and get no focus ever again and im still so sad... i luv luv paulo but i still feel sad she got replaced as a rival im still begging dena to give her the attention she deserves

Hell yeah I love Tucker, he's such a cool stylish dude. But... other than that there's just not much else to say about him. Feel like he's one of the less popular Frontier Brains from what I can tell, so I've just been hoping he gets added to Pokemas eventually so we can see more of his character.

she's kinda middling as far as the stat trainers rank in my mind (though admittedly the only one i go out of my way to spend time thinking about in the first place is marley), but i don't mind her. she has a pretty unique design and sp.a is maybe my favorite stat (alongside speed. glass cannons my beloveds!), so she gets points there, but her personality wasn't particularly memorable imo. though she absolutely should be in MEx by now; why isn't she?!

speaking of "why aren't they in MEx" characters, arven
i ended up lieking him a LOT more than i expected tbh i went into scvi thinking hmmm i think i will like nemona most :3 but then he and penny jumped me and grabbed me by the ankles. he and his stupid dog r so dear 2 me. I want him 2 cook something 4 me im curious how itll taste....!!also pokemas is so slow with adding characters sometimes i still cant believe it took them so long to add elaine and chase i was convinced they just didnt count lgpe

anyways i mentioned her so Penny !!!!
I’m using her theme rn lol

She’s a nice character! I feel like she matches my energy quite a bit and I like drawing her and her hair! She was a nice rival but I didn’t love the idea of her already being a champion and redoing the challenge with you (me and Mudkipz were joking that she was stalking us heh)

She's super cute !! My fav of the xy rivals she doesn't get enough love... my girlie just wants 2 be silly and watch fireworks......... <33 xy rivals in general r kinda overhated sometimes i mean i get some of the complaints but theyr just funny whimsical guys

anyways xy ramble sooooo serena !!
Kinda neutral on Trevor. On the one hand, his goal of explicitely conpeting the Dex instead of trying to surpass the player battle-wise is neat, but on the other hand he just does not get much screen time or much other details/interactions to flesh out the character. This means that while he’s unobtrusive (meaning I can’t dislike him), he’s also unmemorable (also can’t truly like him).

Actually wait — midway through writing this I remembered he uses Raichu so yeah he’s cool and has great taste in teambuilding.

For more friends/rivals that don’t always focus on battling, how about Bianca?
He’s great. My siblings made me name him “jiffy” when I first played through bdsp with close to no prior experience with Pokémon and then laughing about how strangely fitting that name is lol

He’s overall wonderful though (his hairs a bit hard to draw and some people might find him annoying but not me)

Uhh to keep going with the rivals let’s say… Wally,
He's cute !! I rlly liked him when playing ruby and preferred him like a lot over the other rival and was so sad he didn't appear more often... i wanna play oras soon i feel liek a fake fan whenever i talk about hoenn without having played oras T_T

Anyways, Silver!
HIM!!!! thats my favorite fictional character ever!!!! graaah i'm pressed for time so i cant go as in depth as i would like to buuuuuut his story and background hit soosososo hard for me and he is just.. excellent. i love him soooo much i want to hug him and tell him that it will all be ok

next stop is hau!
I have never interacted with her, but she seems like a fine enough replacement for old boring professor, with a great upbeat personality. No comment on anything else about her, there enough of that out there.

I found it interesting that her ace shows that she used to be a rock type specialist before the discovery of the Steel type, not much else tho

How about Katy?
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