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Tell us what you think of the character above!

Torchic has made me love him a lot more than I used to, he's just really cool and queer

I remember her as radio lady, I have no other personal attachment

One of my favorite gym leaders of Unova, her personality is super fun.

oh yeah so you're gonna bring my wife up huh
i freaking love sabrina. so badass and cool, she has this sort of quiet kindness about her as well as the aura of someone who hates violence but could crush just about anyone beneath her heel were she to try. and that's true!
also her design absolutely slaps. shes so effing cool-looking. and pretty. like top five prettiest pokemon girls i think, along with rika, olivia, zinnia, and jasmine

anyway! her fellow indigo league psychic type master, will.
i wrote a microessay on her earlier in here... let's just say i love her and think her Famous Quote is more nuanced than it gets credit for and i will leave it at that (also yOU WOULDNT THINK THE FIRST EVER DARK TYPE MASTER WOULD ACT AND LOOK LIKE THAT. BUT SHE DOES. AND I LOVE IT)

hmm. clavell?
God I love Clavell, I was totally expecting another "twist villain" from him but no! He's just a sweet guy who cares a lot about his students. I see NO ONE talking about his battle theme, which I find impressive. His battle theme is beautiful and sounds like Ace Attorney. 10/10 I wish all school directors were like him.
(Also, fun fact: the clavel is the national flower of Spain!)

I don't know if these count as characters here since they're Pokémon but... the opposing Koraidon/Miraidon?
(thank you so much btw. clavell appreciators and clavell theme appreciators are my favorite people) (also the person who composed his theme also did a LOT of the music in tgaa so it sounds familiar for a reason!)
bro i just think they're like. cool. nothoughtsheadempty.jpeg. i have way stronger feelings on the partner raidon, all i guess i can say is that i really like both of those pokemon i guess? sorry >m<;

Not gonna lie, don't think much of him. People ship him with Sycamore, which is cute I guess, but not my fancy. Overall, he is certainly a kalos character.

Speaking of, how about Sycamore
shes super cool and the best part of team flare for me hands flippin' down. im so in love with her general aesthetic and super devil-may-care yet take-no-shit personality as well as her being the only e4 member to date (iirc) that actively opposes the protagonist as a person.

how abouuuut... ariana!
Actually I like her a lot more than I probably should, idk why??? Her personality I guess? Either way, she's cool.

i hate him too lissi. i hate him too (for context bc you're newer silver is like my literal lifeblood and... like, hes my cornerstone i guess. i connect very very very much with his life story and background for personal irl reasons so hes just super important to me. my friends here could tell you im the silverperson number one and id say thats basically true, hes just. well. i love him. a lot. he means a lot to me. etc) so it tracks i have issues with petrel eheh,
(this just ended up being a silver episode)

and finally, archer.
I again kinda forgot about him/mixed him up with proton (the whole hair colour kinda did it for me)

and yes your pfp is silver so I kind of guessed (i personally love silver as a character but hes not my all time favourite)

ethan (I’ve been drawing him a lot so I wanna see what you think)
(yeah i get that! i have such deep affection for silver bc of some like, actual life events ive experienced so i have like a... deep personal connection w him, but i dunno how often that even happens between people and fictional characters so) hes cool! i like the design ehe, his pokespe personality (well gold, but whatever) is very rowdy and funny... anyway impressive of him to have both a gf and a bf, last person i remember pulling that off so well was wallace

sidney is cool as fuck. i love the juxtaposition between his rough n tumble design and his super chill and happy personality. also his ace is ABSOL, am i supposed to not like him?!??!

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