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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

interesting idea, but such a boring design
doesn't resemble anything haunted about it

Great concept, lazy execution. They could’ve done way more creative things with the ice face beyond making it just a block of ice.

I feel kinda disappointed by its design due to how similar it is to Farfetch’d.

love the cute amphibian... too bad its two evolutions are terrible looking
I''d give it an everstone

It's cute and pretty unique, with a cool type combination too. It's evolution in DP was one of the most-needed too, of the pokemon that got them.

it's cute, I kind of like it. I think its design is a little bland, though. It could have been much more interesting. I also cannot stand how they removed remoraid from its model.

just a rocky weird design, on my hates side
not the kind of rock n' roll I'm into

Meowstic (male)
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