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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

ohhhh :bulbaLove: :bulbaLove: :bulbaLove: you can bet i have mega opinions on volcarona, def one of the best bugs to come out of gen V (a good gen for bugs in general, sewaddle+venipede lines are also AMAZING!!!!) for obvious reasons, volcarona is one of my favorites, even within the bug type. moths are also one of my favorite real bugs, so that helps a lot. it DOES suck, however, that in BW you wind up getting it a little late in the game, even if you get it from the ruins :'( i was SO excited to get it so early as a larvesta in scarlet after just happening to wander into the desert x) (i feel much the same way abt slither wing, on top of being a stegosaurus fan lol just a really, REALLY great line overall :bulbaHugs::bulbaLove::jessie:)

how bout hippowdon?
Underrated Ground-type alert!! I think it's nice to see hippos accurately portrayed like the big aggressive beasts they are. Design-wise, I like its bright red eyes and the darker grey palette found on female Hippowdon — though I'm still disappointed the transition to 3D took away the pile of sand it was perpetually wallowing around in. It was iconic!

Dragalge is one of those Pokémon I like quite a lot, but have never actually gotten around to using (wrong version, found too late game, etc.). Leafy sea dragons are almost fantasy beasts in real life, so seeing some Pokémon representation for them is great. It's also one of those "what type are you again?" Pokémon to me, which is kind of fun. It swapped its prevo's Water for Dragon, but still looks like it could be Water. And the line as a whole looks like it could have had Grass type in there (hmmmm...maybe there could be a Grass/Water to Grass/Dragon regional variant or lookalike line someday?) All in all, a great Pokémon that I like, but don't spend as much time thinking about as I should. I just wish the name's pronunciation was clearer from the spelling.

I think Tangrowth's noodle arms and red-tipped fingers are rather funny. But other than giving Tangela an evolution to give it something more substantial, I really wonder what the point of Tangrowth is. It just seems unnecessary, especially since it doesn't change much from Tangela.

i cant say im necessarily a huge fan of mamoswine, but as i've aged i've found a new appreciation for it and piloswine by way of finding new appreciation for pigs. when i was younger, i thought it was big, dumb, and ugly and i felt that way to a lesser extent about piloswine (tho ive always liked swinub for being just a little guy) and it was mostly bc as a kid i thought pigs were big, dumb, and ugly (and scary) and while i liked dinosaurs, i was indifferent toward mammoths, so the whole line got a little shafted :( nowadays, pigs are among my favorite animals (so much so, i have a boar fursona!) so i find myself really loving its huge tusks and cute lil pig nose! <3 i also wound up really loving dawn's mamoswine in the anime, that was some good propaganda for me xD

continuing the theme of move-evolutions....lickilicky?
It is hideous and dumb-looking, and I don't care for Lickitung, either.
Lickilicky was one of those Pokémon that I used to hate until I suddenly woke up one day and realized it was amazing. It's still not my favorite of the many new Gen IV evolutions, in fact I think it's a little sad that it loses many of the "lizard" traits it had as a Lickitung — but it's just so excessively goofy and endearing that I can't help but enjoy it anyway. Dangit, ninja'd.

Articuno was formerly my favorite of the legendary birds (nowadays that honor goes to Moltres for me), but I can still appreciate a pretty design when I see it. I might prefer Galarian Articuno to the Kantonian one these days, it just has that edgy vibe and color palette that I like ever so slightly more.

Like its movepool and the fact it is a Rock-type despite looking like a tree, as well as the fact it blocks paths in some games.
marowak, at least the kanto version, is one of those pokemon where i'd take a glance at, go "what a cool pokemon design", but never really think about again. never really had it as part of a team, never really... gave it really much thought. it's alolan variant i think is significantly better, though that isn't to say that the kanto variant is bad by any means. it's just more memorable to me.

exeggutor (kanto)
I prefer Alolan Exeggutor more than Kanto Exeggutor. Alolan Exeggutor feels more like a palm tree than Kanto Exeggutor. Alolan Exeggutor’s astounding height gives it more personality. This then makes Kanto Exeggutor inferior.
Overall, Exeggutor is also quite interesting due to the fact it has three heads and three different minds. I think I just realized why it turned into a Psychic type while writing this. It s a decent and memorable Pokémon. If it was created today, it would definitely look like it’s Alolan form as I don’t think Pokémon did extreme heights back in the day. Also, I find Exeggutor’s name hard to spell. I only remember because I had to write it a ton of times.

Honestly, I like the little fox. Nickit has a cute design and its gimmick of brushing its tail to cover its tracks after attacking is pretty neat. It's a shame that the line isn't that great.
Well it's new to me so I really dont know much about it. Although I like how it can sneek up and steal shit without you knowing, I want one.

Um I guess I'll have to place my favourite Pokémon under the bus deep breath

Eevee :3
it's very cute. i love how its g-max dex entry talks about how it's gotten even more friendly and sweet and tries playing with people only to end up crushing them :p it also helps that it evolves into a bunch of OTHER very cute pokemon. it's an extremely popular pokemon, but for a good reason. (also the subject of one of my first ever shiny hunts lol)

A gliding dragon landshark... Could have been one of the apex predators if it existed here.

Chatot !
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