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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I love that pink gremlin. The design inspiration as well as its demeanor made me fall in love with it. I dislike the animosity between it and Corviknight if only for the fact that I love both Pokémon.
To be completely honest, I was not a fan of this guy from the moment it was revealed, lol. I personally think Zamazenta is just way too overdesigned; it's visually convoluted and makes it unclear what you're seeing at a glance. I will say though that it looks a hundred times better shiny (the pink and red color scheme is a lot easier on the eyes), and I do find it a bit more interesting than Zacian at least. Still, just not my favorite box legendary.

(pretend this is in all caps, my laptop doesnt have caps lock and im too lazy to just hold shift) precious leaf baby. my beloved tiny little... creature. i have no idea what it is you're supposed to look like but you're so extraordinarily adorable i just want one of you irl to hold and cuddle

it's so pretty! i really love its concept, how it pretends to be a bug-type in order to lure in its prey :3 (yet a bunch of people miss the point and complain about it not being a bug-type anyway....)

The premise of it wanting to fly, so it develops a super hard and durable head from crashing and falling all of the time is a bit endearing. But other than that, I don't have any strong feelings about it.

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