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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I have to confess something terrible... I absolutely adored Magnezone for the longest time, but now that we have the amazing creature that is Sandy Shocks I just can't look at it the same way anymore. :cry: Both Pokémon are fantastic, and I think they can and should coexist — its UFO shape and one angry red eye are still very endearing! — but just speaking as an "upgrade" from Magneton, I may prefer Sandy Shocks just a little bit more. I'm sorry Magnezone!!!

while it's not like i could spend hours at a time marveling at its existence like absol or sylveon, it is a mon i do like. lions are cool, and ones with manes of literal fire are cooler yet. metaphorically. most certainly not literally.

Typhlosion is ... okay. It loses a bit of the "teenage attitude" that middle evos have, and it's disappointing that its 3D model animations tend to display the flames only occasionally. But it also received a pretty neat Hisuian form in Legends: Arceus.

Braviary (Hisuian)
The white in Hisuian Braviary definitely helps contrast the colors of Braviary a bit more. The psychic glow thing is also pretty cool. The fluffed up head also looks more interesting than the less fluffed up Unova head. Definitely makes the bird a bit more interesting with normal changes to psychic. It definitely doesn’t look like the most psychic bird, but I could see it having psychic powers just from its design.

I think it's neat, definitely not my favorite Alola Pokemon but it's not horrible! I used to see people dislike Drampa but over time I think most people have warmed up to it. I loved it in the anime, it turned out to be much bigger than I thought it would be. I also think it's Shiny form looks really nice.

Probably my favourite of the Unova final evos. Always love seeing people discover it has little hands held behind it's back. And Leaf Storm with Contrary is always fun.

I think it's alright, it's pretty cute, I always thought it's tail would be used for cutting or slashing things. I definitely think it got worse once it became 3D, I think it should've stayed sitting like in it's BW sprite.

I love cats. I played Diamond when I was younger. I implore you to imagine my disappointment when Glameow was a Pearl exclusive that wasn't even made available in Platinum later on. :sadsola:
That said, it's very cute and I like how its own tail looks like a cat toy. I do prefer Purugly a bit more (just on account of its pudginess and attitude), but it has its own distinct charm compared to its evolution and other kitty Pokémon too.

it's so very very cute, and one of my favorite alola mon and starters of all time. it's kinda in the purugly category of being extremely adorable but having a notable attitude, and i love it for that! (honestly... i just love catmon)

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