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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Probably my least favorite of the Lake Guardians but the brain-like top of its head and its eyes being shut is kinda cute.

The galactic fart, Cosmog
I love cosmog Sun being my first game makes it so much better of a Pokémon where i now permanently HAVE to call it Nebby or it feels wrong

Lets go up the line! Cosmog!
I also love that little galactic fart. They really did a great job making an endearing Pokémon that you get invested into through the games. I also love its relationship with Lillie and it is really cute.

Love the space eye design and the shape of the yellow ridges on top of whatever you want to call them. It also reminds me of brooches which I also like a lot.

A great Water type, might even be one of my favorites. I have memories of using back when I first started the main series games back in Emerald, and it's always been a Water type I like to use. The added Fairy type it picked up in Gen 6 didn't hurt either, in fact, it made it even better! A solid Pokemon, through and through! (y):yay:

(Thank goodness for that amazing ability Huge Power though. Otherwise, it'd probably be pretty useless. I'll always like it's blue color, though.)

I have an interesting history with this Pokemon. It used to one of my favourite of all time but then it slipped 'overnight' and it's not even in my top 30 now. The only other one for which this happened was Espeon so it's not like it's something normal for me. I used to like its chunky body, tails, arm flippets, the drop on its belly, and the tuft on its head. Now that I think about it though, I think I'm starting to like him again so thanks :)

It's....okay. I'm not the biggest fan of Poison types, but Toxicroak's not too bad in my book. The added Fighting type is probably why. Makes it more offensive, which is something I like in a Poison type Pokemon.

And since I'm thinking of Poison types now, Swalot.
Swalot is among my closest friend's favorite Pokemon (It and Gulpin practically share the 3rd or so slot), and I'd say I also have a soft spot for the grotesque creature with a disarmingly dopey expression. It's always neat to see a Pokemon species that are nondescript enough that there's seemingly no basis in either zoological, inanimate object, or mythological basis; and Swalot is an example. It's a beast that in its core is essentially a living, disembodied stomach entity that lives to gulp up living prey and dissolve them. A pretty original organism in the Pokemon bestiary and it certainly deserves more respect than it gets.

Speaking of nondescript creatures debuting in the third generation: Exploud.
Tiny and timid pokémon that turns into a loud and big screamer. I like the concept and the design is pretty dope. I would like more if it had Punk Rock as its ability
Punk Rock: boosts the power of sound-based moves and the pokémon takes half the damage from these kinds of moves

Next: Gengar
Until recently, I really didn't care too much for Gengar. However, nowadays I would say that it is one of my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon. Compared to Charizard, Pikachu, and Eevee, I don't really mind it showing up all the time. The design is simple, yet memorablye. And while Gengar is relatively terrifying, there is enough appearances to show that it can be a bit of a prankster instead.

Eh. I don't really care that much about most of the "possessed plants/inanimate objects Pokemon. I'm largely indifferent to them, Brambleghast included. I don't hate them per se, they're just.....there to me.

I feel like Keldeo gets more of the spotlight than it deserves. Sure, it is a Mythical Pokémon with an interesting story. But that is really about it. I thought the Keldeo vs. Kyurem movie was neat originally, but I have become a bit more sour to it. Plus, I am not the biggest fan of its Resolute Form.

It’s definitely the worst one in the Applin Line for me, Grass dragon is a fun typing but I just can’t get behind it‘s design when appleton is right there.

An interesting and fun concept for a Pokémon. I'm not a big tea drinker, but a possessed tea pot is pretty neat. Though honestly, Ghost types always have the advantage of being based on unique ideas.

My sister absolutely adores litwick, I’m much less attached to it but I think it’s pretty cute

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