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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I mean, it has a cool typing and the idea that it can hide in someone's shadows and punch them later is kind of funny. But I don't really care that much about it and there isn't much else about it. Honestly that's kind of my problem with a bunch of Mythical Pokémon. They just throw them in, expecting us to care with little rhyme or reason.

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Cute mon, love it's design, and how much power it had in competitive with stored power

Lycanroc (Any or all forms)
I like it. I think the theming of salt is a really good way to get something unique out of the admittedly getting tired Geodude/Golem-esque standard rock type mon they like to do basically every other gen. Its design is unique and great too. Insert Minecraft joke here.

I actually really like Squawkabilly (unpopular opinion?). The Pokepun is S-tier in my book, and I enjoy the Pokedex lore about the differing traits and temperments of the various colors. I also think it's very funny they had to replace Corviknight with Squawkabilly for the taxi service because of Tinkaton (I headcanon they use multiple Squawkabilly instead of one large bird 'mon like Staraptor so even the silhouette can't be mistaken for a Corviknight. Also that the flocks carrying a taxi have at least one Squawkabilly of every color so the taxi doesn't get attacked by any flocks of feuding colors mid-flight). All around a fun addition to Paldea.

Besides Nymble, it is probably the most forgettable Bug type of this Generation. The yarn ball motif is interesting, but that's about it.

One of my favorite hisuian Pokemon, it's design is really cool and endearing to me

While initially kind of dull for being an essentially repeated design of Tentacruel, it has really grown on me. The coloration is cool. Its origins are cool. The way it moves is cool. It is just a really cool Pokémon. Definitely better than Wugtrio.

Eh, it's a generic johto bird mon, so uhh a little dull for my taste.

Hisuian Arcanine
While clobbopus will always be the bestest boi in my heart, it's evolution isn't too bad either. I quite like it's design and colors, ESPECIALLY it's shiny. Overall a pretty cool octodude (sploon bias aside of course)

Cute lil' guy. I don't use him much, and when I do, it's normally its alolan form, but I still think he deserves some love

Gonna be honest, it's my least favorite. It just feels like the most underwhelming of the tapus to me, but that's just me I suppose.

grass type ☑
cool ass design ☑
on one of my favorite islands in the game ☑

checks all the boxes, certified banger mon right here

Tapu Koko
i ADORE koko!! i used it on a doubles competitive team in gen 8 and it was a massive help with electric terrain and such...just wish it could have learned rising voltage lol. anyways yeah its SO GOOD

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