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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

A tree that blocked me in my first play through of Silver, and got so mad that I had to go all the way back to get the spray bottle, I quit the game and have not touched it in three years.

I used to really like its design, but these days, I am more neutral about it. I just don't know or remember what it supposed to be based on besides the entire line having kappa inspirations. That aside, I really love the energy that radiates from it, both from its animations and being associated with Miror B. Being a neat typing like Water/Grass is also cool.

Blissey is a godsend. Charming Pokémon with a shocking amount of HP for anything in the series. The single highest stat a Pokémon has ever gotten. I remember entering the Battle Factory one day when I was 11 and just checking out stats. I saw Blissey's HP and was so baffled I ended up wanting one for myself in the games, so it became one of my first Pokémon to reach level 100. It just standing around to be an absolute tank is funny, especially since it has an exploitable weakness to never make it too painful, however I've had experiences such as losing in the Battle Subway against Blissey while using a Wonder Guard Spiritomb, because Blissey was able to stall me out.

Also really like its HP because when I use it in Hackmons formats on Showdown it's able to use that HP with the Imposter ability to transform into anything but stronger.

In addition. I decided to have one in my Legends Arceus team after figuring out its stats system made Blissey great for trainer battles there. My most memorable moment in that game was having a Level 65 Alpha Infernape use Close Combat against an Alpha Blissey, seeing the Blissey barely survive, and then Blissey OHKO Alpha Infernape back with Double-Edge. I took this as an opportunity to explore it and while at its wild Level 62 self, it managed to solo Volo and solo rematch Arceus (with max grits).

In case you cannot tell, this is one of my favorite Pokémon and I see it as an absolute beast in the making.

Like its gimmick of changing Formes, although it isn't my favourite Mythical from Unova.
It looks cute and has a neat overall design. I don't really care about its lore about it being a mutated Carbink, just like I don't really care about Carbink. Otherwise, it just exists, and it had a Mega Evolution.

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