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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Cool design, I have one in Pokemon GO that I use in Ultra League.

Epic guy that I would have used on my first SV playthrough had I played Violet instead of Scarlet. Fire-Ghost is an awesome type combo on every Pokemon that has it. Ceruledge is really cool in the anime right now, too. I just wish it had a better shiny. Seriously, why didn't Armarouge and Ceruledge just swap colors for their shinies? That would have been 2 S-tier shinies.

A good idea and rare type combination wasted through an unimaginative design.

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Boring and has no attacking power whatsoever despite its great Speed.
Iconic and beautiful, i really love its swirly ear things. Dont really use it too much in battle, though

I always like the idea of Arceus, even though it never really had an relevance in game aside from Legends Arceus. I just kind of like creation myths in general. Although, Arceus' quadrupled design is just so-so to me.

Lots of year ago I decided to play Silver as my second generation Pokémon game mainly because of the cartridge depicting this awesome looking legendary.
Lugia's colours are absolutely beautiful and its silver wings which look like two giant hands are a peculiarity I've always loved about this legendary Pokémon.

Gothitelle unnerved and repulsed me when I first saw it. It doesn't look like a Pokémon (although that accusation has been used many times over the years for many species).
I like it because I'm into flowy looking things in general. Very nicely tempered as well.

i find chansey amusing because it's a mon shaped like an egg with a gimmick of laying eggs, but to be frank i can't call myself a fan of its physical design at all. definitely like its lore though; in a dex populated with various incredibly dangerous creatures, all chansey (and blissey) want to do is take care of their eggs and make people and fellow pokemon happy.
so despite finding it aesthetically unappealing, i do have a certain appreciation for it.

Super sweet and cute and love love love the type combination because they're two of my favourite types and I just like Normal being combined with something else other than the usual Flying.

Male Unfezant.
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it's actually pretty cool; i could be biased as it's the regional bird of unova, which is my favorite region, but m!unfezant has a really neat design (the fem version is alright, but not standout). really like the wattle that resembles a masquerade mask of sorts.

While I agree that Dachsbun is cute, I don't care for it as much as some of the newly released dog Pokémon in recent generations. I did like that its Well-Baked Body ability was a neat counter to one of the unrivaled Fire Tera Raid battles.

I usually like agile looking Pokemon but this one not so much. Too many tufts of fur on its head that make it look too wide. And I dislike busy designs in general.

I like Swadloon: it subverts the caterpillar-cocoon-Lepidoptera trend by having the "cocoon" stage actually just be a bug swaddled in leaf-blankets. (Of course, the Kricketot line already subverted this, but it doesn't seem to be as much of a parallel to the Weedle, Caterpie, and Wurmple families).

It's a moderately cute little dino that reminds of some of the animated dinosaurs shows I used to watch and love as a kid. I also think it's interesting that one part of it's 'helmet hair' (lol) is longer than the other two and that it's so determined to evolve and be able to fly. Lastly, it looks as if it was Croconaw's pre-evo.

I'm not adverse to minimalist designs but I can't find anything to like about this one. And the core re.kinds me of candy.

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