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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Sooooo..........yeah. I think I've expressed just how much I love Decidueye before, so I'll try to keep it short this time. My favorite Ghost type of all time for the Alolan Decidueye and one of my favorite Fighting types for the Hisuian form as well, right up there with the likes of Blaziken and Lucario. And for both, they're some of my all-time favorite Grass types, alongside Pokemon like Sceptile and Leafeon. Given how much I love birds, especially owls, it's shouldn't come as too much of a shock why I love Decidueye so much. It's honestly probably on my Top 10 favorite Pokemon list, so that just tells you much I love this absolutely badass bird.

Typhlosion (either or both.)
I love Typhlosion! Yes, it's got a very simplistic design and the Johto form's stats are identical to Charizard's, but I think that simplicity works in its favor; it's a firey volcano badger, and it pulls that off really well. I also love the overhaul that the Hisui form gave it, as Typhlosion feels very neglected by starter standards otherwise.

And just to complete the set: Samurott (both forms)
It's awkward-looking and obscure in its original game. It's easy to forget about, but I'm glad it exists. It's like a secret unlockable species, so I suppose making some species hard to obtain is worthwhile. It also took me until now to realize the fin on its head is shaped like a scallop shell.

Behold a literal group of wires masquerading as a tree! If it weren't an Ultra Beast, I would consider it one of the lamest ideas ever. And it still is lame by Ultra Beast standards. Though, it does have a clever and funny name.

Iron Thorns
It looks pretty badass and has a great type combination...
But also Toxicroak does represent quite well both the concept and what the appearance of a poison type Pokémon should be like, since it IS super ugly, weird and most probably even smells like a sewer.
Would you really describe Toxicroak as "cute and cuddly" to show an appreciation for it? Forget that, I don't believe you.

Interesting design, love that it can secrete a syrup that other pokémon like to eat.

I findings design simplistic and unremarkable. And it's rainbow-like colouring reminds me more of parrots, especially the purple.

I don't like it much I'm afraid. The shape is awkward and I don't find anything appealing about it other than the fact that it's a forest creature. At least its temperament is nice/neutral.

A good design but it doesn't have any of the cute factor that its prevos have. I know that's a widespread thing among three stage Pokemon but I'm particularly bothered by it in the case of this one as Mudkip is particularly cute.

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It's disappointing as an 'evolution', because it's just Type: Null with its helmet off, higher speed, and type-changing. Making it an unlockable forme, like with Zygarde or Wishiwashi, would have been better.

A cute lil Pokémon that Ash had at one point. And it honestly peaked at the point. Phanpy is overall cute but besides being a small elephant and evolving into a decent Pokémon, there isn't much else.

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