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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I really don't like the shape. Such a pretty creature deserved a better Pokemon and considering how gentle it is I don't think the poison type was right for it either.

Since I'm pretty sure I've already gushed about how much I love Tropius at nauseum, I'll try and keep it simple this time. Basically, I love almost everything about Tropius-its design, color scheme, movepool (it can learn my two favorite Grass type moves, Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm, as well as other moves I like such as Dragon Pulse,) and not to mention the fact that it's a freaking flying dinosaur with leaf wings! Hell yeah! :cool:

I just really, really, really wish it had better offensive stats. It really makes me sad how little love GameFreak has given it in that regard. Maybe, maybe someday they will.....in the new Legends A-Z game perhaps? Regardless, I can overlook even the middling offensive might thing-because I love Tropius so much. :bulbaLove:

My experience with it in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon's Sky Tower still haunts me to this day...
Yeah, I hear ya. Those attacks from within the walls can be brutal.
It's the second stage of my first ever Pokémon and one of the most aesthetically pleasing middle evolutions to ever be created for sure. Those leaves look fantastic, in particular.
However, one thing I like a lot about this evolutionary chain is the appearance kinda reminding me of bug type.

I think it's pretty neat! It's not the strongest Pokemon out there and it's rather annoying how rare it is in its debut games, but the concept of a giant levitating sentient Venus Flytrap is actually rather hardcore when you think about it. I also have fond memories of James's Carnivine in the anime.

Let's keep the Grass-type train going with Maractus
Simisage and the entire monkey line kinda blatantly exist not just for the sake of wanting a promotional mascot for Gen 5, but also as something of a crutch; they literally hand you a simian just to beat one Gym Leader in the early-game. I'm generally someone who tries to not bite on the usual, non-viable subjects of Pokemon: I find Luvdisc and Phione endearing as an example; but even I find the existence of the elemental primates to be incredibly superfluous. They're effectively just the same variant of fictitious monkey but in different clothing and expressions. Eh.

I understand that the angry red eyes go hand in hand with final stage evos being more aggressive but I think they've overdone it anyway. Good design otherwise.

I like it a lot. A beautiful Pokémon in its own way.
That unique type combination convinces me and I could apply the same reasoning with the likes of Diggersby & Alolan Raticate.

Really not a fan. It's generic (for example, the coloration is basically 1:1 to the Pidgeot line), kinda unappealing, and really forgettable. It's one of those mon where it is technically part of the elusive original 151, but it's so bland that it barely even blips in the radar whenever gen 1 comes to mind for me.

When's the last time I had someone rate Espurr?
Has a cool design and I like how it takes a more defensive stand in battling.

I also however also need to point out that it's probably the single most annoying Pokémon anyone is likely to face in the Gen 3 Battle Frontier. If you are trying out Gen 3 Battle Frontier for whatever reason (let mercy rain upon your soul) prepare to face pain and suffering against every single Umbreon set. I've lost several times in the Battle Factory due to this Pokémon alone. It has 5 sets. Every single one of them relies on RNG as their main strategy.

Its face is not the face of mercy.

A Pokémon that I thought was pretty neat back in Johto but has long since fallen off for me. The only memory I really have of it is when I made it my Fire type for Platinum.

Hisuian Electrode
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