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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

While the added Grass type plus the wooden composition (making it somewhat akin to apricorns along with its pre-evolved form) does make it a little more interesting, it's.........still an Electrode. Whether it's Hisuian or not, it and its pre-evolved form Voltorb are some of my least favorite Pokemon of all time (and their Hisuian forms are actually my least favorite of all Hisuian forms as well,) not to mention in my opinion having one of the laziest and most uninspired designs of all Pokemon.

I ultimately still like it and its a fixture of my Legends Arceus team; but admittedly it has fallen off in terms of Pokemon I like that thrived within the lands of Hisui. It's certainly not unappealing for someone like me who appreciates piscines... but it kind of is just Qwilfish but blown up. Granted, this is pretty much the entire point of the design; its evolution is triggered by making your Hisuian Qwilfish initiate at least twenty Barb Barrages in an all-out style and its name is a wordplay on overkill. But it particularly doesn't attract my attention when my general impression towards Qwilfish is that its neat but forgettable. At the very least, I do enjoy whenever sea-dwelling Pokemon aren't assigned the Water type, and for all I express how utterly nothing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were; the simultaneous foreshadowing and secret riddle that involved this Pokemon for a quest to encounter Manaphy and its Phione retainers is pretty neat, almost like a playground rumor in its obscurity.

I like it a lot because I'm into flowy designs. And the fact that its arms are attached to its head makes it even more interesting.

I'm not a fan of the murky colors. And while it's well designed, it's just not my style.

I like it a lot. I think its design and surfer motif are cute, and it has some fun signature gimmicks that have made it one of my newer favorites. ...Don't understand why it's one of the most hated Pokémon of this gen. ^^;
I was going to have it on my main team in Violet if it didn't have such a steep evolution requirement, though its power does make the grind worth your time.

A neat mafia dog concept that I feel would be lost to time if it weren't for the story that Arven and his Mabosstiff had. Though, Mabosstiff is a really cool design for a Pokémon.

It is quite unique for an electric rodent, and a much better Electric/Fighting-type than Iron Hands.
It is adorable, and Swampert is my favourite fully evolved starter Pokemon of all time.
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