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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

i actually love unown! okay, yeah, calling it competitively useless is a generous description, but i really dig the idea of the alphabet in the pokeverse literally being based on the patterns of this mon, and i also like hunting for all of the formes. i just find it super duper interesting from a lore perspective between it only being able to learn hidden power, the ruins of alph thing, the pla thing... and the aforementioned deal with the alphabet.
it's still never going to be on any playthrough team of mine, though.

my personal favorite "jokemon," spinda!
I like it well enough. Not my favorite Hoenn starter, but it is still pretty cool. I do like that it doesn't really have anything leaf or plant related on its body. It makes it stand out compared to the other grass starters.

Don't care for it too much, but I do think the line is a bit overhated. I also always thought that its antennae would be how it used Vine Whip when I was growing up.

On account of me heavily preferring what it evolves into, Carvanha is mildly endearing for what it is. It's only fitting that the piscine carnivores that pop culture characterizes as edacious maritime hordes would embody the first Water/Dark types of the franchise. The fact that a piranha evolves into the likewise notorious famous cartilaginous beasties we call sharks feels like a logical conclusion, too. The two may be distant on a taxonomical level, but in a setting where xenarthrans evolve into primates and carangiform fish mature into cephalopods, such is the nature of a fantastical world.

I like the Galar version because it's slimmer, has a longer horn, is angelic, and it reminds of toy ponies. The Kanto version is a solid but somewhat uncreative design.

my personal fav of its line. it has a cool, somewhat unique but easily recognizable silhouette, and it definitely gets across the point of "even tougher than rhyhorn and way smarter" - my only complaint is that i feel like it should have been a little stronger in battle than it actually is lol. but i suppose its typing is just very unflattering in terms of vulnerabilities.

Not my favourite Mythical, but I still like its movepool, backstory, and signature Ability.
I love Weavile! Probably my favourite ice-type! (Even that's partly because I used it whenever I wanted to use an Ice-type online)
It's also cool in Pokken! Its Synergy burst form looks great:

What about Froslass?
I like that draft horse Pokémon. I know Mudsdale isn't truly accurate to the real animal. But I do like that Game Freak tried to do more realistic approach to an animal. I just appreciate seeing Mudsdale return whenever it does.

I like how compared to Dusclops, Dusknoir has a more appropiate phantom appearance. In fact it actually does resemble Duskull much more than Dusclops, whose looks give me monster vibes.

It's a fun design. I like how it kinda flipped the entire swinub lime on it's head, going from a boar to leaning heavily towards the mammoth side of things. It's a risky 360 turn in direction but I think it's really creative and works very well. Definitely one of the cooler cross gen evos I think

A very ridiculous concept that I feel really works well. It has shown itself to be very viable competitively as well. Otherwise, it is honestly kind of scary because its tail head has essentially devoured its front head. However, the tail head acts more like a helmet.

An unpleasant pheasant that I hesitate to acknowledge its presence. Jokes aside, it is generic in terms of regional birds. The gender difference for the male is rather unique. Otherwise, there is not much to say about it.

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