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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

Quite a realistic octopus so as a Pokemon it doesn't have much charm but at least it's not a down right terrible design. The franchise does have a history of messing up the designs of Pokemon that are based on unique creatures.

Eh. I'm not really fond of it nor Hisuian Sneasel, Johtonian Sneasel and Weavile are much cooler in my opinion. Plus, if you ask me, Sneasler's just a taller, lankier version of Sneasel. It doesn't even look that different!

Hisuian Arcanine
Eh......as with most of the future Paradox Pokemon, I'm none too crazy about its design. With most of them,it just really feels like they went "well, they're future Pokemon, so let's just make them robotic, metallic versions of pre-existing Pokemon, aaaaaand we're done!" So, despite Iron Bundle being significantly stronger than the Pokemon it was based off of, having a new type, being better all around, yada yada yada, I just.....don't like it.

(I've never really been fond of machines or anything mechanical, and that includes robots.)

I'd have to say maybe the only future Paradox Pokemon that I truly like is Iron Valiant and Miraidon (if Miraidon counts as one.)

Great Tusk
I quite like the idea of Great Tusk appearing as ancestor to Donphan. It has a pretty solid design with an as of right now unique typing. I think they did a great job marketing it and Iron Treads as the first Paradox Pokémon to appear in trailers, which leads us to...

Iron Treads
Now, if I were to put Drapion in a favorites list, it'd probably be in a modestly low position all things considered. But I have some fondness for it. The design itself kind of puts me off from otherwise liking it a lot because of how utterly angular, chunky, and peculiarly accordion-shaped it is. However, I feel that the arms being on its head is true-to-life as scorpion 'pincers' are actually heavily modified pedipalps that are on their head to begin with, so I'll give it that. The fact that it's grouped under Water 3 is also pretty interesting, which as Bulbagarden's Origins speculates, might be a reference to eurypterids: gargantuan predatory arthropods of the Ordovician. I had it and Crobat as part of a Poison duumvirate on my Shining Pearl team; which coincidentally, my friend Rainami also happened to have a duo of Poison type Pokemon in her tenure playing Brilliant Diamond, albeit with a Swalot I caught for her instead of a Drapion.

Now, I'm not really fond of real-life centipedes (look, I respect and value all life dearly, but centipedes, especially the big ones, are downright terrifying. :oops:)

However, I really do like all the Bug/Fire type Pokemon, Centiskorch included. I really like its vibrant red-yellow/orange colors, just how a Fire type should look if you ask me! :cool: Plus it can have my favorite ability for Fire types, Flash Fire, plus it's got good attacking stats and and nice selection of moves to boot. (I just wish it was a little faster.) I liked Centiskorch so much amongst the new Pokemon releases in Gen 8 in fact, that back in 2019 I used one on my main team in Pokemon Sword, and she was a great addition, making me love Centiskorch even more and really cementing it as one of my favorite Pokemon from the Galar region!

Another of my team members from Sword, Flapple
I prefer Dipplin and Hydrapple as my dragon plants, but I do think Flapple is nice as well. This one is a physical attacker, meaning it is a bit different compared to Applin and all of its other evolutions. Ah, well, and I do enjoy how its wings effectively are nothing else than apple peels.

Florges...? (Or better... another Pokémon who's only liked by me and myself. White Florges looks absolutely awesome)
I love gorgeous Florges! Tee hee. Her appearances in the XY anime were quite touching. I think she's definitely a more uniquely designed Pokemon and I feel like she was a precursor to Primarina in the face and vibe. She's interesting in that I like her design, but I will admit it is a more disjointed design from the rest of the Floette line, as well as from Gen VI designs in general. Tbh, she wouldn't read to me as a Pokemon if I did not know of her prior. That being said, I love the design inspiration. It feels like it is derived from some type of folk tale in that Florges appears to be a woman who is a flower, sort of like a different type of mermaid. I still believe she should be a dual type with grass, but I also understand why she wasn't typed that way - it's a common iteration of the fairy type.

To me, Grotle is one of the better middle stage evolutions, though not one of the best. I enjoy the simplistic design that leads us to Torterra. Grotle also has a pretty creative use of green, yellow, and brown in its design.

Even though I prefer white Florges as my fairy from Kalos, I do think Sylveon is pretty cute and I like its weird, full of ribbons' body shape. Also, its huge eyes which most probably make a good connection with the gym leader Valerie.
I'm probably the only one who likes this Pokémon.
Heatran is sick. Has always been cool in competitive. I appreciate its unique typing and how it's used to represent its concept as a legendary Pokemon.

I just wish it put more use to that though, maybe have a story behind it or something other than just "I'm a boss encounter who guards volcanoes".

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