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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

The concept is neat, and I did consider it once for an Alola team. However, I am a bit disappointed with its stats. Also, there are other better and interesting Dragon types.

Okay, I'm not going to mince words here.
It's absolutely hideous and I cannot bring myself to use it on a team...
that being said, it has a good design in the way that, well, it does its job at conveying what exactly Machamp is, and... uh, yeah, I'm out. Sorry.

I'm not crazy about Drampa, but I do think it's overhated. Mostly I like it because my brother once told me that he thought it looked like Master Roshi as a Pokémon (which I both agree and disagree with), and I can't really get that out of my head.

That, and its Dex entries are badass as fuck. Give them a read if you haven't. You won't regret it.

I hate it and it's by far the least appealing pseudo-legendary to me. God there are an infinite amount of far superior ways they could have gone about giving us our first Dragon/Fighting 'mon. Kommo-o dropped the ball horribly. It's not even ugly in a funny or ironically-appealing way, it's just ugly. And its shiny is even worse.

Kantonian Raichu
I know my friend Rainami outright HATES the living shit out of Alolan Dugtrio; finding these maned talpids to be none more than a bland one-note gag based on a volcanic phenomenon without much else nuance. I don't feel a strong resentment for them like she does but I'll admit, even as someone who likes the deliberately goofier regional counterparts like Alolan Exeggutor, that Alolan Dugtrio kind of feels like a cheap gag to me. I feel like Wugtrio is a more creative spin on this creature; even in spite of actually being reclusive predatory congers that convergently developed a similar niche as said Talpidae.

Hands down one of my favorite mythicals, probably second to Mew. Lore, design, and how well the two mesh together are generally the three most important things to me in a mon, and Jirachi nails them all. Love the typing as well.

Uhhh... Mew.
The appeal of Mew being a mythical has greatly waned since more mythicals have been introduced over the years. I do like the lore that Mew is the common ancestor of most regular Pokémon, and it being able to learn every tm or hm or tutored move is always pretty cool. Otherwise, it exists.

It's really, really cute, and it possesses the ability to evolve into other creatures of similar cuteness (one of which is, well, my favorite 'mon). Oh, and it's considered a freak of nature and genetic anomaly because of how easily it mutates, and biologists theorize that it - this one tiny little fluffy fox thing - has the capability to solve the mystery of evolution. Also, it has a special form where it becomes almost 60' tall and cuddles opponents to death.

Look, all I'm saying is that popular things become popular for a reason.

Very hilarious how I can just look at a floating keychain dangling a pair of keys and say "Yes. This was better than Mewtwo and both its megas in Gen 6 competitive singles." Klefki is a classic. Its design notoriously falls into the "it's just an [inanimate object]" category of Pokémon but I'm absolutely here for it. These sorts of Pokémon designs uniquely stand out in a way that lets everyone know "yep, that's a Pokémon" the moment they lay eyes on it, because really, who else is gonna make a monster out of what's literally just a keychain? Legless, armless, no human-like eyes, and all!

It does the job very well I'd say and was quite fun to watch in battle back in Gen 6 before Prankster got nerfed. I also love how this was the first Steel/Fairy they introduced in Pokémon. Overall, I think it's a great Pokémon that gets way too much hate off simply being... a basic Pokémon design of an unorthodox concept. I'd rather take more of these over a 75th "epic-looking" Dragon-type Pokémon, because unlike those extra dragon Pokémon, unique, unorthodox concepts are actually adding something more and fresh to the series at this point.

Noivern feels like another Pokemon that I theoretically should appreciate; particularly since I have a fondness for nearly every other chiropteran Pokemon (yes, this includes the entire Zubat line and the Woobat line, for your information). However... honestly I just never clicked with this species. I feel like Noivern stands out in regard because while I have a lot to say about my distaste for something like Garchomp, for example; I really can't quite discern just how exactly does Noivern put me off other than something about its visage feeling cluttered.

Very elegant, cute, and pretty. I love her color palette and general design. Her outfits in particular are great, it's not often if say "I want her wardrobe" in regards to a Pokemon, but that's absolutely the case with Meloetta. An underrated mythical for sure.

In terms of the forms, Aria is the best, pirouette is pretty cool too though.

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Honestly such a cool design for a rock princess pokemon, the way they used the carbink design to extend the dress. Also the only Kalos pokemon to have a mega, with its mega taking on the logical progression from princess to a queen like design. That and the fact she looks more polished (in the way a gem is) makes her seem much "older" than her base form

I was something of a fan of primates when I was younger, so I naturally chose Chimchar as my starter for Pearl. After evolving all the way to Infernape, I knew that I made the right decision. I love the design and being somewhat based on Sun Wukong is a plus. Infernape is my favorite of the fully evolved Fire/Fighting type starters, even if it isn't my overall favorite.

I absolutely love Emboar and think it has an awesome name: ember (classic fire type move) + boar. It is my favourite fire and fighting type starter and that variety of colours with which is portrayed is quite unique for a starter. Now it is even able to learn drain punch so this Pokémon is an absolute yes for me.
Also, the more people underrate it the more I like it. Take this, Emboar haters.

My single favorite gen 8 mon. She's simultaneously majestic, funny, and terrifying. Typically reserved girl who hates loud noises, she's literally me™. I love her vibe. Her coloration is pretty great too. One of my favorites for sure

One of the most critical additions to worldbuilding in the entire series of Pokémon and this is yet to be fully realized overall because knowing much about this Pokémon requires people to be interested enough in reading over as much Kalos lore as possible in the 3DS games and/or doing research. This Pokémon's impact is insane, generating the very substance all Pokémon share and alongside its counterpart, being the most responsible aside from Arceus for the energies all Pokémon are able to put out through their attacks and be able to grow or evolve with. Xerneas is a cool lookin unique deer Pokémon that can turn itself into a tree and has always been among the best legendaries to use in competitive, but its inspirations and what its powers were indirectly said to have made in the Pokémon series make this Pokémon much deeper than most fans realize.

Oh, Yveltal. When it was first revealed way back when in 2013, at the onset of Gen 6, I remember not liking Yveltal very much. See, I've always been fond of cervids (deer,) so Xerneas was my preferred choice of the two. Plus Xerneas's powers of restoring and giving life wherever it went just made it appeal to me, as it felt benevolent and fantastical. (I did choose Pokemon X over Y when they first came out after all, partially because of these reasons.) I initially saw Yveltal as an evil Pokemon, one that caused death and destruction indiscriminately, so like a malevolent presence or something I guess. But, as the years passed, I started to realize that Yveltal wasn't really like that, and performs a vital function as wherever there is life, there must always be death and destruction to balance everything out and maintain the cycle of life. Plus, I realized something else too-Yveltal is fucking awesome looking! Past the obliteration and destruction was a Pokemon with an awesome design, incorporating avian and draconic elements with a sick-as-hell color scheme in red, black, and grey to boot! It could just be that I've become fonder of Dark types over the years (or I always was?) or that I saw Yveltal for the badass bird (dragon hybrid?) that it is, but these days I most certainly like Yveltal, probably even more than Xerneas. It's an awesome, badass Pokemon, and might even be one of my favorite Legendaries.

And to finish up the Aura Trio, Zygarde!

(All forms.)
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The 10% Forme is pretty cool, but the rest are ugly, especially the Complete one.
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