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Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

I like the type of bird that is based on but Pokemon with more than one head are a big no-no for me. It's also cool that it can jump super high....like the Sailor Senshi haha.

It has a simple, but still fun design IMO. The Bug/Steel type combo is an interesting one, and since Scizor is more offensively oriented, the Pineco line does feel different enough to keep the typing. Learning Self-Destruct so early is also cool, although I didn’t Nuzlocke Johto yet to think otherwise. I’d like to use it in a later run sometime.

I'm proudly the biggest fan of Claydol you're probably ever gonna meet. Its design immediately springs to mind as one of my all-time favorites!
My only complaint is that I wish it was slightly more reliable when it comes to using it in battle. I love everything else about it, even down to its awkward defensive stats, but I've never found the perfect way to make it work on a team... it's kind of a shame.

I honestly never really stopped to think about it until now, mostly because I'm very lukewarm on Abomasnow, but it's pretty cute! (If only it STAYED that cute :V)
We need more Ice/Grass 'mon...

Is it even possible not to like her? It's so cute and happy and I want one

It's very... pretty? Elegant? I LOVE its cry.
I'm not as big on it as I am Amaura (which I firmly believe is one of the cutest Kalos mon and is about tied with Omanyte for cutest Fossil), but it's still great in its own right. I like its type combination offensively... too bad it's terrible defensively. (Six weaknesses... two double weaknesses... :sadsola: )

Speaking of not-all-that-great defensive typings, how about Torterra?
My beloved tortoise (who faints when a snowflake or a particularly cold breeze touches him). :bulbaLove:
The Grass/Ground typing isn't great, but Ice is uncommon enough that it's not really that big of a deal. In every other aspect Torterra is fantastic — I had it on both my Diamond and Brilliant Diamond teams 15 years apart, and I still loved it just as much as the first time I saw it. Tied for my favorite starter along with the other turtle.

On that note, Blastoise
I always thought Blastoise was overrated. I've warmed up to it a bit recently, but it's still by far my least favorite Kanto starter. (Also, why in the world is it classified as the "Shellfish Pokémon?")

How about Shiinotic?
I don't think i've ever thought about Shiinotic until today. And I don't ever want to again. It's staring into my soul, is wearing a diaper, and has weird little noodle arms. Besides, why is it a fairy type instead of a ghost type?

Hisuian Goodra
Man, I thought Goodra's design could hardly be improved upon, and yet...
Nggh, I love its silly metal dino tail and sad expression and tendency to throw temper tantrums when its Trainer is away and clingy nature. I mean, I don't enjoy that kind of possessiveness IRL, obviously, but on a giant gooey steel slug it's just funny and adorable. It looks like it needs a hug and I would give it one.

Granbull is amusing but kind of forgettable. I think a bulldog Pokémon that is intimidating but a coward at heart is funny. Otherwise, there are just other more interesting Fairy types.

One of the best middle starters in my opinion. It's the perfect mix of cool and cute without the awkwardness of something like Quaxwell

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