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The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

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I'm here. :)
Hey, allen walker Meguroco, I joined the forum. ((Zorroark's nightmare, was it?))
@Meguroco: I see your location is this thread! It is definitely accurate, If I must say. ^^
@Turtwig: Yeah. xD
Well, you said you like Turtwig... when did you start to like Turtwig? *can't think of anything else*
I know an equation. Food * discussion = Oshawott.

Turtwig? He's a turtle with a sprout on his head. And looks cute while being so. And a roundy face. That makes you want to hug him.
I'm not Turtwig! I'm ♪Twiggy♪! With the music notes (Alt-13)! And I was Turtwig Lover, not just Turtwig!

Eheheheh... Anyway, well... I'm bored. What's for discussion?

My bad, I was multitasking when I posted that. (I was writing a phone number! )
Do you think there might be *gasp* Nintendo/Creatures/GF/Chunsoft*insert company here* employees viewing the forums?
If they are, they're having a good time reading the harebrained theories and the shipping section, I bet.
By the way, Snivy... what's up with the text colour? Erika's Garden and lime green on green = NO.
She and I'm using the Harley skin.
I could change the color though.

There we go. I'll use this.
Not open for further replies.
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