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The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat-Thread: Vol. 2

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@Mijz: Sounds legit. Something I wouldn't be interested in but could still take part of. Aha.
So, watcha guys doin in Pogeman? Im playing Battle Factory, and training up my Wigglytuff and Ledian in Soul Silver. Im also doing a Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke.
Finally, it's snowing...

I haven't played any pokemon games lately.
Super Seaking: Well.. I just recently restarted SS, and I've decided to do a Nuzlocke on it.
Good luck on your Colosseum Nuzlocke.

It was literally pouring this morning.
A Colosseum nuzlocke sounds awesome. Especially because without revives some of the admins (and Evice himself) are insanely hard.
Hey everyone.

It snowed this morning where I live. Made lots of people very happy.

Super Seaking: Right now in SS I'm at Blackthorn City, preparing myself for Clair.
I suffered the same fate, Rainbow. I had a pretty epic fight with him, but in the end, I lost. Was your fight epic?
^ Another friend of mine here is doing a nuzlocke run in Diamond. Too bad that he encountered a Shiny.

Good morning, everyone. (I will be here around ten minutes...)

I attempted a nuzlocke in FR, but Gary beat me...
*insert Gary meme here*
I've never finished a Nuzlocke.
I always lost to the champion of the E4, sadly.

Hey, Min. ^^
I got his Charnader's HP down to about 5...so yeah, pretty epic. I lost because of a missed move.
What? I was talking about the champion fight, Rainbow....

^ I always make a rule that allows me to catch shinys.
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