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The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

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Having bots to rust would require having to go to their real world locations and taking them down there.
It snowed a lot today. So I decided to pelt my brother with it when he got home. But he came home fucking late, and I had to help inside when he actually got home. Didn't get to pelt him with snow.
Not sure if I should eat now and be full when my dad orders pizza later or starve
this morning I had to go to math lab

when I signed out it

I was login for 3 hours and 15 mins

spiders can be so gross looking

I mean I don't like them in my room
Desperately trying to gain more posts.

Lol, actually caring about post-count...

At any rate, working on filling my wall with pokémon drawings. Done quite a bit now. Also, everyone is complaining about it's too cold. I hardly think so, I do fine with less clothing than they...
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