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The Desicion Game

ooh a tough one

Victory Road/Starfall Street (two way tie) > Path of Legends

Hisui or Sinnoh?
Oh, that's tough... Imma go with Breeder, but they're so close together in interest to me so I could say it'd be a tie.

Kanto or Johto?
there are a few good dogmon... by that i mean dachsbun, but most catmon are goat-tier. i mean they got delcatty, purugly, sprigatito, litten, the persians, yknow? so catmon. catmon for sure.

regional birds or regional rodents?
Birbs all the way, I love them all except maybe spearow's line

Solgaleo or Lunala?
Sinnoh, I like Rampardos a ton, and I can respect bastiodon

Kalos or Galar Fossils?
Galar, only cause I can imagine a legends game with Richard Owen based character creating these fake monstrosities

Give fossils to Johto, Alola, or Paldea?
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