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The Desicion Game

Been a carmine fan since the beginning, even though I haven't even played the DLC yet lmao

Isle of Armor or Crown Tundra?
I'm a big fan of 'lee and 'top, but 'chan is cool too. If I had to chose, I'd go with 'lee. Stretchy-leg guy is neat

Meowth or Growlithe?
While I do like Alo Ninetales, I also really like Japanese folklore sooo Kanto Ninetales (Firefox)

And while we’re at it, Kanto Raichu or Alola Raichu
Alolan for sure, I love my lil' surfin pancake boi

Kantonian or Alolan Exeggutor?
Uh guys this is turning into which would you rather catch, already a thread... but tall goofy dragon I guess

Get a pokemon based off of a bobblehead or a rubber duck?
sableye. i prefer mawile, but therefore there is less room for improvement.

give normal type a resistance, or make dragon type super effective against something besides itself?
Philipines, possibly with access to hoenn

Have a new type of standard pokeball (Only altered catch rate) or new standard potion (only heals HP)
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