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The Desicion Game

New standard Poke Ball would be interesting, wonder what the name of it would be

Have a full team of level 1 Arceus or a full team of level 100 rattatas
Kyogre, I'm Team Aqua for life. Long live water :p

Pokemon Camps or Picnics? (May be a little too similar but still)
Bring back National Dex!! It’s more my thing and I kinda like other battl gimmicks more. (Z-moves my beloved)

Bring back contests or Pokéstar Studios (or something akin to that)
Pokestar Studios was a fun one off thing, but contests are forever for me, seeing my graveler literally explode and get full points is the height of gaming.

Best Z move out of Bloom Doom, Inferno Overdrive, or the water one who's name I forgot-
Stone edge. It’s better for strength in my opinion.

if you were approached to join one of these two evil teams which would you want it to be: Neo Plasma, or, Galactic.
Neo Plasma. Primarily because I would look way cooler in their uniform. :swirlix:

Would you rather be the Champion of a region or a Frontier Brain in an interregional Battle Frontier?
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