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The Half Project: Scattered Shards

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Allow me...

My sincere apologies. I had to do something today, so I wasn't at home or a place where I could use my phone, (a movie theater, to be exact.) so... Sorry, but tomorrow, I promise. Or I can post it late tonight, provided my laptop will hold up.
We may have a problem. My Internet is out here, so I can only post through my phone. I hope it starts working soon...
Yeah, that happens. One time I missed 10 pages of this one RP because my internet went out.
Oh, no... It's not gonna work at all tonight or tomorrow. I hope I'm at my mom's house tomorrow... But since I don't wake up till ten or so, and probably won't get over there until five... I can't post it. Too much to type.

Well, maybe not... But most likely.
I don't wake up until Noon, I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too used to Summer vacation...
I'm not sure how PRPs work... I'll just post it as a Start-up.

We can't beat Apiomach Academy for best RP... But I bet we could manage best character or hero. Let's put our heads together and pick one!
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Uh... I have trouble picking favorites... and I'll feel bad if I pick one of my own characters... But I don't know what other characters to pick... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
I would pick someone who would get the most fangirls (if this were an anime or something). So... which one of us would get the most fangirls if this were an anime?
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