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The Half Project: Scattered Shards

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Name: L-II

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Which Pokémon you are merged with: Zoroark

Appearance before merge: Unkown

Appearance after merge: A shiny version of Lilith

Personality: Like A-II, C-II, and T-II, she is a copy of Lilith. However, her personality only seemed to switch. Lilith's non-aggressive side is more dominant, but it's the exact opposite for L-II. L-II is brutal, cold-hearted, and acts like she has Antisocial personality disorder.

History: When Lilith was revived, she went with the other merges. The project realized that they had failed making her a Hunter-merge, and therefore re-made her from the DNA of Lilith's first body. Also, she knows about Lilith's past and uses it against her in battle.

Flaw: L-II looks out for herself and ONLY herself. If she see's a fellow teammate dying in front of her, she'll leave them for dead. This has caused a few of the Hunter-merges to hate her, and therefore they won't look out for her.
Accepted. I'll work on the Merge I mentioned before (not B-II) shortly.

Name: Milena
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Kyogre
Pokémon B: Groudon
Rank: 9/10
Appearance before merge: Milena had long, (And I mean long) dark hair and hazel eyes.
Appearance after merge: Milena is now 10 feet, five inches tall. Her eyes are now the color of Kyogre and Groudon's, including the black sclera(s?). Her hair is now violet, and two of Groudon's head spike-fins jut out from it, along with two of Kyogre's head-fins. She has both Kyogre and Groudon's markings, includng two horizontal lines that head up the sides of her neck and split, one ending horizontally under her eyes, the other meeting her eyes. Groudon's side plates on it's head cover where her ears used to be, as do a pair of spikes. Her upper arms have Groudon's upper-arm markings, while the lower has Kyogre's fin markings. Her hands are now shaped intermediately like the two Pokemon, with Groudon's claws. Her torso has Kyogre's underbelly plating, as well as three of Kyogre's fin markings, two upside-down on her chest, and another on her belly. Her legs are that of Groudon, albeit in proportion with the rest of her body, and she has Groudon's tail, with Kyogre's fins. All of the markings are indented, appearing slightly inorganic in nature.
Personality: While part of the Project, she is cunning and ruthless. She lacks fear, and is slightly low on compassion. Her humor is mostly sarcasm and insults. She can be a bit of a jerk.
However, she hides a completely different personality inside until someone reaches out to her. This side is sweet and caring, but still can be quite aggressive. She may be a little reclusive at first, but as a conversation rolls on, she will talk more often.
History: Milena grew up in Sootopolis City. After witnessing a fight between Kyogre and Groudon, which was stopped by Rayquaza, she developed a fascination in them. She was outgoing and popular, but wasn't a trend-follower, nor a trendsetter. She dove into the water to get to Mossdeep one day, and no one in the city has heard from her since.
Flaw A: She only has access to the movepool of the Pokemon that corresponds to the color of the lines on her body, which changes randomly. The weather will also change.
Flaw B: When outside for too long (an hour), she builds up enough energy from the rain and/or intense sunlight she creates that she takes damage and passes out.
Other: She is the head Hunter for the Project, much to the dismay of the adult, human Hunters.
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Aw, come on, Zant! That was my plan! Sort of, without the "Evilith" part.

Name: O-II
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Gallade
Appearance before merge: N/A
Appearance after merge: A Shiny version of Ozias, but with the green eyes red.
Personality: O-II is very similar to Ozias, always extremely confident and a little odd, though always tries to help a friend-in-need, though is significantly better at it than Ozias, but he and Ozias both find it incredibly fun to hang out with themself. He only feels fun and anger.
History: O-II was developed to bring down Ozias, along with a whole batch that mirrored the group, using the same logic as L-II's creation and Lilith's revival. He was one of the few who actually survived creation.
Flaw: O-II 'feeds' on extreme overconfidence, and is powerless without the ones around it being... well, Ozias. He can also not turn human. Finally, his mind couldn't incorporate all of Ozias' memories at once, so he's going to die pretty quickly. All of these are due to psychological restrictions, not physical biology.
Other: O-II's abilities greatly surpass those of Ozias' due to having a much more powerful body and brain. However, unlike his Flaws, this is not restricted to his mind, as this is due to having less physical limits.
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Name: Shawn

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Which Pokémon you are merged with: Absol

Appearance before merge: He had white hair and blue eyes. He used to wear a green T-shirt and black pants with brown boots.

Appearance after merge: He now has white shaggy hair all over his body, minus his face witch is blue, and has Absol's blade on the side of his head. he also has an Absol's tail and claws. He wears a white jacket and sweatpants to hid his true appearence.

Personality: Shawn is intelligent, and knows a bit more about the Half Project than anyone else does. He's not very serious, and likes to flirt with some of the other merges.

History: Mostly unkown. Before his merge nothing is known, he was, and still is the first merge to escape and stay free. Because he was made about a year before Anthony, Ozias, and Lilith he does not have the ability to look human. he wears a white jacket, and sweatpants and shoes to hid this real appearance. His ability to sense danger is what allowed for him to get away. They say he is something of a legend to the project. you may want to try to find him. He appeared when he stopped Anthony and Ozias when they were fighting, and showed them a way to get back to normal. He flirted with Lilith, but she wasn't really impressed. Since then, he had dissappeared, until now.

Flaw: It's rather difficult to fight with the blade stuck to his head. So when he's trying to slash something with the blade, he gets some severe neck pains from swinging his head around. Also, he can't go into human form

Other: ... He's still trying to flirt with Lilith despite the age difference, but he fails at it...
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Accepted. I believe he's 18, though, 17 in the first. Anyways, this one needed to return... But to avoid name issues, Cass is going to have to die.

Name: Sandy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Appearance :Sandy has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is always wearing her lab coat with a black shirt and plants underneath. She also wears black heels.
Personality:Sandy rarely shows emotions, instead being reserved and collected.
History: Unknown.
Pokemon: only one is known, Porygon-Z.
Other: Sandy
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Well, I edited it. I had to copy stuff from Joltik's sign-up, and she has SO MANY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! IT ANNOYED THE HELL OUTTA ME!
Yeah. I find it ironic that she's two years ahead in math.

Name: B-II
Age: 18
Gender: Male when Merged with Black Kyurem, female with White Kyurem. Originally female.
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Kyurem
Appearance before merge: Unknown.
Appearance after merge: B-II appears as Anthony, though rather Merged with Kyurem. Their body is a more humanoid version of the Forme of Kyurem they're in. Their head, however, possesses a human face under the ice, which is far more visible in 'Black B-II' Forme.
Personality: B-II has a bit of Anthony's personality, but is more reserved and patient. As a girl, she is more tolerant of her peers than as a boy.
History: B-II, unlike the other clones, remembers her past, but doesn't speak much of it. A year ago, Anthony's spirit was placed in her body and Merged with Kyurem. However, he was evicted into his old one soon after. She spent the following year working for the Project.
Flaw: She cannot turn into normal Kyurem Forme. She has a fear of rust, and cannot Fly in White Kyurem Forme.
Other: Her Forme-changing can be used at will, but two Merges had to be sacrificed so to allow so.
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Oh, just noticed, you may want to put this in the first post.

you must incorporate moves into your new appearance, There is no 4 move limit on moves for merges, because they should be stronger and smarter then most pokemon.
That, I did.

Name: Tammy
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Blissey
Pokémon B: Palkia
Appearance before merge: Tammy had light, reddish hair. Her eyes were green, and she was quite thin.
Appearance after merge: Tammy now has a helmet similar to Palkia's, and it's eyes, as well. Her face is pink-purple, and lined with Palkia's facial stripes. Her hair is now longer, and curls at the ends, as well as being pink. Her torso is in the shape of an egg, though her legs are just slightly shorter. She has Blissey's 'wings', though they become Palkia's halfway across. She has Blissey's egg in a pouch on her stomach, and Palkia's neck-shoulder-guards. She also has Palkia-like arms, though her underarms are human and pink. Her waist and crotch are white and furry/feathery, possessing Blissey's distinctive flared sections. Her legs are naturally-armored, with emphasis on the shinguards, which rise up halfway past her knees and end in spikes. Her feet are Palkia's, but smaller and longer. She has a Palkia's tail. Her breasts are not covered, so she pretty-much-always wears a large, white undershirt.
Personality: Tammy is kind and near-motherly, not to mention protective, to younger Merges, though is vicious, with a hunger for human flesh. Her level and style of humor is largely dependent on the situation.
History: Tammy shares most of her history with Isabel, though did not become a Multi-Merge until recently.
Flaw A: It can be fatal if her pearls are broken. Pretty much the same as Localia's flaw.
Flaw B: Tammy not only puts herself in harm's way if it means saving the younger Merges, but feels the literal urge to use Softboiled or Healing Wish on her friends the instant they're harmed, and her not doing so is more of an achievement than getting a Shiny Manaphy.
Name: Lennox Steven



Which pokemon you are merged with: Blaziken

Appearance before merge: Lennox had, white hair, always listened to music, light blue eyes, red and yellow hoodie and had red skinny jeans.

Appearance after merge: The claws turned into real human hands also his talons turned into real feet and finally those two spikes on his head have disappeared.

Personality: Lennox is a very patient person he is very strategic but he knows nothing about pokemon all he knows are they are creatures that exist but never got the chance of owning one

History: Lennox, he is a very smart teen that likes to study about technology and things like that, he lives with his auntie and uncle because his mother and father split up. He was taken by his mother after they broke up. After a few weeks after his parents broke up his mother had an accident and he had no one else to turn to except to his auntie and uncle.

Flaw: The one weakness that Lennox has is that when it rains he gets a picture of the accident his mother was in because it happened on a rainy day and he just freezes and stops he can't do anything except be eaten by his own physical mind. One last thing Lennox is also afraid of Spiders arachnophobia ( he would be afraid of ariados, spinarak and galvantula).

Other: Lennox is just a little bit younger than 17.

Name:Calvin Mclain
Age: 14

Gender: Male

Which pokemon you are merged with: Magmortar

Appearance before merge: Red Gelled Spiky Hair , Dark Orange eyes , Red Hooded Jumper and Blue Jeans.

Appearance after merge: Looking a little less chubby, in that case he lost some of his weight, and appears to have some hands coming outside of his cannon, he can even suck his
hands in back so that he can fire the cannon. apart from that he looks like a normal magmortar.

Personality: Calvin is very impatient but even though he's impatient he is very focused on the thing he loves, reading books.

History: Calvin does not know his mother or father because when he was young his mother and father died in an accident and he was sent into a orphanage but no ones knows who sent him to the orphanage, Calvin knew was that he was in an orphanage and the only item he had in his room was this one device that looked like a plastic tablet but it it was much smaller no longer than his hand, But there was a small picture a baby looking pokemon like a magby.

other: He doesn't like people mentioning about his family or his mother or father because he does not know anything about them or who they were.

Flaws:If either his cannons over heat or even if he gets wet then he cannot battle.

New Merge
Name: Huntley Brooks

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Pokemon A: Simisage

Pokemon B: Simisear

Pokemon C: Simipour

Appearance Before Merge: Brown hair, Blue eyes and always carries a book.

Appearance After Merge: Huntley, seems to be more furry. He also looks more ape like. He has what seems to be simisear's hair, simipour's body shape and simisage's leg's and arms and a metal mask just covering his face.

Personality: Cheerful, relaxed but short tempered.

History:When Huntley was young, he was in an accident, even though his parents was killed during the accident, he managed to survive but there was a problem, the accident
made him get amnesia, He forgot everything, including his only brother. Huntley grew on his own in the street's, he made little progress but he managed to survive.

Flaw A:If his arms or legs were to be damaged or injured badly, he wouldn't be able to fight or do anything, he would just collapse.

Flaw B:If he was greatly hit at the top bit of the body (Torso) He would be badly hurt and wouldn't be able to breath easily.

Flaw C:Huntley's, face is his total weakness, If hit directly at the face, he would be knocked out for a quite a long time that is why he wears a metal mask to protect it.

Other:He doesn't like bananas.
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Hmm... Sure, accepted. But you're going to have to wait till I mention you in the Start-Up. M'kay..?
I'd like it if you kept the RP's name out of your banner, but that's more of my personal preference than anything necessary.
Anyway, I have a very flaky 2-hour's worth of internets, so Imma make this quick. What'd I miss?
A lot... I'd no idea you'd return so soon... I was going to PM you and tell you about it, but it seems I was too late...
Well, guess who!

Okay, tell me if I go wrong here. Tammy's part Palkia, Lilith's back, she's kinda better now, Kathrine has a hole in her head and has a crush on someone. Oui?
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