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The Half Project: Scattered Shards

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Name: Sylvia Desmond
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Pokémon: Mesprit (Shiny)
Appearance before merge: Sylvia wore glasses and had long, straight hair, colored like rusted metal. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and her facial features were described as attractive. Her body was sexy curvaceous, and she stood 6 foot, 3 inches tall.
Appearance after merge: Sylvia no longer needs glasses, and her irises are yellow, with slit pupils. Her hair now reaches to her waist, with Mesprit's head appendages. A pink area, as on Mesprit, covers some of her face. Her skin has a bit of gold to it, but not much. She has Mesprit's tails, each 8 feet long.
Personality: Sylvia has little to no emotion, only acting upon logic.
History: Sylvia was Kathrine's older half sister. When her semi-sibling vanished, Sylvia left to find her, and has been looking for a year.
Flaw: Sylvia has no power when she feels emotion.

Name: Dacia Sharp
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokémon A: Crobat
Pokémon B: Mismagius
Pokémon C: Mew
Appearance before merge: Dacia had dark, reddish hair and green eyes. She was thin and lean, with a pale complexion.
Appearance after merge: It is unknown what she looked like immediately after the Merge, as she has shapeshifted into a much more human form. In fact, this form looks perfectly human, save for the slitted eyes and fangs.
Her form used when her above form isn't enough possesses four large bat wings, Mew's ears, while her human ears disappear, a tinge of orchid in her hair, and glowing, red eyes, still slitted. Her fangs are sharper.
Finally, when neither form is capable enough, she shows her default form; The wings are larger, and she has Mew's tail. She has a Mismagius' 'hat' and 'cloak', though they are removable, while still being considered bio-matter and part of her body. Her sclera are black.
Personality: Dacia is dark, feral, and mischievous. She loves to drain the blood of defeated foes.
History: Unknown.
Really, history should be optional.
Flaw A: Anything Dacia eats or drinks will not add to any positive nutritional value, excepting blood, which her digestive system can now tolerate.
Flaw B: In her middle and default forms, Dacia will be paralyzed by water.
Flaw C: In her default, 'true', form, sunlight will afflict her with a Burn. It can eventually kill her.
Other: Dacia is now a kind of Romanian vampire called a strigoi. However, she must go through a long incantation in order to turn someone else into a strigoi, provided they aren't already a Merge.
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Name: Lillian Leviosa (Lily)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Which Pokémon you are merged with: Lilligant
Appearance before merge: Platinum blond hair, sea green eyes, outfit similar to Leaf's
Appearance after merge: Her flower is platinum-colored, and her eyes are sea green. Her body is two shades darker than a normal Lilligant's. Her arms look like they had been eaten.
Personality: Bubbly, clumsy, and crazy, she does all she can. Also tends to be forgetful and dumb.
History: She one was at war with the labs for the merges. She was a good friend to all, and still is. She has been in several cases where Lillipup trapped her, and one bit her where her left leg was. The scar still exists there.
Flaw: Can't use Grass-type moves unless in Forests, but can use Fire-type moves when not in them instead.
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Sorry, but that is pretty short. I'd imagine that you should take a look at some of Polkadot Jolteon or Zant's SUs.
Personality is really short.
Appearance after is kinda... Well, presumptuous.
Flaw isn't good enough.
I believe I can help with that.

Try expanding on what you have already for personality, and then moving this:
She was a good friend to all, and still is.
into it.

Appearance, I can't really help with... Try a little more description perhaps?

As for the Flaw, try to actually link it in with Lilligant. For example, maybe she can't use Grass attacks unless she is in sunlight? Or make it a bit of an oxymoron, overloaded with energy after prolonged exposure to sunlight and has another adverse effect, a bit Solar Power-ish?
@Arcturus; Just did some edits to Ozias' personality, now he has a new brain.
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