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The (In)Complete List of Shippers - V9

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Dec 29, 2002
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  1. He/Him
The (In)Complete List of Shippers - Version 9

Coming soon, to a Shippers forum near you!

  • Archaic, founder and original archivist of the list (from 2000 to 2004) returns in an assisting role
  • A new web location for the list, soon available at http://shipperslist.bulbagarden.net
  • Stricter submission guidelines and requirements, in a throwback to the v5 and v6 lists

Archaic and Luna Tiger are currently looking for assistant researchers to aid in the verification of ships submitted to the list, to cut down on some of the leg-work and double checking. Potential applicants should PM both Archaic and Luna Tiger. In the interests of fairness and impartiality, where applicants are part of known shipping cliques, applicants will be screened to prevent the undue influence of any one section of the Pokémon shipping community on the submission process.
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