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The main character of the last game you played is hunting you down.

luke sullivan? (is he even the main character? i still don't buy that he's the main character)
if we take days of the eclipse into consideration, he really is not afraid to kill anyone he considers morally corrupt, but as shown in the actual street fighter vi game, he's also willing to admit he was wrong if shown so... so if i can just prove to him that i'm not a bad person, i'll be safe. probably
is that a little anime girl wearing a witch hat and a school uniform? AHHHH!!!!! shes shooting spells at me!. things are blowing up. her spells are like atomic bombs! she has run out of atomic bomb spells, but no she is shooting fire balls! help me!!
a magical high school girl
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i last played stardew valley... so i am running from myself? sounds like it has some kind of deeper meaning. my stardew valley self can cut down trees and break huge rocks and kill monsters without breaking toooo much of a sweat though so i'm probably in danger...
let's see here, ryunosuke naruhodo... physically? i'm safe. he gets suplexed by a 5' 16-year-old-girl on a regular basis.
is he trying to get me convicted (why are the defense attorneys in this series more effective prosecutors than the ACTUAL prosecutors)? then i'm positively screwed.
The last game I played was Football Manager, so that would make... me the main character? Even if I was to take my skills from that game I don't think football tactics would do great in a hunt :p

I think I could take myself in a fight!
Why is Dawn from Pokémon: Legends Arceus (and…yes I named my character Dawn) throwing balls of mud at me?! And also, why is her Empoleon trying to attack me with its Flash Cannon?!
Lan and MegaMan from MegaMan Battle Network. Honestly I think I've got this one. MegaMan is essentially just Siri, he can't actually do anything to me, a person who exists within physical space. And Lan is literally just an 11-year-old child, I could beat the shit out of him.
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