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Claims The OFFICIAL Claim A Video Game Character (Non-Pokémon) Thread

Nobody else would ever claim them, but I must do so, anyway. :bulbaCute:

Maca (Zelda) - @EzloSpirit 05/03/2024
Peeks (Zelda) - @EzloSpirit 05/03/2024


I hearby claim the following characters cause I simp for them

Victor Ashford (Palworld) - @Kimyr_Nova 12/03/2024
Vin (Cassette Beasts) - @Kimyr_Nova 12/03/2024

I know I don’t have 20 posts, but I AM here to stay, I promise you guys. I may go inactive from time to time cause of school stuff and home stuff tho.
I wish to claim:

Luigi (Super Mario Bros. series) - @Mew2 17/03/2024
Samus Aran (Metroid series) - @Mew2 17/03/2024
Ness (EarthBound) - @Mew2 17/03/2024
Never knew how much I wanted this, lol-

Sunny (Cassette Beasts) - 18/03/2024
Shallot (Dragon Ball Legends) - 18/03/2024

And last, but not least…

Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) - 18/03/2024
im so sorry marianne... i love you so much, you are my favorite character by a landslide in a series filled with amazing characters, but sometimes if u truly love someone u must give them up. especially in exchange for ur wife

Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy) - @guzmania - 27/3/24

if youd excuse us we must get back to raising our capcom-developed sons with attitude issues
edit: dammit i forgot the series. please pop that in
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