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The Pokemon Adventures Manga Shipping Thread

For some reason, I tend to pair most the dex-holders with non-dexholders. XD2

MangaPokeShipping (RedxMisty) I actually prefer it as an Archie,Betty,Veronica-type love triangle (Red would be the "Archie", Yellow would be the "Betty" and Misty would be the "Veronica")
GrantedShipping (LancexYellow) I like SpecialShipping a lot too, but I tend to ship Red with Misty. I also like the idea of Lance someday apologizing to Yellow (after Red ends up with Misty, much to Yellow's disappointment, though she doesn't show it and tries to act happy for them) for what he did during the Yellow arc and asking her to show him how to use his powers to heal instead of to destroy, them training together and eventually falling in love.
ChosenShipping (SilverxGreen) Probably my favorite Pokemon Adventures shipping. I love their shared past and they look so cute together, too.
AccidentalShipping (GoldxWhitney) These two are just adorable together, and they have great chemistry with each other.
CrystalShipping (EusinexCrystal) They're so entertaining and have great chemistry (opposites attract!) and to use a TV Tropes term, there's a lot of Foe Yay between them (even moreso than with GrantedShipping). I also like the idea of Crystal deciding to leave her position as Oak's assistant (or do this as "research") and leave to go catch Suicune with Eusine.

I've only (fully) read the Gold, Silver and Crystal arc and the Yellow arc. I haven't read enough of the other arcs to really form opinions on what shippings I like (I've read a lot of the Black and White arc, but not in order and with a lot of gaps due to patchy scanlation).

Other manga pairings I'm fond of include FrontierShipping (EmeraldxCrystal), SpecialShipping (RedxYellow), EliteShipping (either LancexLorelei OR WillxKaren; I happen to like both pairings) and RocketMasakudoShipping (KeanexChermaine; I wish we got to see more of them).

some interesting pairings. Would you be a fan of ConclusionShipping ? (Red (Special)x Misty x Yellow)

I didn't know that was a pairing, but I do like the idea of Red, Misty and Yellow as a threesome. :crush:
Oh my goodness I ship the PokeSpe characters like there is no tomorrow. So glad there's a thread for it. <3

At first I only shipped RedxBlue (female) because I thought it was the only shipping that makes sense but as I read more arcs, these are the characters I ended up shipping...hard (forgive me for not knowing the names of most of these shippings):

WallacexWinona (yes, cannon, I know)

But really...Chosenshipping is my life. Their story is beautiful and makes me tear up just thinking about it. They were meant to be!!! <333
Red X Green (Female) !
Because Red is fav and Green is probably the most attractive Female Adventure Protagonist.
Plus , Green might be good for Red !
Since Red is too Innocent and Hot blooded !
He need someone cunning and mature like Green to watch over him .
Its the same case with Blue X Yellow !
Since Blue is too Serious and Strict So He need someone Kind and caring like Yellow to watch over him .
Here's my favorites!

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
OldRivalShipping (Green x Blue)
MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)

It's a shame there isn't as much Pokemon Special fanfiction as there is of the anime.

Here's my favorite Pokemon fanfic, it has manga universe and games universe and a little bit of anime universe. Mostly 1st and 2nd gen, but also some 5th gen.

Love Remains The Same Chapter 1: Correlation, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction
I might have a few more than these, but these are the ones that I can remember...the ones that I ship obsessively

JadeShipping (Blue [girl] x Yellow)
Because of their interactions together. I can't even--

MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal)
From my point of view, it's pretty obvious that Gold has a crush on Crystal. Even though he tries to act like he doesn't. Crys, though, I'm not sure about.

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
Come on. This ship is practically canon--what with the way they act together? I can't see them being with anyone else.

AgencyShipping (Black x White)
Because when White was gossiping with Elesa, apparently she told her that Black was "cute". That, and the fact that, in my eyes, there are so many hints for this throughout the chapters. They--most of the time--try to help each other out, and want each other to be the best they can be. Plus, when White was leaving for the Battle Subway. I saw that blush, Black. You can't hide this from me.

ScientificShipping (Juniper x Fennel)
According to some quiz book, they were "friends from their studies~". They rely on each other for help and converse about things they aren't sure of, and tell each other their findings (dream mist, etc). Sure, most scientists do converse with other scientists, but to me they seem...shippy. Because they're "good friends", and the way they act with each other is so cute. Lesbehonest they never say what they did when they were studying together, so you never know...
Dang, I am waaaay to late to talk to anyone at this forum. Only TWO YEARS. But I got ships, and I'm going to share them! I'll start going backwards.

X and White. (Nevermet shipping) X hates cameras and the media, and White is the head of the BW Agency. Fun. As much as I don't care for the Kalos duo, I care even less for Rakutsu and Faitsu.

Pearl and Platinum, or HaughtyShipping. Because the Diamond and Platinum pairing seems like a fairy tale half the time. Someone of a super high class falls in love with a commoner and eventually gets together, overcoming all odds with the power of love. How many fairy tales use that plot? I assume millions.

Diamond and Yellow. (Nevermet Shipping) Ignoring the staggering age difference (11 years) It'd be cute! They both relax quite a bit and like creating things. Diamond oversleeps, and enjoys cooking. Yellow sleeps whenever she wants and her relaxing activity is drawing.

Ruby and Sapphire: FranticShipping. 1. Because Ruby's the only one who actually confessed
2. Because I'm not shipping her with Emerald

Ruby and White or Ruby and Platinum (Nevermet Shippings) I'd be okay with this one because White, Platinum, and Ruby all dress up their Pokemon and do similar things, in terms of Pokemon.

Gold and Platinum (nevermet [or maybe they eventually did, we saw Gold at the end of DPPt], but named DarkstoneShipping)
Not really so much as a shipping, but they can be gambling buddies!

Gold and Yellow, AmberShipping. This is really cuuuute... If Red ever got a girlfriend, because Yellow was too shy to confess, Gold could swoop in for the kill (not literally of course). Red is the standard male hero character and Gold is like a spicy Red. Both grew up surrounded by Pokemon too: Gold living in a Pokemon house (and is literally the "Pokemon boy") and Yellow grew up in the Viridian forest.

Silver and Crystal, or Iforgetwhatitscalled. Byproduct of no MangaQuestShipping not existing

Finally, Red and Blue. Because Blue is really... troubled, and she (essentially) has 2 choices: Red and Green. Green is basically a block of wood who mostly has a lack of care for Blue, who he finds annoying, and Red who very much cares for people. But BON, whadaya mean she's troubled? She's fine! But here are some facts:

• She was kidnapped by Ho-Oh at the age of 6
• Mask of Ice, aka Pryce was brutal in his “training” sessions
• Blue escaped along with Silver and had to steal to live on.
• She escaped prior to RGB, therefore she was younger than 11 (12) when she escaped.
• She found her parents at the age of 16, had the meeting interrupted, and she finally completely reunited with them a few months afterwards (age 17).
So those are facts. Starting analysis.

Blue was friendly to Silver and basically no one else during the kidnapping. Why? Silver was 2, so most likely, sympathy. So she wasn’t coldhearted. But she didn’t seek the others (who were older than her) who might help her out, as she wasn’t attached to anyone else. Either she tried and got rejected, or she never tried in the first place. Silver ran straight towards her the moment she was kidnapped, so she was taking care of him since the very start. So likely the latter, as she would have to focus on him and nothing else. Either case, she would’ve had to suppress her feelings or deal with them herself, thereby boosting independence. Because clearly, she wasn’t going to seek comfort from a 2 year old. If she needs comforting and care from a 2 year old… …A LOT of problems there…
Blue didn’t give her Jigglypuff a nickname for a long time, as an aftermath of the kidnapping where Pryce told her that Pokémon don’t need nicknames. So the effects of the kidnapping lingered for an extended period of time.
She triple-tricked Red during their first meeting. Ouch. And she only wanted money. Why? She needs money to survive. So she’s running on survival instincts.
After being defeated by Dr. O who was clearly Prof. Oak with a quarter-assed disguise, Blue admits to have envied Red and Green who received the Pokédex and were sent on journeys.
She says that she wanted to do the same since she was also from Pallet Town, like Red and Green. So basically she stole a starter as a way to simulate the start of the journey. So she’s either the envious type, or the jealous type. More likely to be the former, since she didn’t exactly make Red’s life a living hell for being better off than her. And she didn’t steal his Pokémon or Pokédex, so she wasn’t trying to screw him over completely.
When Prof. Oak forgave her and entrusted her with a Pokédex, she cried. Why? For being trusted? Or for being accepted?
When Red vanished, Blue went to find him, even “hiring” Yellow. Unlike Green who… didn’t exactly do a whole lot, Blue seemed to have been very active. Yes, she was also motivated by the possibility that her kidnapping incident was related. But Red was also her first friend.
In the Pokémon League, Blue sends Silver back “home” so that he is not exposed to danger.
So she cares greatly for him and wants to keep him safe. When she saves him later, she says that she was worried about him because of what he was doing, going to Lance and whatnot. But given how Silver didn’t know what Blue was doing, it’s clear that Blue kept her situations and actions secret from him while she knew all about his actions.
While Blue knew of Silver’s association with Lance and his constant whereabouts (while in contact), since Silver had to steal Blue’s plans to find out what she was up to, it’s clear that he’s always in the dark about her. Yes, this is redundant, since I just said this. But it’s important.
So if this continued, and Silver had a problem, Blue would know about it and try to help him very quickly. But at the same time, Silver would have no idea if Blue was in trouble.
And another proof. Red and Green initially had no idea why Blue was going to One Island. They had to read her diary entries (a violation of privacy!) to find out that she was trying to meet up with her parents. AND, they had no idea (until said violation of privacy) that Blue gave her Pokédex back to Prof. Oak as well. Either a complete lack of communication, or she purposely kept things secret. Either way, her closest friends are kept in the dark. So it’s not too much to think that she’ll keep all of her problems, tasks, and whatever a secret so that she could take care of them by herself. Independence. And at the same time, loneliness.
When Blue wakes up from her coma and is immediately chased out of the hospital, she doesn’t complain and she’s not angry about it.
She immediately realizes what’s happening and leaves. She had no reason to think that there was a riot out there demanding her blood. All she could hear was a jumbled mess of voices. Meaning, she was either accustomed to angry mobs chasing after her, or she naturally assumed the worst and had already accepted that these types of things would happen to her. So despite looking cheerful and whatnot, she’s not that bright and happy inside. Evidenced when she voices her determination later.
After Red gets thrashed by Deoxys, and gives up in his fight, Blue goes to talk to him and comforts him despite the fact that she needed more comforting than anyone.
So again, she’s keeping her problems to herself and instead focused on helping others. Important to note that she keeps her smile while facing him, but not otherwise. Again, keeping that cheerful appearance for the sake of others. When Red says it’s impossible to fight Deoxys, Blue ignores him and says that it’s her destiny.
Blue says that to have her reunion with her parents, she would follow her own destiny herself. So she has already come to terms about how her life is going to be. And given her expression here, she is not happy but has accepted it. A true personality moment, instead of winking and exaggerating happiness.
When Blue reunites with her parents for a short while, she says that fighting evil is who she is now, and that she would see it finished before returning to them. She would beat the evil then come back with a smiling face.
Again, proof that she has accepted her life for what it is. Not that she returned to them with a smiling face afterwards, since she got stoned. Maybe after Emerald arc, but that’s unknown.
Now for extrapolation.
Blue doesn’t let people know about her problems. Which was why no one knew that she was on a journey to cure her phobia in GSC. As such, it’s not that hard to think that Blue will never tell anyone of any of her problems. Which, if things become too overwhelming for her to handle alone, may go out of hand. Also, this means that Blue does not let people see her serious side, as that would make people wonder if she was in trouble. Meaning, she would have some sort of a façade up and running to pretend that nothing is wrong even if something was.
While Blue wanted to meet her parents and have a normal life, that is probably no longer possible. Kidnapped at the age of 5, and then met her parents at 16, reunited with them at 17. 11 to 12 years gap between them where she was forced to fend for herself. In all likelihood, this relationship is not going to be very smooth. Blue would have matured too much and in a very independent manner. And her parents are likely accustomed to the no-daughter situation. Unless they have another kid, in which case they would not be accustomed to Blue. Either case, Blue would not exactly get along with her parents. There’s a difference between wanting to meet someone because you haven’t seen them in 12 years, and wanting to stay with them. Stay with them for a while, and suddenly, you may regret that decision horribly. SL’s situation is the worst case, where things are getting out of hand. The others are toned down, and in more of a neutral situation. They won’t bother her if she doesn’t bother them, which is the more practical and reasonable situation.
Since Blue never lets anyone know of her problems, it also means that she never has her own feelings out in the open. She would keep all things bottled up inside. Otherwise, people would see what was going on in her life. And if she doesn’t get what she wants, she would accept it, like she has accepted her own fate. Why? Because she would know from experience that continuously pursuing something that wasn’t going to succeed is just a continuous stream of disappointment. Hence “accepting fate”. When it’s in the form of a request to another person, whether it’d be love or some other crap, if Blue tried once, and failed, she would know that trying again would just result in another failure and more distance with the person who just rejected her. But she wouldn’t be blatant because that’ll make her desires and thereby problems obvious, and then she would officially face a situation where she would risk the bond she had with the other person. Meaning, if she wants something, she would try to get it discreetly and without directly stating it and only once. And if she failed, she would accept it for what it is.
Blue was very independent for most of her life. Meaning, she would be longing for someone to look after her since she was alone for most of the time. Not like Silver, since he doesn’t know what she’s going through. So most likely, she feels lonely quite a lot. She wants someone to care for her, but she’s not getting said care because no one knows about her needs. She’s lonely, like Platinum. But this is a much worse case, as it is a cycle. She’s been lonely since forever so wants someone to look after her. But no one knows because her past made her hide all of her problems. No one knows, so no one tries to help out. No one tries to help, so Blue feels that no one cares. She feels no one cares, so she’s even lonelier. She’s very lonely, so she has a stronger desire to have someone to care for her. And on and on until rampancy changes each step of the cycle into a miniature bomb, destroying the lives of those who happened to be nearby when each bomb goes off.

Blue was lonely for most of her life, and is longing for someone to be there for her. Proof of this being that in FRLG, when Red gives up the fight, Blue goes after him. She thanks him for fighting for her sake, that she heard about his reasons to fight after she fell into a coma.
So she knows and really appreciates it when someone cares for her.
(Rephrased from 1358456)

Woah, someone read through the Blue analysis?! Nice.
On game my shippings are different since the maga has completly different interactions and dialogues :)
My manga shiipings are:
Green x Blue: Pesky girl
Yellow x Red: She actually likes him, and he invited her to live with him :thumbup: They make a cute couple.
Misty x Red: Second option, but he probably has feeling for Yellow
Silver x Crystal : I dont think that her and Gold has any chemical, and Silver is a amazing character on manga. He deserves a girl :)
Diamond x Platinum: The only couple i ship in game too. I would like Platinum realizes that he finds her hot and think "why not?" :naughty:
Yvonne x X: They must end togheter, she's really cool and really cares about him.
Sapphire x Ruby: Is cannon, and they are interesting togheter, though not my favorite couple.
Black x White: Is praticaly canon, how could I forget them?
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Wallace x Winona is the best manga-based ship ever, which is why I made a whole thread about it.
For the Pokemon Special Manga, there is only one ship I support:

Black X White AgencyShipping
Because very clearly, this ship is canon!!! Both of them shows romantic feelings towards each other occasionally. Moreover, it is because even the surrounding characters pair them up naturally, such as before the first gym in Striaton Bianca was anger at Black for "flirting" with her; Elesa was making fun of him the first time they met for White was talking all his secrets out; Marshal encouraged Black to help White catches Deerling as that should be what a real man should do; before the two reunited Iris was making fun of Black for his feeling towards White. One more thing, it is because Black and White are both 15 years old, the common and yet perfect age for Japanese romance drama.

Speaking of the canon ship, Ruby X Sapphire FranticShipping is also surely canon, but I'm not that much interested in it. Because there is no "romance" between the two, the people in their surrounding also didn't pair them up romantically like the case of Black and White, even Emerald speaks the two more like "partners" than "lovers".
My main ship is Agencyshipping (Black/White), because their chemistry is amazing and I just love how they interact! I also like PreciousMetalShipping (Gold/Silver), FranticShipping (Ruby/Sapphire), and CorruptedShipping (Faitsu/Rakutsu). They all have great interactions, and me being the trash I am, I just go for that stuff instantly.
My favorite Manga ship is definitely Specialshipping and if there is ever a ship that I think deserves to become canon IMO, it's this one. Yellow developed a crush on Red after he saved her from a wild Dratini and her whole chapter in the Manga is about finding him. I don't know how much I can stress that I love this pairing and it wouldn't seem right to me if Red ended up with someone who wasn't Yellow.

I also support OldRivalshipping, PreciousMetalshipping, Franticshipping, and Agencyshipping but my favorite is Specialshipping, hands down.
I ship:


And I'm on the fence about Specialshipping and Preciousmetalshipping.
Ah, yes, Special. Love me some PokeSpe. Only up to the early B2W2 arc, tho.

I'm a huge fan of ChoosenShipping, but I also like FranticShipping and AgencyShipping.
Luckyshipping (Red x Blue [f])

Why? Because Red has a crush on her in RGB arc, it persists into FRLG where the entire Volume 23 was dedicated as trying to fight against Deoxys, he fails.

When he breaks down, Blue runs for him, Green doesn't even bat an eye. That shows how much he doesn't care about Red or Blue.

She tries to comfort Red to the best of her abilities and strives to keep going on despite not being as strong as Red. This is what actually helps trigger him to get back on his feet.

When Red comes back he literally says: "I'm sorry I worried you both. I want to go with you... I have to see this through the end. When I realized that, I knew I had to come back."

Plus in Emerald, it's hinted Vee and Ditty will mate. If Pika and Chuchu really reflected the trainer's feeling, then Vee and Ditty obviously means it's reflecting the feelings of Red and Blue, right?

In ORAS, Red thinks of Blue as the first person he can rely on when Green isn't around. It isn't Gold, or Yellow, who are arguably more closer to Bill's house than Blue, who resides on the Sevii Islands. Plus in ORAS, he wakes up staring at Blue and blushes a lot like in RGB. And in Chapter 20, Blue hides behind Red when they confront the other Dexholders as they have reluctantly teamed up with Giovanni.

Also let's not forget the name of the ship, it's "luck" that they met because before meeting Red (officially), she was just a girl conning people to make a living. When she heard of Red, she envied him and Green and wanted to be a Dexholder too. When she did finally meet him, the two grew up as they aged and she had the life she lost. She had friends, her parents, and joins him as a Dexholder and specializes in Evolving.

For me, Luckyshipping is my OTP because all the hints are there, it's just whether or not Red and Blue want to be more than just friends, but Red clearly is interested in her.

I also like Lucky because it isn't as toxic as Oldrival, whose foundation is Green hating her, even in FRLG (VIZ doesn't count, they made him all nice and edited in a line for him to "confess" when he literally said to buzz off). Chosen is alright too, but it's borderline incest/not-incest, so for me, Luckyshipping is the most normal and healthy of the bunch.
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I can't remember if I posted here before but I've got soooo many PokeSpe ships!! XD

My favorite probably being Mangaquest and Lucky~ Agency and Commoner I also love, they're both so precious. Frantic is like, a given, and Corrupted also has great moments~ So a bit on why:

Mangaquest: I looooovee this ship so much! Gold is so low-key flirty and such a troublemaker and Kris is there to keep him in check, but she also cares for him. Also loved in HGSS, even if there wasn't much of them together, she was so nervous about Gold seeing her in her new clothes and he liked them on her anyway. I can't with these two~ This is the one I would rage the most at if it didn't become canon! )X

Lucky: The best ship for both these characters, IMO~ Firstly, and most importantly, it's not one-sided. Red was attracted to Green since RBY Arc and was always getting flustered by her even till ORAS. And Green would flirt with Red way beyond the point when it was necessary to scam him and they've just become so close after all this time. I was actually surprised they dedicated time towards them in ORAS, though I haven't finished the chapter myself, yet. But it really just shows the relationship is still strong with them~ X3

Agency: One of the first ships I really got into, it's highly obvious White likes Black and Black has pretty much shown he likes her, too. I enjoy their interactions, as well, and good on them that nothing really comes between them.

Commoner: Diamond so obviously likes Lady Platinum. When he first saw her, I was like "sooo cuuuuttee, he likes her" X3 Platinum doesn't show a lot of romantic emotions in general, but she's said things about Diamond's personality that she likes here and there and I just love the commoner X rich lady ship motif. I LIVE!!

Frantic: What really needs to be said? They literally are the first pairing to on screen confess to each other. Like, if they didn't end up together, something would really be wrong, LOL~ But the dynamics between them are amazing and it's adorable how much they really care about each other.

Corrupted: I haven't read much of the BW2 chapter, but I have seen that Lack Two seems to be quite the flirt with the ladies and has had some cute moments with Whi Two~ XD I honestly find this ship funny and enjoy seeing them together. I want to read more of the BW2 Chapter but I just never have the time, SMH~

Wallace and Winona is also life~ One of the few adult pairings in the Manga (not counting the older Pokedex Holders) and I just love the fact that they were both given this sort of backstory between them. I wish it could have been in the games~ DX

I could never get with Special or Oldival; it's not in me just to ship just because they "look cute/good together" and there being no sound basis~ )X
I personally believe in RubyxSapphire (obviously) but RedxGreen is up there alongside WallacexWinona. I also believe in BluexDiantha and YellowxSilver.
Ever since I read the manga I liked Jadeshipping (Blue/Yellow) I just thought they were so cute! I wish they were more popular/more fics about them. Still my OTP.

I also like Chosen (Blue/Yellow) and I believe it's called Acidwashshipping (Yellow/Blue/Silver). I liked the latter a lot more when I was younger. Luckyshipping is a favorite, I like how their relationship matured as they got older.

To keep focusing on the Blue ships (hahaha she is my favorite character in Special!), I also like some rare pairs with her like Wrist (Blue/Sabrina) and Burushipping (I believe that's what it's called for Blue/Platinum) Princessshipping (Blue/Platinum).

Other ships I like are Sweetheart (Crys/Yellow), Frontier (Crys/Emerald), Ruby/Courtney (can't recall the name), Treestar (Sapphire/Crys) and Concretejungleshipping (Platinum/Sapphire).

Edit: Burushipping is Crys/Platinum. Princessshipping is Platinum/Blue
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My two favorite ships are franticshipping and Mangaquest, Mangaquest is my otp at this point!
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