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The Power/Spell Name Idea Thread 2.0

Nov 8, 2005
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Writing a story with magic/superpowers, and not sure what to name that finishing move? This is the thread for you!

This is a collaborative list of cool sounding attack names from across media that could work as spell/power names in your fanfiction, grouped by elemental. Spell chains and finishing moves will be noted.

Some rules:

--All Bulbagarden rules apply
--All ideas should be posted in this thread--I will compile them into a master list as I get them.
--This is just a list of spell/power names--but if you want to include a description of what the power might do in your story's world, you are welcome to suggest it
--All media are welcome--anime, game, comic, or something else is welcome, so long as it could feasibly be used as a magic spell name or super power name.
--Spell names that sound similar may be grouped into a spell chain (eg. Spell name A->Spell name B->Spell name C, etc.) Spell chains can theoretically be as long as you like.
--if an idea could be used as a group attack or finishing move, they will be marked as (finisher)
--If you're not sure what elemental your idea would fit under, or you have an idea for an elemental, let me know.
--Suggestions should be no more than 4 words long, but ideally 2 or 3 words long
--If your idea came from media, be sure and cite where the move(s) originally came from.
--Don't stop with just the Japanese and English versions! If your native language had an interesting name, you can contribute those!
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The Master Power/Spell Name Idea List

Earth (this includes both rocks and plants)

Stone Barrage
Seismic Shock Slash
Flower Hurricane
Vicious Emerald
World Shaking
Thorn Spear
Flower Cannon
Forbidden Fruit of Power
Poison Ivy
Tectonic Fissure (finisher)
Gaia Force
Carnivine's Chaos
Leaf Shield
Molten Rock Cannon (finisher)
Ivy Whip
Sand Splash


Phoenix Finish
Firestorm Wrath
Flaming Berserker
Flames of Judgment (finisher)
Burning Mandala
Illusion Flames
Flame Tail
Phoenix Flame
Lava Burst
Volcanic Panic (finisher)
Flame Pillar
Fire Ring
Wild Phoenix Strike
Healing Flame
Dancing Flame


Feather Arrow
Razor Wind Cutter
Hurricane Winds
Sacred Wind
Rising Winds
Wing Strike


Sea Splitting Slash
Aqua Mist
Aqua Mirage
Aqua Rhapsody
Aqua Storm
Waterspout Tempest
Water Ring
Aqua Fist
Aqua Cannon
Wave Crash


Crystal Arrow
Shine Aqua Illusion
Icicle Storm
Jack Frostbite
Star Freeze
Sub-Zero Slash
Flash Freeze (finisher)
Ice Beam->Frost Beam->Crystal Beam
Diamond Dust->Diamond Storm (finisher)
Icy Fist
White Mist->Freezing Fog
Icy Phoenix (finisher)
Ice Coffin


Lightning Knuckle
Chain Lightning
Thunderlight Fist

Cosmos (stars, planets, the moon, galaxies, and so on)

Twilight Flash
Rising Moon
Meteor Storm
Black Hole Eraser
Asteroid Annihilation (finisher)
Dream Dance
Comet Fist
Nebula Storm
Solar Wind
Lunar Eclipse
Neutron Star


Goddess Blessing
Judgment Storm (finisher)
Judgment Slash
Star Spear Strike
Siren's Song

Rainbow (every elemental)

Swanna Song (finisher)


Dark Meteor Crash
Power Grab
Chaos Arrow
Black Sun
Poison Vapor->Toxic Mist
Forbidden Temptation
Stealth Strike
Kitsune Curse
Death Trap
Strike Razing Claw
Darkness Love
Life Steal
Kiss of Death
Ominously Whispering Winds
Curse of Lust
Dark Wave->Black Storm

No elemental

Mirage Wave
Sleep Spores
Rhythmic Strike
Chain Palm
Coin of Luck
Whirlwind Blade
Dancing Swords
Illusion Beam
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Glad to see you decided to do this thread. Looks like fun.

Anyway, here are few ideas I came up with, as they're based off of my series' Shaman forms. Hopefully they'll be of some use to others.

Fire: Phoenix Finish (summons flaming energy phoenix to attack), Firestorm Wrath (creates flaming tornado that incinerates all targets inside it, group attack), Flaming Berserker (viciously slashes target with burning claws), Flames of Judgment (burns all targets with holy flames, extra potent on Undead, group attack/finisher)

Water: Maelstrom (summons maelstrom that viciously rips target(s) before exploding, possible group attack), Sea Splitting Slash (slash target in blink of an eye or can be used as projectile that can split the ocean briefly)

Earth: Stone Barrage (fires rocks like missiles, group attack), Seismic Shock Slash (slams both claymores into ground, creating massive energy shockwaves, possible group attack)

Wind: Feather Arrows (summons arrows made of feathers to strike all targets, group attack)

Dark (Shadow): Dark Meteor Crash (summons meteor from space to smash all targets, group attack/finisher), Power Grab (steal enemy's power and converts it into power for user), Chaos Arrow (fires arrows made of Chaos energy, unlimited ammo, possible group attack)

Light: Goddess Blessing (heals all allies to full strength), Judgment Storm (summons bolts of holy energy to strike target(s), group attack/finisher)
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll put them on the list.

Here's some cool sounding ideas from Sailor Moon (comic, anime, game, stage shows, and the live action show) to inspire you:


Black Sun
Toxic Mist


Burning Mandala


Flower Hurricane
Vicious Emerald
World Shaking


Lightning Knuckle


Aqua Mist
Aqua Mirage
Aqua Rhapsody
Aqua Storm


Crystal Arrow
Shine Aqua Illusion

No Elemental:

Mirage Wave


Twilight Flash
Rising Moon
While brainstorming more Shaman forms for my series I not only came up with a few more forms (specifically Fox Fyre for Kettu and Nymph Wing for Nina) but also some new abilities that might be fun to add.

Wood (Earth): Thorn Spears (summons giant thorns to impale targets, group attack), Forbidden Fruit of Power (summons a irresistible apple that when eaten inflicts both a curse and rapidly drains the user's strength), Poison Ivy (summons poisonous vines that ensnare targets and poisons them, group attack), Flower Cannon (fires a blast of nature energy that reduces the target's strength and makes them less willing to fight), Sleep Spores (summons cloud of plant spores that put all targets to sleep, group attack), Forbidden Temptation (seduces the target and turns them into a puppet for the user)

Water: Waterspout Tempest (summons a waterspout that sweeps up all targets and viciously tears them apart, group attack)

Wind: Razor Wind Cutter (fires multiple air slashes at targets from claws, group attack), Hurricane Winds (summons hurricane-force winds that blow target into the air before viciously slashing them to pieces, group attack)

Fire: Illusion Flames (summons cursed flames that burn the targets, inflicting curses and causes them to hallucinate, group attack), Will-O-Wisp (summons a will-o-wisp that haunts the target, rapidly draining them of their lifeforce before killing them)

Dark (Shadow): Stealthy Strike (backstabs target with claws made from darkness that have a chance to instantly kill the target), Kitsune Curse (curses all targets with life-draining spell until death claims targets, group attack)

On a side-note, I noticed after coming up with these ideas that three of them (Poison Ivy, Flower Cannon, and Forbidden Temptation) all come from the Palmon line in Digimon (Palmon, Lilymon, and Rosemon, respectively). I was wondering where I had heard those names before when the ideas popped into my head. And, obviously, the Forbidden Fruit of Power is a play on Adam and Eve (well, Van's Shaman form where that ability comes from is called Guardian of Edyn, a play on the Garden of Eden itself). Hope some people find these ideas fun.
Had another brain spark while playing with my pet cockatiel for some new Shaman forms with corresponding abilities. I'm in rare form today, as I was struggling immensely lately with trying to think of Shaman forms for the cast. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Ice: Icicle Storm (summons large icicles that impale all targets, group attack), Jack Frostbite (blasts all targets with a bone-chilling blizzard, group attack), Sub-Zero Slash (slashes target with icy blade), Flash Freeze (freezes all targets instantly, killing them, group attack/finisher)

Wood/Earth: Tectonic Fissure (summons fissure that crushes all targets, group attack/finisher), Gaia Force (doubles power for short time), Carnivines Chaos (summons carnivorous vines to eat all targets, group attack/finisher), Leaf Shield (summons barrier of leaves that protects all allies for a short time), Molten Rock Cannon (fires barrage of volcanic rocks at target)

Fire: Lava Burst (burns all targets with vicious lava, group attack), Volcanic Panic (causes volcanic eruption under all targets, group attack/finisher)

Light: Judgment Slash (slashes target with holy energy, extra potent on Undead), Star Spear Strike (strikes target with holy spear charged with divine energy)

Dark (Shadow): Death Trap (plants trap then lures target into it, high chance of instantly killing target), Strike Razing Claw (slashes target with darkness-laced claws, have chance to instantly kill target)

Cosmo: Meteor Storm (summons barrage of meteors that rain down upon targets, group attack), Black Hole Eraser (swallows target(s) in black hole, instantly killing them, possible group attack/finisher), Asteroid Annihilation (summons massive asteroid to crush all targets, group attack)

Oh, also, @LightningTopaz , you made a few slight errors. "Forbidden Fruit of Power" and "Poison Ivy" are Wood/Earth abilities, as they both involve plant life, and you left out "Phoenix Finish" in the Fire category. Just FYI.
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I will go fix those, and put your new ideas on the list. Foreign names for the Pokemon moves themselves, and TCG exclusive moves are helpful.

One Pokemonized move from the anime Symphogear and a few from the Pokemon TCG:


Swanna Song (finisher)


Phoenix Flame
Flame Tail


Star Freeze


Chain Lightning


Poison Vapor (evolves to Toxic Mist as the user grows stronger)
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Thanks to one last burst before the day ended I have a handful of new ideas, thanks to the newest Shaman form I've come up with. Enjoy.

Dark (Shadow): Darkness Love (seduces the target before injecting Dark energy that slowly eats away at the target), Life Steal (drains the target's lifeforce and converts it into more power for the user), Death's Kiss (blows a deadly kiss that can either inflict a deadly curse, steal all their mana, or instantly kill target)

Wind: Ominously Whispering Winds (blows dark winds that can either cut the target(s) power/abilities in half or double the user's power/abilities, group attack)

No Element (because I have no idea where to put this one): Curse of Lust (enthralls the target with seductive moves before inflicting a death curse)

Some of these ideas came from certain Pixie breeds and Lilithmon, while Ominously Whispering Winds is a corruption of the Pokemon move Ominous Wind.

I'm having a ball raiding Bulbapedia for ideas myself

I'll put what I've compiled and yours on the list--spread the word that more people are welcome to contribute.

If this were me, I'd put Lustful Curse/Curse of Lust under Shadow, in keeping with the seven deadly sins theme.
Hey, thanks to being stuck at home with a head cold (although it is getting better) I ended up with a few more ideas thanks to some new Shaman forms.

Ice: Ice Coffin (traps target in ice before impaling it with ice swords), Freezing Fog (blasts targets with cold fog that cause hallucinations, group attack)

Water: Aqua Cannon (fires condensed beam of water at target), Wave Crash (summons tidal waves to strike all targets, group attack)

Light: Siren's Song (sings a song that heals all allies and puts enemies to sleep, group attack)

Cosmo: Nebula Storm (blast all targets with cosmic storm, group attack), Solar Wind (blasts all foes with strong solar energy, group attack), Lunar Eclipse (causes darkness to coat the area before launching a sneak attack with lunar energy), Neutron Star (summons a small star that explodes in a supernova, group attack/finisher)
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