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Mafia The Stanley Parable Mafia - Eight Stanleys Ending (Town + 8 Wins)

Day 8
  1. helperman
  2. TheCapsFan
  3. @Midorikawa #2
  4. @coordinator lissi #2
  5. @Princess Abigail
  6. ExLight
  7. Parissong
  8. RavenRaziel98
  9. @JamieIsBored
  10. Potato-2.0
  11. Snowy
  12. Midorikawa
  13. coordinator lissi

No one has died.

It is now Day 8.
This Phase will end in 24 hours (on January 10th at 3PM Eastern Time).

Living Players

  • Midorikawa #2
  • coordinator lissi #2
  • Princess Abigail
  • JamieIsBored
Dead Players
  • coordinator lissi (Died N1) - The Stanley Parable Reassurance Bucket (2x Reassurance + Whisper Secrets + True Form)
  • helperman (Died N1) - The Bucket Destroyer (Is This a Bucket? + Executioner + Double Voter)
  • TheCapsFan (Lynched D2) - Gambhorra'ta (Serial Killer + 1x Bulletproof)
  • Parissong (Died N2) - Mariella (Witness)
  • RavenRaziel98 (Died N2; Won D3) - 8 (8 Button)
  • Snowy (Lynched D3) - The Serious Room (2x Jailer)
  • Midorikawa (Died N4) - Broom Closet (Vigilante + Strongman against the Bucket)
  • ExLight (Lynched D5) - The Narrator (Converter + 2x Strongman + Narration + Stanley's Guide + Needs Stanley + Storyteller)
  • Potato-2.0 (Lynched D7) - The Essence of Divine Art (Guide Across BLXWXN)
And can we know if the night phase mistake is possibly a mistake with investigative results?
Considering the current game state, I will not provide further details. You can speculate what the mistake was, but I will not confirm nor deny your speculations. The mistake will be clarified after the game ends.
Quasar’s reluctance to answer makes me think that it would reveal an answer for us. If it was a possibility and they said yes to it being a possibility it would mean last mafia could be Lissi. But if it’s not then it has to be Abigail.

I would hope it wasn’t that Jamie got converted. Maybe we should lynch Jamie just to test. If nightkill happens we will be down two two town one mafia. We’re not in mylo or Lylo.
It’s not me, also wasnt Jamie lynch or death proof?
Quas said a mistake was made in the night actions. If that mistake was converting Jamie when he’s supposed to be immune, then I would think the hosts would take awake any Death proof otherwise it would be impossible to win for town.
I still have my immunity and I would not have revealed Lissi had I been converted. A reminder that the entire point of the game is Stanley Vs. The Narrator something that big I myself would have noticed and Quas would definitely have rectified.

Lissi is your redirect ability one-shot?
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