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Mafia The Stanley Parable Mafia - Eight Stanleys Ending (Town + 8 Wins)

Thank you for hosting Quas :yay:

she knew
your teories were
not good lmfao

it was just to pocket yall
and it worked lmao
(also we didn't shoot ur self doctor we just forgor)

if only quas had processed our roleblock on jamie's cop shot sniff
….That pocketing kind of fails when you don’t kill at night for a couple phases.
mido GOAT confirmed
yo sorry i ducked out back there this was a fun game and watching it unfold was fun too
very tight its fun when we get to four players and town still wins

8 :)
It's far more likely if it seems like there's a reason I'm still alive
I legit only lost cause I was in the mental hospital and couldn't play most of the last phase which isn't an excuse but I had one vote

I didn't like play bad
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