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The Star Wars Fan Club

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Dec 20, 2006
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Anybody that's interested in Star Wars can join. You can ask any questions regarding Star Wars here. I or any of our members that know the answer will try to answer soon as possible. Before entering, hope you read these rules:

1. Be Active
Always be active. I don't like members that just join and do nothing. Members that haven't been active in one month will be removed from the list. Give a good reason to be added back to the list by pming me.

2. No Pokemon
Please don't talk anything about Pokemon here. This is a Stricly NO Pokemon topic club.

3. Have Fun
If you disobey this, you'll be out of this club.

There'll be a "Weekly Character Disscusion", you can discuss and talk about the posted character.
Here's some keys:
Jedi Master = Leader/Owner of this clan. There'll be 2 Jedi Master
Jedi Knight = Co-Leader/Co-Owner. Three here.
Jedi = Members. Unlimited here.
Dark Side = Banned list.

Jedi Master
1. Flygon

Jedi Knight


Dark Side

Current Activities
1. Discussing Padme, also known as Senator Amidala.
Man I gotta join!! I dunno how to pm tho.
Why did Padme have to die Id b cool If she came back in the 6th one.
Ok you're in!! You'll be Co-Leader! Aka Jedi Knight!! Please help spread this club.
I also have a branch somewhere else that is quite active. (Sorry, don't think I'm allowed to advertise...
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