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The super song universe


i still love ditto, but i like this album too
Dec 13, 2021
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Hello. This is only sort of a blog. I got inspired to post this here from Lissi's pokeverse blog. While ive been listening to songs, I have made a list of characters and storylines for a universe where all these songs are super heroes, super villains, crossover events, organizations, and other comic book stuff. If any one has their own song super hero ideas, feel free to add them. I know this isn't pokemon related, but I wanted to share them. Here are the ones I can think of from the top of my head:

There is a whole race of super humans with this concept. They have super powers(usually super strength) but also have a evil voice in their head. This other person or voice in their had is commonly called Monster or Beast, but a few others I've heard in songs and put in this category are called Carnivore, the Psycho In My Head, and the Face Inside.

Also, as inspired by the Michael Jackson song Thriller, their is a big crossover event(crossover as in multiple same universe comics, not different franchises) called Thriller Night, where zombies come alive. It's during this event that the character from skillet's Back From The Dead, who is a person that gets brought back from the dead but keeps his mind and thus isn't a zombie.

And I have tons more
Am I weird for turning songs into super hero stuff like this?
No, I wouldn't say so. You're a creative person, and imaginative doesn't have to equate to odd! It's actually pretty cool, turning something intangible into a completely different concept -- and besides, I don't see how it's much different from people making fresh OCs based on songs, which is something fairly common (AFAICT).
And you're doing what makes ya happy; that's the most important thing!
I’m happy that you took inspiration from me! Songs are sometimes great for character development, and my head usually defaults to assigning characters to songs and as guz said i Even have a couple characters based off songs (like my verses Gloria being mostly based off the song mastermind by Taylor swift)

I’d say it’s pretty normal, keep this up! It seems cool so far :)
I have gotten SO much character fuel from Skillet songs! (Other artists' songs too, but Skillet is the predominant donator, hehe...) You're definitely not alone in using songs as inspiration. (You might have heard them already, but I'd recommend "Hero", "Surviving the Game", "Crossfire", and "Dominion" as other songs with a bit of superhero vibe.)

I have a couple of OCs in particular who were inspired by songs and use the song titles as pseudonyms: Red Sky (by Brandon Heath), a.k.a. Beacon, and Comatose (by Skillet), a.k.a. Zeke. While the world they're in isn't a superhero world, both of them have some superhero-like traits, like having "hero" and "civilian" forms and hiding (or at least obscuring) their identities at some points.
I decided to post random ones as I listen to them.

Shatter me by Lindsey Stirling:
This heroine is like a steam punk cyborg. She felt like everything was always the same, but was scared of change. But one day their life was thrown into chaos and they became a super hero
I decided to post random ones as I listen to them.

Shatter me by Lindsey Stirling:
This heroine is like a steam punk cyborg. She felt like everything was always the same, but was scared of change. But one day their life was thrown into chaos and they became a super hero
Actually, clockwork cyborg is closer to the songs lyrics then steam punk
Painkiller by three days grace:
Painkiller is a antihero. At first they seem like a hero, but towns often get over reliant on them, and over dependence on this particular hero is a horrible mistake.
Rise by skillet:
This hero lives in a world where crime, unemployment, and other bad stuff has gotten unbearably bad. One day, they heard a speech demanding people rebel. Two words of that speech echoed through this characters head "rise and revolution". They decided to take stopping all this crime into their own hands and became a super hero
High voltage by linkin park:
This one of mine I have the most details on. It also has some marvel stuff I borrowed because it made some sense.

There is a symbiote who has lived for eons and done just about everything but still has the personality of a rebellious teenager. Unlike most symbiotes which are damaged by sound, this one loves it. He merges with a grumpy guy who dislikes labels. Together they become High Voltage, the rapping superhero. They also have a sidekick called Surround Sound.
Animal I have become by three days Grace: they are one of those "insanity in exchange for powers" characters I talked about. They see the other personality as an animal. They are struggling badly with it. They want someone to help tame the animal, but don't truly think anyone can change it.
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