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The TILT Thread (Today I Learned That…)

TILT when we say "bread and circuses", it comes from a Latin phrase that was used in Ancient Rome, except "circus" did not exist in its modern form... It was just the word for the horse riding arenas.
The word 'petrichor' refers to the lovely scent of rain after a long period of warm dry weather.
TIL gizmo is supposed to mean "device" as is, thought it was some super old pop culture reference to someone with that name that used lots of tricky gadget stuff
TIL that studies have shown eating a single potato chip can make you crave more near immediately. It is all or none with these things, always kinda knew, but statistics and neurobiology proved it :)
The ranch chips have my soul-
TIL there are a few mammals (called monotremata) that actually lay eggs. Still nurse their hatchlings with milk, however.
Today I learned that this upcoming Sunday is National Cinema Day, where they’re offering movie tickets for super-low prices. Including premium screens, it seems, and with savings extending to popcorn and refreshments, too! Apparently this happened last year too, and that it’s supposed to be a kind of “thank you” from the movie industry for supporting them during the pandemic. In any case, this sounds interesting — with many ways for me take advantage with a handful of movies playing right now that I’d be willing to see in a theater — even though I haven’t been inside a movie theater since before the pandemic started, actually. Will this be the weekend when that changes? It’s certainly possible…
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