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The TILT Thread (Today I Learned That…)

TIL my workplace has food trucks for dinner for those who have to work late, or onsite for the gym late or whatever reason
TIL Slippery Rock University's athletic teams are nicknamed "The Rock." So their full name is "Slippery Rock The Rock."
TIL 17 U.S. states have state pledges (in addition to the usual Pledge of Allegiance), including the 3 I’ve lived in. All this time I thought it was just a Texas thing.
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Today I learned that when romanizing the Japanese language using the Hepburn system that most people use, the particles を and へ are meant to be romanized as o as e, respectively. Or in other words, not wo and he, as some including me might have thought. Which means, for example, that 「フルムーンをさがして」 is technically meant to be romanized as “Full Moon o Sagashite” (not “Full Moon wo Sagashite”), while 「日本へようこそ」 is supposed to be “Nihon e youkouso” (not “Nihon he youkouso”).
Today I learned that the neighborhood of townhouses that I had a nice view of from my former apartment but was out of reach for me outside of a very long walk, has now become accessible to me thanks to a nearby construction project that justified a bridge to be built there. I visited it for the first time earlier today as part of a walk that I took. It ended up being quite a nice place from the outside looking in at least, haha, that I wouldn’t have minded living in if I had the cash.
TILT menthol is a chemical that, when put in the mouth, makes people think that the temperature of their mouth is lower than normal. This is apparently called a "thermal illusion", and quite a few products use menthol to create such a cooling sensation. Gum, mouthwash, toothpaste, and (less neatly) mentholated cigarettes.

The receptor that menthol activates is called TRPM8, or Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily M Member 8.
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