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MATURE: There's a girl on the throne! Four Wishes: Dreams


Dec 17, 2013
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Four Wishes

Author’s note:

Hello there, Welcome to my writing thread of Four Wishes!
This is my first time thinking and writing a Pokemon fanfic since forever. Therefore, I may be forgetting some to a lot of things due to my longest hiatus of my life. Even if this is a prologue to the story, each prologue will explain each member’s past and how the story will fit their specialty to Pokemon.

However, my writing ability isn't as well as my imagination. Though at least I enjoy myself for once and try to make it as simple as possible.

And one last thing, This series maybe content violence, mild language, and something else coming along. Therefore, if you’re younger than 15, please don’t read it. I don’t want to get you in trouble from your parents.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the story!

Four Wishes: Dreams


Hello there, welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is... OH LOOK, A SHOOTING STAR!!!
Haha, Sike! Just messing with ya. But speaking of shooting stars, let’s talk about our main shooting stars from a rare region of Unova. 3 members of an elite club of the Pokemon League. However one new member just got titled to be a member all the way from Sinnoh. Even if she a “Frontier Brain”, but people think her own butler does all the work while she was the princess puppet. Of course, she have a rare gift to everyone around her. She have an uncontrollable powers. Every kids thought she was strange, which hurt her a lot. But her butler always there for her and made her smile. Until that today when her powers went out of control and nearly killed her butler. Yes, KILLED! Even though challengers battle the two more than usual after the incident, I came to the Sinnoh Battle Frontier to battle her, without her butler. To see if it the rumors were true about this mysterious girl. She was nervous at first, but she able to overrun her powers and defeated me. However, I did blew my disguise and introduce myself a little too early to her parents. Which they declined my request to take their daughter to Unova. Therefore, I went back with nothing.

Oh yes, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Alder, Pokemon Champion of Unova. And right now I’m at the airport with of course, nothing. I was disappointed of being banned of the Frontier from punched the father by the nose. I never knew they were the owners of the whole park! I hope the media won’t spread the news to the world about that. Oh! My plane is almost departing, I better go now.

Alder sit on a chair after made it to the the plane, but immediately after a girl came in just in time before the passenger door closed. The girl sit across of Alder and the old man noticed her. It the same girl from the Frontier!

“!!!” Alder made a strange noise.

The girl turned and noticed the old man that punched her father.

“Hello, Mister.” She said.
“We met yesterday from a Pokemon battle; my name is Caitlin.”

Four Wishes: Dreams

5 months later

“Oh Marshal.~” Alder said.
“Yes Mentor?” A tan skinned man named Marshal walked in.
“Please be a dear and walk me home. Haha, No homo!”
“Mentor, are you drinking again?”

Marshal sighed.

“Well, right now it’s snowing. You can sleep on my bed.”
“Oh, thanks sonny~” Alder smiled.

Marshal grabbed his Mentor’s arm softly and take him to his bedroom. After finishing his task, he then went to the kitchen to grabbed some water. He slowly drinking it, but quickly skip it out when he heard a loud thud coming from one of the rooms.

Marshal ran upstairs to one room, to another room, to another. Before entering to the last room, which is the library, he heard another thud. He open the door and see books falling over, include a young woman.

“Shauntal, are you ok?” Marshal asked.
“Yes,” Shauntal answered.
“Sorry for the noise, Marshal. I was looking for a book.”
“It’s ok. Say, what the book you looking for about by the way?”
“Oh I’m glad you asked!”
“Who want to waste time of hearing Shauntal’s boring stories?” A young slim man said.

Marshal and Shauntal turn and see the slim man lending on the doorway.

“Oh Grimsley,” she said.
“I thought you was someone else.”
“Someone else?” Grimsley dumbfounded.
“Are you waiting for someone?”
“No, Caitlin told me someone is coming for some reason.”
“Oh, the new girl? I heard she from the Sinnoh region and have some such of powers.”
“Hey, quit gossip on her.” Marshal said.
“She still the youngest one from all of us. Therefore we have to be kind to her.”
“Wow Marshal, I never knew you so kind for the new girl.”

Marshal blushes, but never change his mood. Even though Grimsley and Shauntal notice the tan skinned man’s reddish cheeks, they begin to chuckle. Marshal immediately slap Grimsley by the back of the head.

“Ow!” Grimsley said.
“What did I do?”
“Gossiping, that’s what.” Marshal answered.

A room fill with light pink petals surrounding a bed, with a girl sleeping. The girl seem to be awake from her nap, or a half sleep. However her eyes begin to flow tear; and she doesn't know why. She stare at the window which snow continue to fall. Her tears also continue to fall when a drop of red liquid fall into the snow, follow by more after that. Her eyes begin to grow wider when two familiar faces are dying on the cold winter. Except one who is still standing, facing to the unclear figure.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” The familiar voice asked.

The unclear figure didn't answer, instead, it throw an object at the man to the forehead. Killing him instantly.

The girl suddenly stop, but tears still falling from the strange vision she had. She couldn't believe what she had experience, she never had a vision like this one before. The girl got out of her queen sized bed and walk toward to the window, nothing but clean white snow on her window. She smile a little as she stretches from her nap, till her door knock.

“Who is it?” She asked continuing stretching.
“ It’s us, Caitlin.” Shauntal answered.
“Us who?”
“Me, Marshal and Grimsley.”
“Oh, come in.”

Shauntal open the door and she, Marshal and Grimsley walk inside. Caitlin turn and greet them, they greet back. Except Grimsley.

“Hey Caitlin!” Shauntal said.
“We came to say happy 5 months in the elite team! Therefore, we’ll made gifts for you.”
“Oh wow,” Caitlin said in surprise.
“Thank you everyone.”
“Here, I wrote you a short story! I hope you like it.”
“Thank you, Shauntal.”
“Grimsley, you next.” Marshal said to Grimsley.
“What!? Why me? Not like your present is special.”
“Hey, that because I want to be last. Beside, your gift is a deck of cards Anyways.”
“Way to ruin the surprise, Marshal! Here.”

Grimsley give Caitlin a deck of cards.

“Maybe someday, we play a card game together.”
“Uh, thanks.” Caitlin said.
“Yeah, don’t. He cheat and he still own me money!”
“Shut up!!”

Marshal and Grimsley begin to fight, Caitlin and Shauntal are staring the two young men fighting like kids. Caitlin chuckles.

“Do they do this all the time?” She asked.
“Yes,” Shauntal answered.
“Grimsley’s family lost all of their money when he was young, now he’s a gambler. Even if he’s famous to his dark type Pokemon. Though, I don’t know much about Marshal, all he told me his parents weren’t there for him in his childhood. But don’t worry, he and Alder are like father and son to each other.”
“I see.”

The girls continue to stare at the fight, but of course, Marshal has the upper hand. He begin to pin Grimsley with his special fighting technique; sitting on his opponent’s back.

“UNCLE! UNCLE! I SAID UNCLE!” Grimsley yelled.
“Uncle? How old are you?” Marshal asked.
“Old enough to ask my uncle to kick your ass!”

Everyone turn to the doorway and see Alder lending on the door.

“Mentor!” Marshal said.
“What you doing out of bed?”
“Yeah, I vomit all over your bed, Marshal. Sorry about that.”
“It’s ok, Mentor. No hard done...”
“Anyways, how about we go out to celebrate Caitlin’s fifth month in Unova.”
“At this time and weather?” Shauntal asked.
“Yeah, I rather celebrate inside with a cup of hot chocolate.” Grimsley said.
“Fine, we’ll start off tomorrow morning.”
“Tomorrow morning?” Caitlin asked.
“Yeah, is there a problem?”
“Well... There’s going to be a snow storm in the morning.”
“Hmmm, very well, we’ll do it next month then.”

Alder left the room, following by the other members. Grimsley seem to be not happy at Caitlin of her made up story.

“I don’t know about you, but I think the new girl was lying.” Grimsley explained.
“What do you do said that?” Alder asked.
“Are you serious, Alder? Even I make better lies than that. She hiding something from us.”
“Grimsley, quit gossiping on her.” Marshal said.
“It’s not gossiping, it’s my theory of ‘Caitlin’.”
“Why did you say Caitlin like that?” Shauntal asked.
“Because, I think that isn’t her real name. She must be one of those psycho people with strange ability.”
“Grimsley, why you so mean to her?”
“Like I said, psycho with strange ability. Beside she too young to be an Elite Four member.”
“So, she’s only 14 and she may listen to us.”
“Shauntal is right. Caitlin could hear us and mentor choose her for her Pokemon battle skills. Right mentor?”
“Ehh... yeah...”
“Mentor, are YOU hiding something from us?”
“Ehhh... no....”

Silence went pass the 3 members as Alder try to speak.

“Oh coming on you guys,” Alder said.
“Not like I'm lying to you.”

Another silence went pass, but more awkwardly. Marshal sighs and walk out of the conversation.

“Where you going, Marshal?” Alder asked.
“Getting Caitlin’s present.” Marshal answered and continue walking through the halls.

Inside Caitlin’s room, Caitlin is sitting by the window and staring in space. After hearing Grimsley’s gossip, she begin to feel funny. So funny, she hearing voices.

“Why she’s an Elite member Anyways?” the voice asked.

Caitlin’s eyes grow in surprise of hearing a familiar voice, except there’s more than one. She try to cover her ears to resist, but the voices are getting louder.

“She’s doesn’t belong here,” one voice said.
“She shouldn’t be here,” another voice said.
“She shouldn’t be in the Elite Four.”
“Shut up...”
“What a strange girl.”

A strange breeze surrounding the room; picking up everything around in short range. And suddenly, throw across of the room in high speed. Almost cut the door in half. Suddenly, a loud sound came from the hallway. Caitlin walk to her almost half cut door and open it. The loud thud came from Marshal, who is still in shock from almost getting kill from a butter knife.

“Oh my gosh!” Caitlin said.
“I’m so sorry! Please don’t tell Alder about this.”
“Huh,” Marshal said.
“Don’t tell him what? I don’t think mentor won’t believe me.”
“Huh, he didn’t told you?”
“Told me what?”
“Oh dear, can you keep a secret?”
“Of course.”

Caitlin look around the hallway and request Marshal to come in. After explaining everything to him about her uncontrollable psychic powers, he cross his arms.

“I see. Though, you don’t have to keep it a secret from the others. It will hurt you. Beside, it not like it’s a problem, everyone in the world have the same problem as your. And some can use it for the good and so can you. I can see in your eyes; you didn’t have a well childhood.”

Caitlin didn’t response.

“Hmm. Can you keep a secret for me?”

The girl look up at Marshal, she never thought a big positive man have secrets of his own. The two elite members begin to share their secrets for almost an hour now, not knowing it be almost midnight. Caitlin went to sleep on Marshal’s lap when he about to tell her his final secret. He then pick her up carefully and carry her to her queen size bed. He smile.

“I don’t get it,” Marshal thought as he walk out of the room.
“She remind me a lot like myself...”

Marshal walk through the hallway and enter to his room for the night.

The white snow continue to fall outside, except the strong wind make it impossible to see. However someone is walking in the storm but trying to fight his way toward the Pokemon Center. Luckily, he made it and Nurse Joy greet him of welcoming him to the Pokemon Center.

“Hello Sir,” Nurse Joy said.
“Welcome to the Pokemon Center.”
“Oh, Hello.” The man respond.
“Do you need your Pokemon heal or rest for the night?”
“Oh yes, for the night. Thank you.”
“Excellent, It’s very quiet around here. Especially trainers challenge the Elite Four and the Champion and fail.”
“Oh no, I’m not a challenger, I’m just looking for a friend of mine.”
“Oh well, I hope you found your friend.”
“Thank you.”

The man took off his hood and reveal himself. Nurse Joy is surprise of seeing the man who happen to be Darach from the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. The pink-haired woman look puzzle of why a Frontier Brain came to Unova. Darach chuckle.

“You be wondering why I came all the way to Unova.” he said.
“Well, my ‘friend’, Lady Caitlin, came to Unova without her parents’ permission. Therefore, I’m here to take her home.”

Nurse Joy want to ask him why, but he abscond to the window and stare at the Pokemon League Tower. She isn't sure why they want Caitlin to come back home, but she doesn't want to be disrespect the royal family. Therefore, she walk away. Darach continue staring at the window.

“Soon, my lady.” he said.
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