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Things that you hate that everyone else loves

Not that it would count but: Nachos, melted cheese, and rap...possibly Pikachu.
Beer. I like another drinks, but I hate beer. My friends often bully me for preferring "girly drinks" :lol: (disclaimer: I'm adult. I know there's a lot of underage users in this forum, if it's your case, don't try... yet)
The boiling hot tropical sun, shopping in general, most local music and television and lots of noise. And have I forgot to mention shippings?I matured a lot recently, but I still think they're illogical, silly and boring things.
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Any type of soda, fried chicken, steak, soup, spaghetti, meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, tomatoes in general, milk, ketchup, hamburgers, meat loaf, roast beef, garlic bread and gravy.

Oh and boats/ships. I feel like I'm going to die when I'm on one.
Austin Mahone
Cody Simpson
Hunger Games
Beliebers crying because Justin Bieber is 18 (I do love Justin Bieber, I just cannot stand "Oh my gosh, Crying" when viewing his pics on Twitter)
Most YTP
Justin Bieber haters
Sorta Dubstep
Neighbors (TV Show) I prefer to watch Home and Away
Star Wars
My Little Pony
Annoying Orange
My uncle
Illuminati references
Parts of religion
and many more
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Selena Gomez
Internet memes (so retarded however I don't mind the troll face, it looks funny)
The Barney Bunch (They've gotten way out of hand, adding REAL people, bring back CLASSIC Drew Pickles, I don't go on Barney Bunch vids, only Drew Pickles cause he is FUNNY and ORIGINAL)
Itunes and other music purchasing sites (Why waste your money for a 3 minute song, gosh the internet's getting stupider)
Trial Programs (You have to pay for these aswell)
Surveys (You know why!)

Oh and about Drew, the barney bunch vids started a while after he was already around on the internet, they started to get more characters and form a group.
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Adele - I hear a lot of people on campus singing "Set fire to the rain" or "Someone like you" by Adele. I just don't care for her voice unfortunately. It's not that I hate her or anything; I guess it just doesn't amuse me.

Justin Bieber - When I first heard him, I was like "Puberty is gonna hit that kid like a freight train." I'm trying to grow more used to him with his newer stuff, but I still don't care for that music.

I may post more later

I just don't get the appeal, much less the addiction to it.

I just don't get the appeal, much less the addiction to it.
Similarly, I very rarely watch television now, and my television set has not even been connected to the mains outlet since a few months ago, I think.
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