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Things you’ve said but terribly out of context

“You can’t blame everything on your stuffed animal that doesn’t have a tongue!!”
"Use all the commands you want. I am a cactus and cannot be teleported."

"Isn't sashimi raw fish? Which means Tom just ate their fish-"

"He is not emo. He just doesn't have shoes."

"At this rate I'm gonna have like seven boyfriends!"

"That's cause everyone DOES look like Bluey's dad!"

"He do be likin' those transmitters tho"
This was from my mom: “are the proctors eating these dry erase markers or something….” (Note: she said this in Russian so this is a Lissi Translation TM)
My mom again a few minutes ago “ok so those proctors are definitely eating the dry erase markers”
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