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Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!

Cissy for the first two
and throw Kylie (cause i can), Elisa, Skyla, Sabrina, Tate and Liza, Caitlyn, and Cheren (if you count the promotional video as anime) off a cliff
Marry- Gary
Make Out With- Cilan <333
Throw off Cliff- Ash XD

Cassidy, Butch, and Harley- GO! XD
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Marry - May
Make out with - May
Throw Ash and drew of a cliff
Marry - Garry (he got a bit more mature in later series)
Make out with - Paul (I couldn´t stand him in longer relationship)
Throw Barry of a cliff (he is so hyperactive, he would survive)

Shelly, Tabitha, Raqyuaza
Marry Rayquaza
Make out Shelly
Kill Tabitha
I am gonna be honest dont care about the others except rayq
Cassidy, Butch, and Harley- GO! XD
Marry: Cassidy
Make Out With: Butch
Throw Off a Cliff: Harley (He creeps me out....badly.)

Misty, May, or Dawn? Go go go!
Marry: Dawn (I can't help it; she's so cute.)
Make Out With: May
Throw Off a Cliff: Misty (You better hope there's a lake at the foot of that cliff, girlie....!)

And just to be weird:
Bianca'a Minccino, Sekimoto's Darmanitan, Luke's Golett.
Marry: Luke's Golett
Make Out With: Luke's Golett
Throw Off a Cliff: Everyone else (....and just what were you expecting? This is me you're dealing with here! :lol:)
Ash's Totodile, Ash's Quilava and Ash's Bayleef! GO!

Marry: Ash's Bayleef
Make out: Ash's Quilava
Throw off a cliff: Ash's Totodile, with the assumption that there is water down there.

Shooti, Shooti, Shooti.
Shooti Shigeru Shinji.
Is it alright if we answer our own?
Because I really want to...

Marry: Gary
Make Out: Paul. I wonder what his reaction would be.
Throw off a cliff: Trip

Okay then, I guess I'll start where Jesashi left off...
Volkner, Lance, Steven Stone, Go!

Marry:Steven Stone hands down.
Make out: Volkner
Throw off a cliff: Lance

Jessie, Cassidy, Hunter J.
Jessie, Cassidy, Hunter J.
Marry: Cassidy (I must love abuse or something.)
Make Out With: Jessie (Mostly for the hair.)
Throw Off a Cliff: Hunter J. (Yeah, she'd try and be the dominate one in the relationship. No thanks.)

Now you need to name another three for the next person to use. I'll just use Trip, Bianca, and Georgia.

Marry: Bianca (Ditzy and cute, with a strong side. I like that.)

Make Out: Georgia (Very fiery. She can bust my Dragons anyday...)

Throw off a cliff: Trip (Surely you guys saw that coming? Maybe his big ego could break his fall...)

Now. Brock, Tracey, and Cilan. Fire away ppl.
Dialga, Lugia or Arceus

Marry: Arceus (it would lend me its powers and I could do whatever I wanted with the world)
Make out with: Lugia (I literally love it so of course I would do it)
Throw off a cliff: Dialga (I don't care much about it)

Elesa, Skyla, and Aloe.

Hard one... mmmhh...

Marry: Fuuro (a pilot girl, too awesome!)
Make out with: Kamitsure (she's so damn sexy and also, she looks like a robot chick. Yes, I like that kind of thing)
Throw off a cliff: Aloe (sorry about that, I actually like women that are older than me, but as a character she interests me less than the other two, so...)

Kamiture, Makomo, Araragi go! :p

Marry: Araragi (yes, I want to live with a scientist. I know I want to)
Make out with: Makomo (and I want to make out with a scientist as well)
Throw off a cliff: Kamitsure (she gets the cliff this time, unfortunately. Hehe)

OK, enough for now. I'll answer some others later. It's so funny!
Ignoring the above post.....
Okay, let's see...

Max, Barry, Burgundy

Just to be annoying. xP

Since I'm forced to answer this.....

Marry: Barry (not really)
Make out with: Burgundy (not really)
Throw off a cliff: Max (.............................................not really)

Drayden, Jessie, and the Darumaka from episode 8.
Guys, I think you're misunderstanding the rules. You're not forced to post another one or answer what the above user posted. You may answer as many of them as you desire, and if you want, you may post another one. However, if you are posting one, you also need to answer one (not necessarily the one above you). That's what the first post says.
@ Egoistical Machine- Okay, sorry about that.

Professor Oak, Professor Ivy, and Professor Elm!
I have no desire to make out with any of these, or any of the recently posted options really, so....

Throw off a cliff: Ivy
Throw off a cliff: Oak
Throw off a cliff: Elm

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.
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Marry = Bianca
Throw off a cliff = Burgundy
Cheat on Bianca by Making out with Georgia

Cilan's Stunfisk, Misty's Gyarados and Iris' Emolga.

zoophilia baby
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