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TINA's Nuzlocke Series

I head into Ilex Forest again, heading towards Osaka - sorry, "Goldenrod City". On the way, i meet one of the Kimono Girls again; she's lost in the forest. Fortunately, i am not lost for a change, so i show her the way out. I myself should head out too; i proceed onto Route 34, where i encounter a Drowzee. I catch it in one of those fancy poke balls Kurt made me because i'm out of regular balls, and i give it the nickname Yumenom. As i walk through this scenic grassland route, i come across Ethan talking to what seems to be his grandpa. Turns out the guy's grandparents run a pokemon daycare here. He introduces me to them, and the grandma immediately assumes we are a couple. Ew no, still a lesb. At this point, Ethan decides to give me his pokegear number; i appreciate it, but maybe don't do it in front of people who already think we're an item.

I see little point in having these folks raise my mons; i can do that myself just fine. I will make use of their PC though, to deposit Giggity and adopt Yumenom into the team. Sorry Giggity, but you share both your types with other team members and we need more variety. Can't train him here on this route though; the Rattata know Pursuit. So i just head on to Osaka and then immediately north onto Route 35; i'll go do the touristy things in town later. On this route, i encounter another Drowzee, which i proceed to catch and name Ludwig.

After i'm done training Yumenom up, i beat all the trainers here, as well as on route 36, where Africa evolves into Croconaw. That extra firepower may well come in handy for the upcoming gym. There's this weird tree in the way though, so i cannot progress further through the route. So instead, i decide to go and relax in the calming atmosphere of the National Park. While here, Yumenom headbutts some trees and a wild Ledyba falls out. I will name this little bugger Lady, but it will go to the box.

After hanging out in the park for some time to recharge my batteries, i decide it's time to head back to Osaka. I decide to visit the famous Radio Tower, which i saved from Team Rocket all those moons ago. They're handing out radio cards to people who can answer a quiz correctly, so i decide to try my hand and flex my amazing pokemon knowledge. This catches the attention of the gym leader Whitney, who asks me to come to her gym and challenge her. There's some other stuff i want to check out first though, like the city's underground path. In here, i run into Ethan again. Guy's pretty excited about dress-up corner down here, but that just seems like silly stuff to me.

The underground is less interesting than i remember, so i just beat up all the trainers. While i'm doing this, Khenarthi evolves into Pidgeotto; i hope we'll achieve the same levels of strength as Falkner's ace. After i beat all the trainers, i head out, but unfortunately, i can't find my way to the gym immediately in this giant city, and i stumble into the bike shop to ask for directions. Guy directs me towards the gym, and also gives me a free bike to advertise his brand. Eh, i prefer to walk. Time for the gym though. This is a normal gym, so no one will have to sit this one out. The puzzle here is to navigate a series of walls and platforms in the shape of a Clefairy. I eventually manage this and make my way to Whitney. She leads with her Clefairy and i lead with Sheeple. Metronome turns into Amnesia though, so i'm not doing much damage with thundershock. I switch over to headbutt, which just keeps flinching her, so eventually Clefairy goes down and Miltank comes out. I switch Dwayne in for this one; he's female so he will be immune to her attract. I start wearing her down, but Stomp does a lot of damage despite me resisting it, and Whitney uses a healing item once Miltank's health is down. I get her health into the red, but i'm in crit range at this point. So i switch to Africa as Whitney uses another healing item. Africa gets attracted right away and can't move because of it, so i decide that healing items are probs the way forward. I heal Dwayne, then i switch back to resume the war of attrition. Dwayne manages to take the big cow out, granting me the victory.

Whitney just acts like a big crybaby though, so i let her cry for a bit before demanding the badge. She informs me that a new facility is opening up next to the national park called the pokeathlon dome, so i might want to check that out later. For now though, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 18
Dwayne (Geodude) lv 20
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 18
Katie (Bellsprout) lv 18
Africa (Croconaw) lv 19
Yumenom (Drowzee) lv 19
Time to head north then, to this dome thing. On my way, i stop by the flower shop to pick up a Squirtbottle; never know when that will come in handy. In the city gates, this guy asks me to deliver a Spearow named Kenya to his friend on another route, but i resent being treated like an errand girl so i just steal the spearow. That'll teach him. Anyway, i head on toward the Pokeathlon dome; turns out this is some sports thing for pokemon. Maybe i'll be able to win some interesting prizes here in the future, but for now, i'm not particularly interested.

So instead i head over to route 36, which is still blocked by a strange tree. A girl here suggests that this tree might react strangely to water; good thing i picked up that Squirtbottle earlier. Turns out this tree is a Sudowoodo; it angrily attacks me in retaliation for me spraying it, but i manage to subdue and catch it; it will be named Arboria. I proceed north onto route 37, where i catch Tava the Pidgey, then i head on to Kyoto. In the pokemon center there, i run into my old friend Bill, though of course he does not recognise me. Guy tells me that he developed the box system in this region, and then asks me to come visit him in his house in Osaka. Guess i'll go do that once i can fly or something.

Sheeple headbutts one of the trees here, and a Ledyba falls out. This one will get the nickname Bugger. Time to go do the touristy things now; i'm in Japan's cultural capital after all. When i enter the dance theater though, i see that one of those team rocket goons is harassing the kimono girl performing today. So i beat up the grunt and he fucks off. One of the audience members who witnessed this thanks me and gives me HM03 Surf as a reward. So now we can all enjoy the show in peace without any crooks disrupting it.

After the show, i head out to explore this city's other landmarks. The Tin Tower is closed to anyone who does not have the gym badge, so i guess that one will have to wait. Instead, i head to the burned tower on the other end of town. Eusine is here, the Suicune hunter i met when i first traveled this region. I guess i did release Suicune for being ugly, so he can hunt the beast again now. He points me to look through the hole in the floor, and lo and behold, Suicune and his fellow beasts are here again. I walk towards the ladder down, but before i can head there, i'm spotted by that thief Eusine, who is no doubt here to steal the legendary mons. He wishes for us to again engage in battle, so i lead with Katie as he leads with Gastly. I immediately switch to Africa on a Confuse Ray, then he curses me and i finish him with a Bite. Next is his ace, Bayleef, so Katie comes back out. I poison him as he sets up a reflect, then i spam Wrap as he wastes all his PP for Synthesis, just like last time. However, this time, after the Synthesises run out and Bayleef gets to low health, he opts to switch out to Zubat. Guess i'll switch too then, to Sheeple. Two thundershocks get the kill, and Eugene brings his Bayleef back out. I bring Katie back out, and Wrap him as he sets up reflect. This kills a turn later, so Eugene sends out his last pokemon, a Magnemite. This is a job for Dwayne, who kills with a Magnitude 7 despite the Reflect still being up. Guess i'm still the stronger one.

I take another step towards the stairs, when a Rattata suddenly attacks me. I thought i had repels up, but apparently i didn't. So anyway, i catch it and nickname it Cheese. I head downstairs to see the beasts up close, but they flee as soon as i approach, with Suicune staring at me and Yumenom a bit before it leaves. Eusine then comes downstairs to see the whole ordeal, but unfortunately for him, he was too late; Suicune is already gone.

I'm not yet strong enough for the gym, so i decide to get some training in. During this training, Katie becomes a Weepinbell. I continue training for a while, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Yumenom (Drowzee) lv 21
Katie (Weepinbell) lv 21
Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 21
Africa (Croconaw) lv 21
Dwayne (Geodude) lv 21
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 21
Time to challenge the gym. This is a ghost gym, but Yumenom has a role to play here so no one is sitting this one out. The puzzle here revolves around the fact that the candles illuminating the area will go out upon beating the trainers, so i have to navigate in the dark. I eventually manage this and get to the gym leader. One look from Khenarthi tells me all i need to know; we're ready. Morty leads with his Gastly; Gust does just under half as he mean-looks me, then i bring him to the red as he uses spite. Morty opts to heal here, but one turn later, i get the crit and he goes down. Next is the first Haunter; I don't know which one this is, so i just stay in. It turns out to be the lower-leveled one, so i opt to bring Yumenom in on a Hypnosis. Haunter then curses Yumenom, so i switch back and forth to Sheeple to get rid of the curse. Haunter uses Nightmare, but Yumenom just immediately wakes up and brings him to the red with confusion. I'm unfortunately put right back to sleep and placed under another nightmare, but Haunter throws the match by cursing himself to death, leaving Yumenom with 3 HP. Gengar is next, so Khenarthi comes back and whirlwinds him out as he mean-looks me. This brings out the Haunter, whom i also whirlwind out as he mean-looks me. I was hoping for some sucker-punches, but this strat doesn't seem to be working. My whirlwind fails against Gengar the next turn though, allowing him to put me to sleep and waste some Sucker Punch PP. When i wake up and whirlwind Haunter back in, i opt to swap out to Africa on a Mean Look. Africa gets subjected to two night shades, but that doesn't stop bite from 2HKOing. Lastly, Gengar comes back out, and so does Khenarthi. I spam ineffectual Whirlwinds to stall him out of Sucker Punch PP, then once he can no longer hurt me in any way, i start slowly but surely chipping his health away with gusts. A million years later, the Gengar goes down and the badge is mine.

This badge allows me to finally see the Tin Tower. As i walk along the Bellchime Trail and enjoy the view of the tower among the autumn leaves, i realise just how beautiful this city really is. The tower's inside, while not as pretty as the exterior, is also definitely worth a visit. There's tons of statues of the legendary rainbow pokemon Ho-Oh, as well as an impressive central column similar to the one in Sprout Tower. Unfortunately the higher floors are not open to laypeople, so once i've taken my pictures, it's time to head out again.

I've done all the touristy things in Kyoto, so i opt to head due east. As i'm admiring the view of the majestic Mt. Mortar, a hiker runs out of one of the caves and bumps into me. As an apology, he gives me HM04 Strength, which i proceed to teach to Dwayne; can't use it for some time though. I decide to go and explore this cave complex myself, and catch a Machop in the process. Machop will be named Matcha, but unfortunately i cannot fully explore this cave complex without the ability to climb waterfalls, so i'm coming back later. I go back to route 42 to enjoy the view from the outside, but while i'm traversing the water to get a better view, i'm attacked by a wild Seaking. Fortunately, i manage to trap it in a great ball; it will be nicknamed Pudge.

When i'm done looking at the mountain, i head east into Mahogany Town. Gym's closed though, and there's not much else to do in town, so i figure i might as well head north toward the Lake of Rage. En route, i encounter one of Sheeple's kin, a Flaaffy. I'll name this one Woolly. When i reach the lake, i notice something strange is going on: an oddly-coloured Gyarados is rampaging across the lake. Normal gyarados are blue, but this one seems to have retained the colour from when it was a Magikarp. When i try to examine it more closely though, it attacks me, so i try to catch it. I am unsuccesful though, and i end up having to flee to prevent this monster from killing my pokemon. I do find a scale the beast has discarded though; someone might want to trade me something useful for this.

When i get back to shore, i see that the champion Lance has arrived on the scene, and that he saw that whole embarassing ordeal. He did see some level of skill though, so he asks me to join him in getting to the root cause of that strange gyarados's behaviour. He thinks it's being caused by a radio broadcast from Mahogany. Guess i'll be heading back. For now though, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Katie (Weepinbell) lv 22
Yumenom (Drowzee) lv 22
Dwayne (Geodude) lv 22
Africa (Croconaw) lv 23
Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 23
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 24

Yes, i know this game calls it the Bell Tower. No, i'm not going to call it that. i was introduced to the region in gen 2, so this will always be the Tin Tower for me. I don't get why they changed it anyway.
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I make my way back to Mahogany to meet up with Lance. In the town's souvenir shop, i find Lance straight up murdering a guy with his Dragonite's Hyper Beam. The other guy here, scared out of his mind, reveals the secret stairs that leads into a Team Rocket base here. So i just barge in with Katie at my side, and we take out hordes of grunts. I set off a trap that summons a Koffing, but unfortunately it blows itself up before i can catch it. Further into the hideout, Lance and i discover that in order to get into the generator room and shut off the radio signals, you need a special password, with voice recognition. The person whose voice we need, Petrel, is in a locked room though, and we need two password to get in there. So i continue making my way through the rocket base like a bull in a china shop, beating up everyone i come across. Eventually one of them tells me one of the passwords: Slowpoketail. Then however, disaster strikes. A raticate's Hyper Fang did a lot more to poor Katie than i thought it would, and it ends up killing her. Rest in peace Katie, you did a lot for the team, and we won't soon forget your sacrifice.

To get Katie's replacement, i trek all the way back to Osaka. There, i meet up with my old pal Bill, and he gives me an Eevee that came over the GTS he has just set up. I nickname it Buika, but this eevee is actually not the reason i am here. No; i am here to trade Ludwig the Drowzee for Muscle the Machop in the department store. Since i'm traveling back anyway, i decide to also go and find a buyer for my Red Scale; i think Mr. Pokemon might be interested. I was right; he does want it, and he actually offers me a functioning Ext Share in exchange. Muscle will be holding this as i clear out the rest of Team Rocket's base.

When i get back into the base and start beating up rocket grunts again, i run into Eugene. Guy was apparently beaten up bad by Lance, and then told to love his pokemon more. Whatever, that guy doesn't really concern me. I've since found the second password, Raticatetail, so i can get into Admin Petrel's office. Guy's dressed up as Giovanni, but i immediately see through his ruse. He is unwilling to cooperate, so i have no choice but to take him on in battle. He leads with Zubat and i lead with Sheeple. Two thundershocks zap him from the sky, though i am confused now. So as he switches to Koffing, i send out Khenarthi and start chipping away. I fortunately manage to take him out before he blows himself up, and last is Raticate. Dwayne is probably the best man for this job; two Digs later and the big rat lies dead. This experience gives Dwayne the last push it needed for evolution; we now have a Graveler on our team.

Petrel is still not willing to cooperate, and runs off. All is not lost though. His Murkrow heard him say the password, and is able to perfectly mimic his voice. The murkrow runs off, constantly repeating the password in Petrel's voice, and it accidentally opens the door to the generator room in this way. Before i can get in though, i'm stopped by Admin Ariana and a grunt, but fortunately Lance comes in at just the right moment and we engage in a double battle with them. I lead with the newly-evolved Dwayne and lance leads with his Dragonite while the opponents send out Arbok and Drowzee. Lance immediately goes for fly, causing Arbok's move to miss as i bring both opponents to half health with magnitude 7. Drowzee's Headbutt does next to nothing to me, so the next turn, lance kills the arbok while i kill the drowzee. Our next set of opponents are Murkrow and Grimer; i decide to go for a Dig on the grimer while Dragonite's Thunder one-shots Murkrow. This was a horrible mistake though; Gloom comes in and Mega Drains me to death as i come back above ground. Dwayne, i'm sorry. You were essential in beating Bugsy and Whitney; i'm sorry i let you down like this. Khenarthi comes in, but she doesn't even get her vengeance as Dragonite's Fly kills the ugly flower.

The only way to turn off this infernal machine is to make all the electrodes powering it faint. So i do this, then i decide to take some time to mourn my fallen teammates. I'll decide who will replace Dwayne next time.
My current team:

Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 25
Africa (Croconaw) lv 24
Yumenom (Drowzee) lv 24
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 25
Muscle (Machop) lv 20

Not happy with how i played today. not happy at all.
Giggity the Wooper is coming back on the team. Since Muscle is now strong enough to fend for himself, Giggity will be holding the EXP Share until he is also ready. I'm not yet ready to face the gym here though, so instead i decide to head back to Kyoto, and then west from there. On route 38, i catch myself a Meowth, which i will nickname Razum-dar. I proceed on past the fences, when a guy named Baoba suddenly starts talking to me. Guy apparently used to run the Safari Zone in Fuchsia, but now he runs one in Cianwood. We exchange phone numbers so that he can tell me when it opens, then he just heads off. That was strange; why would you contact one random girl about that who isn't even anywhere near the facility? Eh, no matter.

I find a Miltank farm here on Route 39, but one of the cows appears to be sick. So i give it all my Oran Berries, with the promise to return once i find more. Nothing to do but head on though; I catch another Meowth here on the route and name it Kharjo, then i proceed onward to Olivine City. Though upon arriving in this port town, i spot Eugene coming out of the gym; the gym leader apparently isn't here because she's taking care of a sick pokemon in the city's famous lighthouse. The lighthouse is one of the city's most famous tourist spots, so i was planning on heading there anyway. Before i head there though, i look around town a bit, and a guy actually gives me his Good Rod. I of course want to try out this new toy immediately, and i fish up a Magikarp, which i nickname Poisson.

Time to head into this city's biggest, most famous attraction: the lighthouse. Lots of trainers here, but i'm determined to make my way to the top and enjoy the view. During this ascent, Giggity evolves into Quagsire, so i think it's time to take away the EXP Share and let him fight for himself. At the top though, i find Jasmine caring for the sick pokemon Amphy; it needs medicine from the pharmacy in Cianwood, but Jasmine can't go because Amphy cannot be left unattended. I can't really enjoy the view knowing that this place is in such a crisis, so i guess i'll head out to Cianwood to get that medicine myself. Pretty strange that the Miltank at the farm and this Ampharos got sick around the same time; hope there isn't another outbreak of Pokerus upcoming.

So i head onto Route 40 and set sail. Along the way, i find a Tentacool and catch it. This little guy shall be named Hentai. Further south, on route 41, i throw out my rod again and catch a Shellder, whom i shall nickname Kokkel. I wish i had the time to admire the naturab beauty of the Whirl Islands located on this route, but Amphy needs its medicine quick, and the whirlpools here prevent me from approaching anyway.

When i hit land in Cianwood City, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Giggity (Quagsire) lv 25
Africa (Croconaw) lv 25
Yumenom (Drowzee) lv 25
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 26
Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 28
Muscle (Machop) lv 25
I head to the pharmacy immediately and get the medicine, but since i'm here in Cianwood anyway, i decide to look around a bit and enjoy this city's pleasant beaches. While i'm hanging around, a guy gives me a Shuckle named Shuckie, hoping that i can protect it from thieves. Giving away a pokemon because you want to keep it isn't the best strategy, but whatever. I adly smash a few rocks, when a pokemon suddenly pops out of one. It's a Krabby; i catch it and name Tamatoa. In the north of town, i actually run into Suicune again, but he promptly runs off across the water. Eusine saw it too though; he seems to think he can get Suicune's respect by battling me. I don't think that'll work, but whatever. He leads with Drowzee and i lead with Africa. Two bites kill him as he flinches, and next is Electrode. This job of course goes to Giggity; my mud bombs do way more than his sonicbooms, so he goes down with ease. Last is Haunter and i switch to Khenarthi. He mean-looks me and puts me to sleep, then he puts a curse on me. That's all he can do to me, so once i wake up, i launch a few more gusts and kill him before i even need to heal.

I may have beaten Eusine, but i don't think i'm strong enough to take on the gym yet. So it's time for some training. During this training, Yumenom evolves into Hypno, which will be very good when fighting the gym here. When Muscle also evolves, into Machoke, i decide it's time to take on the gym. This is a fighting gym, so no one will have to sit this one out. The puzzle revolves around fighting my way through the gym trainers to turn off the waterfall Chuck is meditating under. With the waterfall gone, Yumenom and i can finally get Chuck's attention. He leads with his Primeape and starts Double Teaming, but Yumenom hits straight through that with a psybeam that does half and confuses. I do get hit by a Leer and a Rock Slide, but then the big ape goes down. Chuck's other pokemon is Poliwrath, and i opt to send out Sheeple for this one. He puts me to sleep though, so i have to switch Yumenom in on a Focus Punch. I see few options but to heal as he starts throwing Body Slams my way. His damage output is greater than mine, and he likes to put me to sleep, so i have to keep on healing. I hit him with a poison gas, but even the poison doesn't make my damage output greater than his. Eventually though, a body slam paralyzes me, meaning i can no longer be put to sleep. This is not enough to give me the upper hand though, as Chuck has no less than two Hyper Potions to use here, so i am forced to switch to Khenarthi on the turn that the poison kills the Poliwrath. Five badges in hand.

The moment i step outside the gym, Chuck's wife comes up to me and gives me HM02 Fly, to reward me for my feat of strength. I immediately teach said HM to Khenarthi, but then it's time to call it a day.
My current team:

Yumenom (Hypno) lv 28
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 28
Africa (Croconaw) lv 28
Giggity (Quagsire) lv 28
Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 28
Muscle (Machoke) lv 29

I really should have put the Poliwrath to sleep, but it was already poisoned when i thought of that.
With this new HM move, Khenarthi flies me back to Olivine and i hand the medicine to Amphy, healing it up. This allows Jasmine to resume her gym leader duties, but i'm not challenging her just yet. You see, just as i step outside the lighthouse, i get a call from Baoba , stating that he has opened a Safari Zone to the west of Cianwood City. This seems like something i'll want to check out, so i fly to Cianwood and head through the Cliff Edge Gate to Route 47. This cliffside route has three levels, connected by the Cliff Cave. This is probably one of the fairest, most scenic routes in all of Kansai; I'd definitely recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in this region. In the aforementioned Cliff Cave, i catch a Machop and name it Spier. As i'm exploring further though, a horrible tragedy occurs. In a double battle against a Magmar and an Electabuzz, they both team up on Muscle, and the electabuzz landed a crit, which meant he was killed from full health. Rest in peace Muscle; you weren't with us for long, and you didn't really leave your mark on any important battles, but we will miss you nonetheless.

Out of frustration, i headbutt one of the trees, and an Exeggcute comes falling out. This exeggcute will be nicknamed Oeuf, and it will serve as death fodder until i have cleared these routes; i'll decide who will join the team at that point. I proceed on to the riverside route 48, where i run int a Vupix. I of course catch this little bugger and name her Kagamine. Further north, i finally reach the Safari Zone Gate, where i catch Olw the Hoothoot by headbutting the trees. Then it's time to play the safari game; i head into the zone, looking for my capture. I encounter a Nidorino in this zone, which i manage to capture in my first ball. It shall be nicknamed Oswald.

I guess it's time to fill up the empty slot on my team now. This space will be taken by Kagamine the Vulpix. Rather than train it up now though, i opt to go and spend some bonding time with my pokemon in the Pokeathlon. After winning in all five categories, i exchange the points i earned for a fire stone, which they have because today is totally a tuesday. I evolve Kagamine immediately using this stone, into the mighty Ninetales. Time to actually start training now.

Some training later, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 26
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 29
Sheeple (Flaaffy) lv 28
Africa (Croconaw) lv 28
Yumenom (Hypno) lv 29
Giggity (Quagsire) lv 28

My rules say i can't fuck with the time of day to get certain encounters. They don't say i can't fuck with the day of the week to get pokeathlon rewards. I wish i had thought of this when Katie the Weepinbell was still alive.
As i proceed my training, Sheeple evolves into Ampharos, but i don't think i'm gonna have her power a lighthouse. Nope, she's staying right here in my party. Some time later, my starter Africa also reaches its final stage, the mighty Feraligatr. At this point, i decide i've trained enough for now, and it's time to head to Jasmine's gym. This is a steel gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. There is no puzzle, and even the gym trainers just let me pass through without a fight, as thanks for helping Amphy in the lighthouse. So me and Kagamine just walk straight up to Jasmine and challenge her. She leads with Magnemite, but one flamethrower is enough to take him out. Her ace Steelix is up next, so i opt to send in Giggity, who outspeeds and takes it out with a crit surf. Last is her second Magnemite; Giggity stays in and kills the thing with a mud bomb for an easy victory. I get the sense that Jasmine went easy on me as thanks for my help healing Amphy, but i digress. The badge is mine either way.

With that, i fly over to Mahogany to immediately challenge another gym. This is an ice gym, so Khenarthi will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm bringing Aaravos the Weedle, as death fodder. The gym puzzle here involves the ice sliding puzzles popular in ice-type gyms, though this time i have to push blocks around on the ice. I eventually manage this, and me and Sheeple get ready to face off against Pryce. He leads with Seel, and i bring him to the red with thunderpunch as he lowers my speed with icy wind. Pryce opts to heal here, but a crit the next turn gets me the kill. Next is Piloswine, which is a job for Giggity. He sets up hail and causes my Surf to miss, then he launches a blizzard that does over half as my surf does over half to him. I decide that switching in Africa is wisdom, but he gets frozen solid by the blizzard upon switching in. I opt to sack Aaravos here to get Kagamine on the field, but my Flamethrower misses and Mud Bomb does almost half. I am at crit range here, but the hail stops, meaning i will no longer miss. My flamethrower brings him to the red as he sets up hail again, and my next flamethrower misses. Hail and Mud Bomb leave me with just 5 HP, so i am forced to heal. Fortunately though, he misses for once, so i can safely hit another flamethrower and get the kill. Last is Dewgong, so i send Sheeple back out. Aurora Beam doesn't do a lot to me, so i two-shot him with Thunderpunch. Seven badges in hand, one to go.

The moment i step outside, i get a call from professor elm, saying there's something strange going on with the radio broadcasts. I'll check that out next time though; for now, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 30
Yumenom (Hypno) lv 30
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 31
Giggity (Quagsire) lv 31
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 30
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 32

I just realised that you can buy pokemon from the game corner; rules have been updated to reflect my policy on those.
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I head for the radio tower, but they won't let anyone in who isn't Team Rocket. So i start looking around town for a disguise, and in the underground path, i come across a rocket who thinks i'm a new member for some reason, and gives me a rocket uniform. With this disguise, i head in, though the moment i do, Eugene comes charging in, berates the guard and blows my cover. As such, i am forced to beat up the guard. To make matters worse, Eugene won't even help defeat the rockets; i'll just have to charge in and beat them all up myself. I mak my way through, but i eventually come across a locked door; only the director can unlock this one. Guess i'll have to rescue him; he's apparently further up. When i finally reach him though, it turns out that this is rocket admin Petrel in disguise. Guess i'll have to beat him up so he'll tell me where the real director is. He leads with Koffing and i lead with Yumenom. One psybeam is enough for the kill, and up next is his Weezing. I opt not to switch, and i land a hypnosis. This hypnosis allows me to two-shot with psybeam without fear of an explosion. Petrel then proceeds to throw hordes of Koffing at me, but they all meet the same fate as the first one.

Petrel now sees he has no options but to talk, so he tells me the real director is stashed in the warehouse at the far end of goldenrod tunnel. I even manage to get the basement key off of him. So it's time to head down. On my way to the warehouse, i run into a kimono girl again; this really isn't a safe place for performers to just hang around. Fortunately, i can get her to leave before she ends up in the crossfire, and i head into the warehouse. Here though, Eugene comes up to me and tells me he's been tailing me, hoping to find Lance. I have no idea why he thought Lance was here. Anyway, he wants to battle me now, so he sends out his Golbat and i lead with Khenarthi. He gets a crit Air Cutter in as i do less than half with Fly, so i opt to switch for Sheeple, just as he switches for Magnemite. This leads me to switch again, into Giggity this time. One mud bomb takes him out as his supersonic misses. Meganium is up next, but Katie is no longer with us so i cannot cheese this fight. I opt to send out Kagamine, who two-shots with Flamethrower as Meganium sets up a reflect. In comes Haunter, and i send out Africa. He confuses me, but that doesn't stop crunch from 2HKOing. Golbat comes back, as does Sheeple, and i take him to the red as reflect wears off. A critical bite does less than half, and my next thunderpunch gets the kill. Last is Sneasel, so i decide Kagamine should take the field again. Flamethrower brings him to the red, and another one grants me the kill and the victory.

Eugene finally starts to see that loving his pokemon really is important, but that's not really important right now. Back to stopping Team Rocket. I fight my way through hordes more grunts, and finally find the real director. He gives me the card key, so now i can reach the top floors of the radio tower and drive off the rest of Team Rocket. On the way to the top, Admin Proton challenges me; he leads with Golbat and i lead with Sheeple. He confuses me and i hit myself a few times, but eventually i snap out and two-shot him. His other pokemon is Weezing, but this one doesn't know selfdestruct. So i send out Yumenom and two-shot him. On the next floor, admin Ariana is awaiting me, so i'll have to face her too. She leads with Arbok and i lead with Giggity. Mud Bomb two-shots, and next is her Vileplume, so i send Kagamine out. Two flamethrowers get the kill as he just wastes time with Sweet Scent, so last is Murkrow. This is of course a job for Sheeple, and one Thunderpunch later, victory is mine.

This clears the way to the elevator leading to the observation deck. Unfortunately, we don't have the time to enjoy the view over Kansai; we have to take on the team rocket admin running the show. His name is Archer, and he's apparently doing this to try and get Giovanni to come back. He leads with Houndour and i lead with Sheeple. Fire Fang doesn't do a lot and Static paralyzes, allowing me to two-shot. Up next is his strongest pokemon, his Houndoom. I decide that Giggity is the man for the job; my surfs do half while his bites do about a third. I do opt to risk a crit here to get the two-shot, but it pays off. Last is Koffing, so Yumenom does what he did to so many koffings before. It's not a one-shot this time, but the Koffing gets confused and kills himself in confusion, getting me the win. And with that, Archer gives up his pursuits and disbands Team Rocket. Again. Let's hope they finally stay dead this time.

After my victory, the director comes up to the observation deck and gives me a Silver Wing. They apparently found it at the site where this tower was built. Whatever; i think i'll just enjoy the view from up here, and then call it a day.
My current team:

Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 32
Giggity (Quagsire) lv 33
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 33
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 34
Yumenom (Hypno) lv 34
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 32

I thought Silver was further into the warehouse. Hence why i did not prepare an appropriate lead.
With the rocket threat taken care of, i decide to visit some old locales before i head on. Sheeple though does not approve of me going back to Violet City and violently headbutts the trees in protest. This causes a Hoothoot to fall out, which i catch and name Wol. Same thing happens in New Bark Town; this Hoothoot will be named Den Uyl. While i'm here, i show Kasumi the Togepi to professor Elm, and he gives me an Everstone as a reward for my hatching efforts. I then head to Cherrygrove City, whre headbutting the trees reveals a Pineco. This Pineco will be nicknamed 40. My last stop before i continue my journey is Union Cave. I clear out all the trainers in this cavern's basement, then i head out through the nearest exit and to my surprise, i find myself in the Ruins of Alph. While i'm here, i might as well catch a Natu, which i nickname Naughty.

After this, it's time to continue our journey. I fly back to Mahogany and head east onto Route 44. On this pleasant riverside route, i surf to an island in the middle and run into a Tangela there. This little buddy will be nicknamed FSM. At the end of this route though lies the Ice Path. In this freezing cavern, i catch myself a Delibird i name Santa before getting hopelessly lost. While wandering about though, i stumble on HM07 Waterfall, probably dropped here by some other unfortunate fool who wandered into this cave thinking they could just find their way to the other side without issue. I proceed wandering about aimlessly when i spot one of the Kimono Girls, who happens to be frozen onto the ice. Being the kind soul that i am, i give her a push from behind to free her, then we both head through the exit and find ourselves in Blackthorn City. Here, i use my good rod on the pool behind the gym, and i catch myself Tonijn the Magikarp. I'm not yet strong enough to challenge the gym here though, so i head south onto Roue 45 instead. At the south end of this one-way cliffside route, i headbutt some trees and out pops an Aipom. I catch this guy and nickname him Habilis. And with that, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 34
Yumenom (Hypno) lv 35
Giggity (Quagsire) lv 35
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 35
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 34
Khenarthi (Pidgeotto) lv 34
I'm still not strong enough to take on the gym, so i opt for some training.

When Khenarthi evolves into its final stage, Pidgeot, i decide it's time. This is a dragon gym, so Kagamine will not be of much use; it will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm taking Santa the Delibird, as death fodder. The puzzle here involves using platforms as boats across a sea of lava. Because of the unstable footing, my pokemon cannot stay outside their poke balls; Giggity will have to get back in. I eventually manage to make my way over to the gym leader, Clair. She leads with Gyarados and i lead with Sheeple. Her Dragon Rage doesn't prevent Discharge from killing, and next is the first of her Dragonair. I do not know which one this is, so i just send out Africa, who is equipped with a NeverMeltIce. Ice Fang does not get the one-shot, but it does get the freeze. This means that i can safely bring its health bac down after clair uses a hyper potion. Out comes the second Dragonair, and i opt to keep Africa in. I do not get a freeze this time, and Thunder Wave paralyzes me. I tank a crit Dragon Pulse, then i get the kill, though Africa is now at low health. Last is Clair's Kingdra, and i opt for Yumenom here. This is where things go horribly wrong though. Kingdra one-shots Yumenom with a critical hit Hydro Pump. I send out Khenarthi, but he falls to the same fate. Two crits in a row against me. I decide to send out Giggity next; he takes a Smokescreen, but hits through with Earthquake. Kingdra then opts for a Hyper Beam, which again crits and takes out Giggity. I send out Sheeple and my first Discharge paralyzes, but also activates his berry. At this point i try to sack Santa in the hopes that Clair would go for a Hyper Beam, but she goes for Smokescreen instead, meaning i've sacked him for nothing. I send Africa out and use healing items; there's little other options. I have to constantly dodge crits as i heal here, and i can only attack when he's fully paralyzed. Eventually though, Clair uses a Hyper beam on the wrong turn, leading her to recharge when she should heal up. This allows me to finish off the Kingdra and avenge my fallen comrades.

After this massacre, that bitch Clair won't even acknowledge my victory. She says i have to do some test in the dragon's den behind the gym. It's probably best if i train up some new team members first though. We will be joined by Kenya the Spearow, Buika the Eevee and 40 the Pineco. I train these new guys up a bit, then it's time to call it a day.
My current team:

Buika (Eevee) lv 15
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 37
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 36
Kenya (Spearow) lv 20
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 37
40 (Pineco) lv 3

That was some bullshit right there. Insane amounts of crits.
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During my training, Kenya evolves into Fearow and Buika evolves into Umbreon. I continue training for some time, then i call it a day.
My current team:

Buika (Umbeon) lv 27
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 38
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Kenya (Fearow) lv 27
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 37
40 (Pineco) lv 23
I continue my training, and 40 evolves into the defensive powerhouse known as Forretress. Some time hereafter, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

40 (Forretress) lv 32
Africa (Feraligatr) lv 38
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 33
Sheeple (Ampharos) lv 37
Kenya (Fearow) lv 33
With my training finally complete, i head into the Dragons Den and fish up a Magikarp, whom i shall nickname Wind Fish. Deeper in this subterranean den, i cross some whirlpools and find a quaint little shrine. This must be the place Clair wanted me to visit. After informing the priest inside that i do not waterboard my pokemon, Clair barges in and the old man chastises her for not giving me the badge immediately after our battle. She succumbs to his pressure and finally gives me the badge my team sacrificed so much for. Seriously, i hope she gets fired for this bullshit. After this, Clair storms out and the old man tells me a story of a pokemon called Lugia, who waits in the Whirl Islands for someone who holds a Silver Wing.

As i'm leaving, Clair tries to apologise for her behaviour, and gives me a TM. Whatever, i'm not forgiving her. This does make me realise that i dropped my TM case back in the shrine; as i go back, the old man decides to give me his Dratini. I will nickname this little guy Nessie. With that, it's time to head off. The moment i step outside though, i get a call from Professor Elm; guy has a gift for me. Guy actually got his hands on a Master Ball, and now he's just giving it to me as a present for obtaining all the Kansai badges. The professor and Ethan then tell me that the Kimono Girls are looking for me; guess i should head to Kyoto and meet them at their dance hall.

As i approach the dance hall, i notice Eugene leaving the place. Guy apparently had his ass handed to him by the girls. I'm sure i'll do better though. So me and 40 just head on in to see what the girls want. Apparently, they need someone with a strong bond with pokemon, to bring back the legendary Lugia. They've been watching everything from behind the scenes, from the Togepi egg to the fall of Team Rocket. Now though, they wish to test my strength. First up is Zuki and her Umbreon. 40 just doesn't take it out in two bug bites, and tanks a crit Dark Pulse, meaning i have to switch. Kenya comes in on a dark pulse and finishes it. Second is Naoko and her Espeon. I immediately switch Buika in on a psychic and two-shot with faint attack. Third is Miki with Flareon; Africa comes in on a Fire Blast and Surfs him down, though i do get burned in the process. Up fourth is Sayo with Jolteon. I opt to switch Kagamine in, but i get taken into crit range immediately so i have to switch out. Sheeple is the logical choice here, but she likes to set up Double Teams. To make matters worse, i get hit by a thunder wave, meaning Jolteon has now used all three the moves it needs before it can use Last Resort. This is really scary. Or so i thought. Turns out Jolteon's garbage Attack stat can't do shit to Sheeple. I do have to heal up though, since i keep missing. Since i have to heal anyway, i opt to also heal up some of the other guys to better be able to deal with the last kimono girl. Then i switch to Buika as i'm tired of missing everything, and i faint attack him down. However, my stupidity gets the better of me as i bring him to the red and try to kill him with quick attack, which of course misses. I've used up all my healing items, so i'm forced to switch back to Sheeple and try to hit through the Double Team, which works. Last is Kuni with her Vaporeon. Africa comes in on a Surf, but because of its burn, it can barely do anything and gets taken to the red. I'm going to have to sacrifice someone here. After much deliberation, i opt to let Kenya go down to bring Sheeple in. Sheeple brings Vaporeon well into the yellow, but i don't outspeed so i can't finish it. I fear Kenya will not be the last victim here. I make the difficult decision to let Sheeple go down so i can heal Africa's burn. Contrary to my expectations though, Crunch leaves Vaporeon with a sliver, and his Surf kills in return. Kagamine manages to avenge her fallen comrades though, killing the water-type with a flamethrower.

The Kimono girls give me a Tidal Bell as a reward, and a little girl tells us that Lugia has been sighted above the Whirl Islands, but i don't really care right now. I need time to mourn my fallen pokemon. Africa and Sheeple have been with us pretty much from the start, and i've grown to love Kenya too. Rest in peace, guys. I'm sorry.
My current team:

40 (Forretress) lv 37
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 36

I know, this was all on me
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My fallen teammates will be replaced by Kuwait the Zubat, Hentai the Tentacool and Woolly the Flaaffy. Before i train them up though, i should go check out the situation in the Whirl Islands. While exploring the dark, winding caverns beneath the islands, i run into a Zubat, which i catch and bestow the nickname Vlad to. In the depths, i show my silver wing to a guy, and he lets me pass. Not sure why there are security guards in a cavern like this, but whatever. I make my way to the deepest part of the cave, where i get to witness the kimono girls perform a beautiful dance to the tune of the tidal bell. This display of beauty draws the attention of the mighty Lugia; can't really blame it. So, in one swift motion, i throw my Master Ball at the mighty beast, and catch the lord of the seas. But it's ugly so i release it immediately.

Guess i should start heading for the Pokemon League next. I head to New Bark Town and set my course due east. When i hit land at the base of the Tohjo Falls, a guy informs me that i have just set foot in Kanto for the first time. Little does he know that this is actually my fourth time exploring the region. Whatever; I'll just head into the Tohjo Falls to admire the natural beauty of the tons of water crashing down the cavern's mighty waterfalls. While i am doing so, a Slowpoke walks up to me; we enjoy the view together for a bit, then i opt to catch the guy and name him Oe. It's time to head on though. I head onward to route 27, where i catch Pestrat the Raticate. I think this is a good place to start training up my new team.

A lot of training later, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

40 (Forretress) lv 38
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 38
Kuwait (Zubat) lv 8
Hentai (Tentacool) lv 16
Woolly (Flaaffy) lv 27
During training today, Woolly evolved into Ampharos, allowing it to fully take over Sheeple's old spot on the team. I continue training for quite a while, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Woolly (Ampharos) lv 35
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 38
Kuwait (Zubat) lv 8
Hentai (Tentacool) lv 28
40 (Forretress) lv 38
I continue my training; Hentai evolves into Tentacruel and Kuwait into Golbat. I proceed training it hoping it will become a Crobat, but after a while, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Kuwait (Golbat) lv 29
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 38
Hentai (Tentacruel) lv 32
Woolly (Ampharos) lv 37
40 (Forretress) lv 38
I proceed my training, and Kuwait finally evolves into Crobat. Instead of heading on towards the league though, i decide to head in a different direction: Mt. Mortar. Climbing through these caves will provide some nice cardio in preparation for the more majestic Victory Road. At the bottom, i actually run into an old friend: the karate king from the dojo in Kanto. He's come here for some solitary training, and wishes to challenge me to test his strength. Guess he doesn't know i'm the reincarnation of that trainer that beat him to a pulp several times already. Anyway, he leads with Hitmonlee and i lead with Kuwait. One Fly takes him out, and next is his other pokemon, Hitmonchan. I opt to give this job to Kagamine, who three-shots with flamethrower while tanking... Ice Punches? Guess he does not want to win. Anyway, after my victory, the guy congratulates me and gifts me a Tyrogue, which i nickname Ty Lee.

When i get outside, i spot Suicune among the apricorn trees here; i take this auspicious meeting as a sign that i should call it a day.
My current team:

Kuwait (Crobat) lv 38
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 38
Buika (Umbreon) lv 38
Woolly (Ampharos) lv 38
Hentai (Tentacruel) lv 38
40 (Forretress) lv 38

Really confused why the Hitmonchan went for ice punch when it knows the neutral thunderpunch. Not complaining though.
Time to finally make my way towards the league. I head through the Tohjo Falls and fight my way through the trainers on Route 27 until i reach Route 26. On this lush green route, i run into a Doduo, which i proceed to catch and name Meppel. I fight my way through all the trainers here too until i reach the final leg of this journey: the treacherous Victory Road. In this massive cave system, that's almost completely devoid of trainers for some reason, i run into an Onix, which i proceed to catch and name Stony. I make my way through, when towards the end, i finally do run into a trainer: Eugene. Apparently, he beat up all the other trainers in Victory Road and sent them home. Now he intends to do the same with me. He leads with his Sneasel and i lead with Hentai. His Faint Attack does less than a third and my waterfall does over half, so the next turn he's dead. Kadabra is up next, so i switch to Buika. Kadabra sets up Reflect as i bring him to the red, then he disables Faint Attack before i can finish him off. Guess i'll kill him with a quick attack instead. His ace, Meganium, is third, and i decide this is the perfect job for Kuwait. I take him down with a few Air Cutters as his petal dances do next to nothing, and reflect wears off. Magneton comes in fourth, so Kagamine comes out and nails the thing with a flamethrower. It's now time for Haunter, so i bring Buika out again. He confuses me, which is annoying as Buika hits itself four consecutive times before finally landing the OHKO on Haunter. Last but least is Eugene's Golbat, so i send out Woolly, who kills it with a crit discharge. Victory is mine.

Eugene seems to finally be coming to terms with the fact that you can't win without loving your pokemon. The folks in the pokemon league, however, do love their pokemon, so i fear i'll have to do quite a bit more training before i'm ready to take them on. I train for a while, then it's time to call it a day.
My current team:

40 (Forretress) lv 40
Kuwait (Crobat) lv 41
Buika (Umbreon) lv 40
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 39
Hentai (Tentacruel) lv 40
Woolly (Ampharos) lv 40
The time has finally come; I'm challenging the pokemon league. I step through the doors and get ready to face my first opponent, Will, the Psychic trainer. He leads with Xatu and i lead with Woolly. He pulls a me first and paralyzes me with Discharge, but then he dies. Second is Jynx, so i opt for 40. Jynx puts me to sleep, and two psychics do more than i expected, so i'm forced to switch Buika in on a psychic. Buika also gets put to sleep, but takes next to nothing from ice punch, so i just wait until i wake up and then kill with faint attack. It's now time to face Exeggutor, which is a job for Kagamine. One flamethrower is sufficient, so Slowbro comes out. I opt for Woolly here; Slowbro decides to spam curse for some reason, which only results in me outspeeding as i slam him with discharges. Will uses his healing item here, but i don't care. I take him out, and last is the second Xatu. Woolly stays in for this, but gets fully paralyzed as he brings me into crit range. So i swap out to Buika, who barely takes damage from Aerial Ace, but gets confused and hits himself twice, bringing his health dangerously low. Xatu is at half health now, so i opt to send out Kagamine and have her finish him off with a few flamethrowers. One down.

Second is Koga, the old gym leader of Fuchsia City, now turned Elite Four. He leads with his Ariados and i lead with Kuwait. A single Fly takes him out, and next is Venomoth, for whom i'm switching to Kagamine. Flamethrower brings him to the red as supersonic misses, so koga heals, but i bring his health back down immediately and kill him with another flamethrower. Forretress comes out and gets roasted immediately. It's then time for Muk, which means it's time for 40. He cannot hurt me, but i can barely hurt him and he likes to use minimize and has black sludge, so this gets annoying fast. I opt to start switching around to stall him out of everything as i'm not hitting him anyway. Eventually, he starts struggling and struggles himself to death, which means it's finally time for Koga's ace, Crobat. I send Woolly out, who hits through Double Team and brings him to a sliver, activating his berry. My second discharge hits too, getting the kill. Two down.

Fourth is Karen, the dark trainer. She leads with Umbreon and i lead with 40. She has a habit of double teaming and using confuse ray, but with three iron defenses, she can barely damage me. My bug bites don't often get through the double teams, but when they do, they do over half, so eventually umbreon goes down. Next is Houndoom, Karen's ace. This job goes to Hentai, who has been equipped with a choice specs. Surf only just misses out on the kill due to my adamant nature, but the second on kills. Murkrow is up thirdand does over half to Woolly due to a crit, but gets one-shot in return. Now it's time for Karen't scariest pokemon, Gengar. Buika comes out here and easily tanks a Focus Blast due to its held Chople Berry, but contrary to my expectations, Assurance does not get the kill. I switch Kuwait in on a missed focus blast, and he outspeeds and kills with bite. Last is Vileplume, so Kuwait stays in and brings it to the red with Fly, before being hit by Stun Spore. He can't hurt me though, so even though Karen heals, i still easily get the win.

Last up, it's time to face the champion, Lance. He thanks me for my help in taking out Team Rocket and pacifying the Red Gyarados, but now it's time to once and for all see who of us is the superior trainer. He leads with Gyarados and i lead with Woolly. His waterfall does just under half, and my discharge of course OHKOs in return. It's now time for the first dragonite, so i send out Hentai. This is his strongest dragonite, which shows as he survives a specs-boosted Ice Beam and OHKOs me with Outrage. This is very very bad. 40 comes in as he is outraging and hits two mirror shots that barely do anything. I then switch Kagamine in as he hits himself in confusion, and burn him with will-o-wisp just before he sets up safeguard. 40 comes back in on an outrage, and i heal up. Once outrage wears off, i switch back and forth to Kagamin as he hits himselfEventually, confusion and burn get the best of him, and he goes down. Charizard comes out, and i give this job to Kuwait. I hit a crit Fly, then i finish him off with a few poison fangs. Aerodactyl comes in, so 40 comes back out and shows off the move he just learned earlier this battle: Gyro Ball. This gets the one-shot, which means we're now looking at a second Dragonite. I opt to have Buika take the field; we both get paralyzed due to thunder wave and synchronize, but i missclick and go for headbutt. We do exchange good moves from there on out, but his damage output is greater than mine so i have to heal. I have to heal numerous times, in fact. During this process, i see that this is the dragonite who knows Thunder, which is very useful information. I kill him a few turns later, and out comes lance's last pokemon, another Dragonite. This job goes to 40; after paralysis, gyro ball does well over half, and victory is mine a turn later.

After my victory, Mary from the radio tower and professor Oak show up to interview the brand new champion. However, neither Lance nor i have time for this; we head into the hall of fame and leave the senile professor in Mary's care. This gives us some time to reflect on my victory, as well as the death of our beloved Hentai. Hentai may not have been able to do the job we specifically picked him out for, but we still appreciate the valiant effort he gave. Rest in peace, friend.

After the celebrations, it's time to head back to my home in New Bark Town. A few days later, as i head downstairs from my room, my mom tells me that professor Elm has a gift for me. So, curious what the professor will give me as a gift for becoming champion, i head over there and the professor give me an SS ticket. This ticket can be used to board a boat in Olivine and head over to Kanto. Pretty sure i've already been in Kanto, but whatever. Before we head aboard though, we should decide on a replacement for Hentai. I opt for Oe the Slowpoke, but rather than starting a training session, Oe will just be holding the EXP Share for now.

When i head into the harbor building, i find Professor Oak there. I don't know why he is here, nor does he i think, but he decides to upgrade my pokedex to the national dex. I really don't care though. Professor oak then says he is heading for Kanto, but rather than coming aboard with me, he heads off in the other direction. I phone the cops to they can help bring the poor guy home, then it's time to board. The moment i step aboard though, a panicked old man runs into me while looking for his missing granddaughter. I'll be on this boat for a while anyway, so i might as well help the poor guy. I search all te cabins, fighting tons of trainers along the way. When i reach the lower decks however, one of the sailors won't let me pass unless i find his colleague, who is slacking off somewhere. Luckily, i found a sleeping sailor in one of the cabins earlier, so i battle him to convince him to do his job. I beat him up and he goes back to work, so now i can resume my search for the girl. I find her in the captain's cabin, and she asks me to play hide and seek. I have plenty of time before we hit land in Vermillion, so i agree. I look around for a bit, but eventually i do find her and bring her back to her grandpa.

As the boat hits shore, i get off in Vermillion City and actually run into Suicune here. This auspicious encounter shows that it's time to call it a day.
My current team:

Buika (Umbreon) lv 47
40 (Forretress) lv 51
Kagamine (Ninetales) lv 47
Kuwait (Crobat) lv 48
Woolly (Ampharos) lv 48
Oe (Slowpoke) lv 25

Lots of tense moments in the league, but i'd say coming out with just one loss isn't too bad.
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