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TINA's Nuzlocke Series

Before i go challenge the gym, i decide to head south into the industrial Virbank Complex for some training. There, i pick up an awful stenchthat can only mean one thing: there's a Koffing nearby. I track it down and catch it so that the workers don't have to suffer through this, and i name it Big Smoke. This guy will make a nice addition to the team though. I train him up a bit, then i beat up all the trainers in the complex before training a lot more for the gym here.

After some training, i make my way to the gym, which doubles as a rock club. This is a poison gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. There's no puzzle here, but the music is so loud that Roxie cannot hear me as i challenge her, so i have to beat up some of her band members first. After that, i challenge Roxie herself; she leads with Koffing and i lead with Luke. My quick attack does very little unfortunately, and a crit tackle brings me into crit range immediately. This forces me to bring in Dro-mAthra, who manages to get a crit to take him into the yellow, but gets taken into crit range before she can finish it. I thus opt for a switch to Big Smoke for a Koffing vs Koffing showdown. We exchange Assurances for quite a while, but Roxie has a super potion up her sleeve, which she uses when her koffing falls into the red. I manage to bring her back down to low health, but then i fall into crit range so i opt for a switch to Il-il. She finally finishes this thing off with a crit, so it's time to face Roxie's ace, her Whirlipede. I switch Gortwog in for this task, and that absolute madlad scores a crit on his first ember. A second Ember takes the big wheel down, earning me my second badge. To make things even better, the excitement from beating the Whirlipede prompts Gortwog to evolve into its second stage, Pignite. You've earned it, buddy.

When i leave the gym, someone invites me to go to a place called Pokestar Studios. I think that's where Roxie's dad went. I really should not be making a name for myself here, but i see little harm in trying out a new hobby, as we have no leads on Team Plasma's activities anyway. When i get there, i have to suffer through an absolutely atrocious movie made by Roxie's dad; even he agrees that he absolutely sucks at being an actor and that he should return to being a boat captain. I'm still gonna try my hand at it though; a guy guides me to the filming studio, where i meet the former gym leader turned movie star, Brycen. I remember getting a badge from the guy all those years ago, but now's not the time to reminisce. Brycen will play the antagonist in my movie, which follows the same basic plot as the one the captain made except it's not god-awful.

In fact, my movie is a major hit, which is an indicator that i should not continue with this. My cover must not be blown. I must remain low profile in order to seek out Team Plasma. So it's probably best to head on to the next town. As i head for the ferry though, i find Remco and Roxie confronting some Team Plasma goons there. These grunts apparently think that N is a traitor who did not allow them to conquer all of the region. N was very wrong his ideals that pokemon are not slaves, but at least he eventually came to see that they are just tools of war. Anyway, we beat them up, and Roxie gives me HM01 Cut as a reward. We chase after them onto Route 20, where i catch up with and beat up another one. The joy of beating the shit out of this evil bastard is actually enough for Luke to evolve into the mighty Lucario. This time, we do manage to get some useful information out of them; they're travelling around by boat.

Remco suggests we head to the ports in Castelia City, but i'm gonna call it a day for now.
My current team:

Dro-mAthra (Purrloin) lv 16
Big Smoke (Koffing) lv 16
Il-il (Pidove) lv 16
Luke (Lucario) lv 17
Gortwog (Pignite) lv 17

Never expected Lucario to evolve so quickly. This'll be a great help going forward.
With the captain back to doing his job, me and Remco take the ferry to Castelia City in pursuit of the evil team. We see a strange sailing ship in the docks, but it's probably just some hobbyist. When i leave the docks and enter the city proper, a clown gives me a bicycle for some reason. Eh, it's no Miraidon, so i prefer to walk. He asks me to partake in something called the harlequin hunt; i have to find clowns in a number of specific places. I'm looking around town anyway to find team plasma, so i might as well.

I decide to go challenge the gym here in town, but when i arrive there, i find that Burgh has gone off to deal with some trouble. As i'm speaking with the guy here though, the Opelucid gym leader Iris shows up to complain to the gym guy that Burgh is always away. When i ask her about Team Plasma, she says she might have an idea of where they might be, and she leads me into the city's sewer system. At the entrance, i find Remco again, who has apparently also picked up on this lead. We decide to go and explore this disgusting place together, but we immediately run into a pair of Zubat. I opt to catch one of the guys and nickname it Keese. Sure enough, we find plasma grunts here; disgusting people in a disgusting place. After we beat the shit out of them, they flee, and the gym leader Burgh shows up and tells us he's cleared out the rest of the sewers. Remco then decides to give me his HM04 Strength as thanks for helping clear the plasmas here, and he heads off. A weird scientist-guy passes by and comments on the strength of my pokemon, but no matter. Burgh heads off, and now i'm free to explore this rat-infested sewer by myself. I actually manage to find an exit that leads to a secret garden, where i stumble upon an Eevee. I of course immediately fling a Quick Ball at it, and i bestow upon it the nickname Builara.

I'm not yet strong enough to take on Burgh's gym, so i head onto Route 4 to see if i can get some training in. There, i run into one of those Scraggy things, so i catch it and name it Asshole. This route seems to have undergone some significant changes since i was last here; the desert is mostly gone, replaced by a new Castelia suburb. However, as i'm beating up the fishermen here, a psyduck lands a crit Confusion on Big Smoke, killing him. I really should have known it would have that move.

After Big Smoke's funeral, i decide to take Keese onto the team. I'm moving my training grounds to the sewers though, to prevent similar accidents. While here, i find a secret passage to a cave system. I of course head inside to satisfy my curiosity, and i actually find a Drilbur there. These are very good pokemon, so i catch i and nickname it Johnny. I return to the desert for training, but i make a mistake and Dro-mAthra gets killed by a wild Darumaka. Entirely on me, wasn't even a crit. I continue training for a little while, but then i decide to call it a day and take some time to mourn those i've lost.
My current team:

Johnny (Drilbur) lv 18
Il-il (Pidove) lv 18
Luke (Lucario) lv 20
Gortwog (Pignite) lv 19
Keese (Zubat) lv 19
Asshole (Scraggy) lv 17

Things were going so well, and then i get two deaths that are entirely due to my own stupidity
During my training, Il-il and Keese both evolve into their second forms, Tranquill and Golbat, respectively. This extra power is probably enough to take on the gym here in town. This is a bug gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. The gym puzzle here revolves around navigating a network of cocoons and silk webs to find my way to the gym leader. I of course get lost, but eventually i do stumble my way to the top floor, where the gym leader Burgh awaits. He thanks me for my help in the sewers, but now it's time to do battle. He leads with Swadloon and i lead with Gortwog. One flame charge takes him out, and next is Dwebble. I opt to keep Gortwog in for this, and i hit another flame charge as he rock polishes. Because of the flame charges though, i am still faster, so he continues to rock polish as i hit another flame charge. When he finally does go for a Smack Down, it's too little too late, and i take him out with a third flame charge. It's then time for Burgh's ace, Leavanny, who goes down in a single flame charge, earning me the badge.

And with that, it's time to call it a day.
My current team:

Il-il (Tranqill) lv 22
Luke (Lucario) lv 22
Johnny (Drilbur) lv 22
Gortwog (Pignite) lv 25
Keese (Golbat) lv 23
Asshole (Scraggy) lv 17
I'm pretty sure we've driven all the plasmas out of the city, so i decide to head north. On my way out of the city, i run into the science guy who passed us by in the sewers. He tells me that Johnny displays more self-confidence than other Drilbur, whatever that means. Anyway, he introduces himself as Colress, and tells me that the focus of his research is bringing out the power in pokemon. He asks me to come to route 4 with him; i was headed there anyway, so i might as well. When we arrive there, Colress uses a strange device on the rocks blocking the way, which he explains are not actually rocks but rather a pokemon called Crustle. The moment he uses his device, they all get up and scurry away, allowing free travel north to Nimbasa.

Colress decides to test my abilities in battle now, so he sends out his Magnemite, and i send out Drilbur to protect myself. Dig brings him down to Sturdy as Magnet Bomb doesn't do a lot, so as Colress heals, i use a Metal Claw to break Sturdy. Another dig gets the kill, prompting Colress to send out his Klink. Johnny stays in for this one and one-shots it with another dig. Victory is mine.

With that, it's time to head on and progress through the route. However, as i'm traversing this newly-urbanized former desert, something horrible happens. An enemy Herdier sets up a work up while Johnny is underground, allowing a critical hit Tackle to one-shot the poor mole the next turn. Rest in peace Johnny, you had such a bright future ahead of you. This hits hard, but i have to press on, so i take Builara out of the box even though i'm not going to train her up right now. I progress through the route, but rather than heading into Nimbasa, i opt to pay a visit to an ancient tourist destination, the Desert Resort. Unfortunately a raging sandstorm hampers my view of the ruins here, but i do manage to catch a sandshrew and name her Christine. Christine will be taking Johnny's place on my team; Builara is out. I opt to switch train Christine against all the trainers here in the desert resort, and those inside the ruins themselves. I unfortunately do not encounter any wild pokemon in these ruins, but the trainers here do grant Keese the experience she needs to evolve into her final stage, Crobat.

After fully exploring the parts of the ruins accessible to me, i opt to continue on my journey to Nimbasa City. On my way, i pass through something called Join Avenue, and the owner of this place asks me to manage it for him. I have no interest in doing so though; it would just interfere with my goal of hunting down Ghetsis. So i just continue on to Nimbasa City, but rather than checking out the city's many tourist attractions, i decide to go and explore the adjoining routes. When i enter Route 5, I meet my old friend Bianca there, who gives me HM02 Fly to use. She then tells me about something called Hidden Grottos, which are places where one can find rare items or pokemon with abilities they normally do not have. She leads me to a nearby one, where we find a Minccino. This li'l guy will be named Mozart. Mozart has the ability Skill Link, which most Minccino do not have, so it will replace Asshole on my team. However, as i'm fighting the trainers here, things again go very very wrong. An enemy Sigilyph gets a crit against Luke that i could not play around. This hurts. Really bad. Luke was the strongest player on my team, and things will be a lot harder without him around. Rest in peace my guy, you were great.

Rather than replacing him right away, i opt to call it a day and take some time to mourn those i've lost.
My current team:

Christine (Sandshrew) lv 21
Gortwog (Pignite) lv 25
Keese (Crobat) lv 24
Il-il (Tranquill) lv 24
Mozart (Minccino) lv 21
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