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Today's Pokémon Japan Championships stream gives first official look at Stellar Miracle, the next expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game in Japan

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Stellar Miracle, releasing in Japan on July 19th
The next Pokémon Trading Card Game main expansion for Japan was revealed during today's Pokémon Japan Championships stream. The Stellar Miracle set will be released in Japan on Friday July 19th. Today's stream and the accompanying update on the official Japanese homepage has also given fans their first look at a selection of cards from this set, including a Pokémon ex card for Terapagos, originally introduced in The Indigo Disk expansion for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

As the set's name implies, it debuts Terastallized Pokémon with the Stellar type for the first time in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Cards of Terastallized Pokémon with the Stellar type have a unique distinction: their TCG type follows their usual typing, but they have special powerful attacks that require multiple different Energy types to power up. This this end, this set also introduces Trainer cards which ease these Energy requirements, such as allowing the player to attach extra Energy, or reducing the Energy requirements for attacks used by Tera Pokémon.

Images and translations for all cards revealed today can be found in the table below, and will be added on Bulbapedia shortly. Click on any card image to open the image in full size.
Card #Card ImageTranslation
SV7 076/102
Hoothoot HP: 70 :C:

:C: Triple Stab 10×
Flip 3 coins. This attack does 10 damage for each heads.

Weakness: :L: ×2
Resistance: :F: -30
Retreat: :C:
SV7 077/102
Noctowl HP: 100 :C:
Stage 1 - Evolves from Noctowl

Ability: Jewel Search
When you play this Pokémon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokémon during your turn, if you have a Tera Pokémon in play, you may search your deck for up to 2 Trainer cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

:C::C: Speed Wing 60

Weakness: :L: ×2
Resistance: :F: -30
Retreat: :C:
SV7 080/102
Rotom HP: 70 :C:

Ability: Fan Call
Once during your first turn, you may search your deck for up to 3 :C: Pokémon with 100 HP or less, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck. You can't use more than 1 Fan Call Ability during your turn.

:C: Assault Landing: 70
If no Stadium is in play, this attack does nothing.

Weakness: :L: ×2
Resistance: :F: -30
Retreat: :C:
SV7 081/102
Bouffalant HP: 100 :C:

Ability: Curly Wall
If you have any other Bouffalant in play, each of your Basic :C: Pokémon take 60 less damage from attacks used by your opponent's Pokémon (after applying Weakness and Resistance). You can't apply more than 1 Curly Wall Ability at a time.

:C::C::C: Boundless Power 130
During your next turn, this Pokémon can't attack.

Weakness: :F: ×2
Resistance: None
Retreat: :C::C:
SV7 088/102
Terapagos ex HP: 230 :C:
Basic - Tera

:C::C: Union Beat 30×
This attack does 30 damage for each of your Benched Pokémon. If you go second, you can't use this attack during your first turn.

:G::W::L: Crown Opal 180
During your opponents next turn, prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from Basic non-:C: Pokémon.

Weakness: :F: ×2
Resistance: None
Retreat: :C::C:
SV7 094/102
Sparkling Crystal
Pokémon Tool - ACE SPEC

The attacks of the Tera Pokémon this card is attached to cost 1 less of any type of Energy (but only 1 Energy at a time).
SV7 097/102

Search your deck for 2 basic Energy cards of different types and reveal them. Put 1 of the cards into your hand. Attach any remaining cards to your Pokémon in any way you like. Then, shuffle your deck.
SV7 102/102
Area Zero Underdepths

Each player can have 8 Benched Pokémon if they have a Tera Pokémon in play.

(When this card leaves play, or when you no longer have a Tera Pokémon in play, discard Benched Pokémon until you have 5 Pokémon on the bench. The player who played this card discards first.)
Some translations in this article provided by @C.Ezra.M


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