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Transform! The Hero of the Sea, Palafin! - Pokémon Horizons Episode 42 Review - Form Change of the Seas!

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A collage of screenshots from this episode, showing Roy and Liko on the beach; Palafin; a buff Ludlow with a Dive Ball; and Palafin in its Hero Form
What did I just watch? Was this a Pokémon Horizons episode or a superhero flick? Whatever it was, I want to see more! I think this week's episode was really fun, and I feel like they should make something similar in the future! This was definitely an interesting way to write a beach episode for a Pokémon anime show!

I think this episode was a nice way to introduce Palafin! As it's based on a superhero, it goes around undercover but when someone needs help, it transforms! The transformation sequence was never shown in the game, as the transformation requires it to use Flip Turn to have it return back to its Poké Ball and summon it again for it to become the Hero Form. I like how that mystery of it also applies in the anime; it’s a secret, but Palafin shows it to Liko because it could tell she is a good person and won’t tell anyone. Palafin has a lot of tricks up its sleeves like using its signature Jet Punch, summoning flotation rings, and being able to lift boats and fly across the air! I can see why it is admired by the people around town. Even Roy is starstruck when he saw it!

However, it being the idol of the town does have its bad sides, because when there is a mystery surrounding a famous person, there will always be people trying to uncover it. The Snap Guys want to snap a picture of its transformation, so they pretend one of them is in danger in order to lure it out. However, when he is actually in danger, the other guys just think he’s a good actor and didn’t even come to rescue him. Liko had to get Sprigatito to use Magical Leaf in order to conceal the cameras for the dolphin to transform.

Mighty G
Now, the highlight of the episode is Ludlow. There were hints throughout the episode that the legendary hero of the ocean was Palafin, but it wasn’t at the same time, hinting of a second hero. Lo and behold his own Form Change into Mighty G! This is definitely a parody of characters like All Might, Master Roshi, and Might Guy. There were some fan theories that Ludlow was secretly a very powerful trainer, and he certainly seems to be so, in a manner of speaking! How did he manage to hide all those muscles underneath those robes? However, the way he was able to drive the Brave Olivine’s boat mode back in Episode 34 makes absolute sense now. He may have looked like a feeble old man, but the way he handled the steering wheel back then hinted at his true prowess underneath. My favorite part was the fact that he had a Sharpedo, carried it on land, and then “parked” it underneath a tree. That was hilarious. Palafin seems to be an acquaintance of his too. After this episode, I demand a proper Ludlow backstory episode; he absolutely needs one.

It was nice seeing the kids minus Dot having fun at the beach. I also like how the male Swimmer NPC made an appearance; they usually have Water Pokémon in there party, so to see one own a Trubbish was hilarious, but also cute; I love his message of keeping the beach and ocean clean. There was also a brief appearance of Professor Willow, which was posted on the Official Japanese Pokémon Channel on YouTube, as part of the current cross-promotion with Pokémon GO. It’s a funny little skit.

What were your thoughts on Palafin’s debut and Ludlow’s alter ego? Are you looking forward to more appearances of Might G in future? Let us know in the comments!


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