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Trip's Getting Married! (well, his voice actor is anyway)

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Somewhere, a KodakShipper is crying their eyes out, how I feast on their anguish.

Congratulations Jamie! On behalf of the Pokemon Fanbase, we all hope this is everything you want it to be. Best Wishes! /shot
That's good new. Congratulations to you and your fiance Jaime!
Thanks so much everyone! I got to meet the President and Mrs. Obama yesterday and Michelle also shared her best wishes for a long and happy marriage, so between you and them - I'm sure it will be! :)
That's awesome! I wish you and your fiancé the best. :)
Congratulations, and I hope you two have a great life together. :)
Congratulations Jamie and Sean! I wish you guys the best!

So not only did Trip get to battle Alder, but he also met the President? Wow Ash, you sure do suck in comparison xD.
We're so happy for you we crashed the site with traffic and least that's what I assume why the site crashed
A belated congrats to you! And you're Trip's VA? That's epic!
I wish you a belated congratulations, and all the best for the future!

I had no idea we had a voice actor here this is so cool yay!
Congratulations Jamie! Best Wishes to you two!

(omg I had no idea we actually had voice actors on the forums, I'm kinda freaking out with a nerdgasm. pokemon celebrities! hahaha)
well done jamie :) your a really great voice actor btw wish you well !!
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