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Trip's Getting Married! (well, his voice actor is anyway)

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Congratulations! (Barry is so my favorite character, don't judge me! ;_;)
Wow, congrats on getting married Jamie! May you have many wonderful years with Sean!
congrats Jamie!!
I hope you get an wonderfull time with youre special one!!
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Congrats, Jamie. Have a good time. :D

You have easily been one of my favorite voice actors in the current Pokemon dub over the years. You have this swarmy, snarky delivery for Trip that really fits the bill to me.

I've never liked Barry as a character myself, but you helped make him more tolerable for me, and somewhat likeable. Thanks for your hard work. :)
Hey everyone! Madly planning the wedding and working on a big rally happening at the Supreme Court on March 26-27th. Were hoping to have the court overturn California's anti-gay Prop 8 and the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. You can see more about that at United For Marriage: Light the Way to Justice! - Home.

Also, there was a little story in USA Today last month about me and my fiancé! Check it out! Gay marriage fight in states, and homes, is inching toward a consensus

Hope everyone's having a great 2013!
Congratulations! It's really awesome to have the VAs on the forums, but as an LGBT Pokemon fan myself I like knowing that some of them are also LGBT. Good luck with the rally and all the wedding planning!
Congratulations Jamie!

I hope you guys have really great lives ahead of you, I also second Goodbye's post that, as a LGBT pokemon fan, it does give me good feelings to know that others are also LGBT.

Paul: You're pathetic, Squaddie.

Me: (to paul) YOUR'E PATHETIC, YOU CACK SUKA!!!! Oh, i have Asperger's sydrome. (true story)
Oh wow...Jamie, here in person,the actual voice of Trip?!? I'm all starstruck and having a major meltdown now...give me a second...

...nope, it's no good, gotta fangirl all over you!! You do a FANTASTIC job as as Trip, when I started watching BW he was instantly the character I liked the most, so thanks for making the show so much fun! And YAAAY for you getting married! Biggest congrats in the world and I'm so happy that you and your partner can finally celebrate your love like every couple should have the right to.


omg I just spoke to Trip's voice actor!!! eee *runs away giggling and blushing*
When I saw this thread, I didn't see the "(Well, his voice actor is anyway)",so all I saw was "TRIP'S GETTING MARRIED!" I thought the episode writers had lost it!
Seriously, all the best and congratulations
~ Ghibli
Congratulations Jamie! "Best Wishes" to you and Sean Carlson!
Didn't know there was voice actors on the forums!

Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you. Hope I'll see more of you on the forums.
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