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Two links to my profile

Pork T

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Nov 10, 2014
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I just noticed this while going to my profile, but in the bar on the top right of the screen it says "Welcome, Pork T Notifications My Profile Settings Log Out." Both the "Pork T" in Welcome, Pork T" and "My Profile" take me to my profile. Is it necessary to have both? I understand that welcoming a user will seem nice, whereas people wouldn't be inclined to go to a site that isn't nice, so perhaps the "My Profile" thing should be removed.
I always wondered about that as well. I'm curious as to why they're both there in the first place.
This is a non-issue to be honest. While it's not necessary to have two links to your profile it doesn't do any harm.
It doesn't cause harm, but it is odd and superfluous.
Pretty sure that's default vBulletin (4) behaviour, not something enabled or added on this forum specifically, so the vB team is who you should be asking about that anyway.
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