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Notice TWR Awards 2020 [RESULTS]

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Deku my boi! I'm so glad you ran Mafia: The gathering elsewhere. Our baby showing some awesome results. How did that game go?
You ran it and rebalanced it for less players. you still did a lot for this running of the game and apparently ran it well so I think it's mostly on you this time :p
I feel like there's a joke to be made about being the most unlucky player and also getting a town team award too, but I can't think of a good one. Nevertheless, I appreciate the honor of most unlucky player and thank you all for your votes!! (Even though I had no idea voting was happening lmao)

And of course, congrats to the other winners as well!!

I hope to be able to participate in more games in the coming year, and hopefully be just as unlucky next year as I was this year. xD

...Okay, that was...a bit sad. Still, congrats to everyone else!

And just maybe I'll do better next year...
The results are in!

Mafia Player Tier
-Best Single Town Performance @HumanDawn
-Most Strategic Player @ExLight & @HumanDawn
-Best Save @HumanDawn for their close success in Seraph of the End Mafia
-Best Mafia Player @HumanDawn

Thank you for all the awards :). Everyone else’s results are well earned too! I would have voted but I’ve aready used up so much free time for my championship game, and my votes may have been ignorant without taking into account all the other games this year that I did not take a look at.
Congratulations to all the winners, you guys deserved it.

My first season without an award and I blame my inactivity. Hopefully the current season will be better. Also, sorry for not voting this time as I was very busy and I had no clue who to vote tbh.
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