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Unovia's Moon Fairy Run

Log #14-Route 6, Royal Avenue, & The Battle Royal
Clearing my way through Route 6, I eventually come across a duo of Team Skull grunts, who is trying to take a Drifloon. Just when it seems all hope is lost, a little farmer girl shows up, riding a Mudsdale. Her name is Hapu, and after we beat back the Team Skull grunts, she thanks me for the help and rides off with her Mudsdale. Hopefully we will meet up with her soon. after we found our way back to Heahea City, we heal up, and once we realize there isn't much here, we head back onto Route 6, where we eventually end up at the Royal Avenue, which we explore the area.
We get drawn into a Battle Royal, which is a 4 person battle style. I decided to use Sylveon (Level 26) to inflict the most damage, since Sylveon has Swift, which can damage on all of the competitors in this fight. In this battle format,we face Gladion, Hau, and a guy known as the Masked Royal (who looks like Professor Kukui). Coming out on top, another guy named Kiawe meets us. Impressed with my style of battling, Kiawe invites me to meet him at Wela Volcano Park for the next Trial, then leaves.

In the next Log, we will face Route 7 & Wela Volcano Park. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #15-Route 7 & Wela Volcano Park
We will be going back to Route 7 later (Log #18), since there is a bit of water here. Passing it up, we traveled onto Wela Volcano Park, battling the trainers and getting lost in the four pathways through the Volcano. There were quite a few tourists here, and most of the Team got to Level 27 (except for Igglybuff, who was Level 26). I set Brionne as my main fighter and Carbink as my backup.

In the next Log, we will be taking on Kiawe in the next Trial. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #16-Wela Volcano Park (Trial #3)
This is the Trial I was most concerned for, since the Totem Salazzle is part Poison Type, which meant that my entire team would be weak to this Totem if I allowed it to set up. I took out an Alolan Marowak (Level 18) and a Camper's Magmar (Level 19) in OHKOs using Brionne (Level 27). These victories gave me confidence I could win after all!

When the Totem revealed itself (Level 22), I was expecting a tough fight. I didn't know whether it would be able to protect itself, making the use of the Z Move useless. Totem Salazzle struck first with Toxic, then Brionne used the Z Move Hydro Vortex (Base Move: Aqua Jet), which was a shocking OHKO! I won unexpectedly quickly. WOOHOO!
Kiawe was impressed with my win, giving me Charizard on the Ride Pager, Firium Z, and 10 Quick Balls. In addition, my Igglybuff finally evolved to Jigglypuff (Level 27)! With the passage clear to Route 8, I prepared to move on.

In the next Log, we will go on Route 8 on the way to Lush Jungle. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #17-Route 8
Starting on Route 8, I bumped into this guy who claimed to be a scientist, Colress. Colress was interested in studying Z Moves and the energy of the Region. He gave me Flame Charge, then left. I continued battling most of the trainers on the Route, also running into this camper owned by something called the Aether Foundation. We found our way to the Pokemon version of Jurassic Park and the entrance to Lush Jungle, but we will not be going to Lush Jungle yet. We have some exploring to do!

In the next Log, we will be going back on Route 7 to explore the water part of the Route. Until the next time, we will see you!
Funny how this concerned you, only for it to not be an issue. That's quite odd, I agree.
Considering I was 5 Levels above the Totem Salazzle when I took it down, I was not to surprised. As I said, I was worried it would protect or something. I somehow managed to defeat it before it even summoned an ally! It was insane!
Log #18-The Water of Route 7
First using Charizard Glide to get back to Route 7, then Lapras Paddle to go on the water next to Route 7, I paddled around to find several Swimmers here. These battles allowed Brionne to get to Level 29, while most of the rest of my Team is Level 28.

In the next Log, we will be heading back to Melemele Island to explore Melemele Sea & Kala'e Bay. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #19-Melemele Sea & Kala'e Bay

Flying back to Melemele Island, I went back to Professor Kukui's Lab, then Surfed, arriving at Melemele Sea. There were 6 Swimmers here. Flying back to Melemele meadow, I went back to Kala'e Bay after a while of looking. I Surfed around to clear the area, then flew back to Akala Island, where I finished training my Team to Level 29.

For the Lush Jungle Trial, I have to think about my Team a bit. Ribombee should be my Main attacker, but I know that the Totem Lurantis (Level 24) can be a bit of a problem, especially if it is allowed to set up with Sunny Day & Solar Blade. Solar Blade could be an issue!

In the next Log, we will take on the Lush Jungle Trial. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #20-Lush Jungle (Trial #4)

Heading into this Trial, I put Ribombee (Level 29) as my lead. This took a while, as I had to use Stoutland Search to find 4 items:

I also had to defeat several Pokemon that were protecting the items. Ribombee beat them all using Bug Buzz. Once I got all of the items, Mallow brought together all of the items, summoning the Totem Lurantis.
Totem Lurantis (Level 24) was going to be a tricky fight, especially if the sun was set up. I had Ribombee (Level 29) use Pollen Puff after Lurantis only used a Razor Leaf and summoned a Castform (Level 22). One more Pollen Puff and the Lurantis was defeated.

Because I was concerned that the Castform would set up Sunny Day, I sent out Brionne (Level 29) and used Hydro Vortex (Base Move: Aqua Jet) to take out Castform. Because I won, I am now in a good position to take on the Grand Trial. Mallow gave me 10 Nest Balls and the Grassium Z. Kukui met with me, giving me TM67 (Smart Strike) and asked me to head to Heahea City, specifically the Dimensional Research Lab.

Before I did that, I headed back into Lush Jungle, going around and capturing a Comfey (Level 21). I have also gone back to Brooklet Hill to train it up, swapping it out with Jigglypuff. Once I get Comfey to Level 29, I will move on.

In the next Log, we will go back to Heahea City, specifically the Dimensional Research Lab. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #21-Dimensional Research Lab

Heading back into Heahea City, we find ourselves at the Dimensional Research Lab. They study the Ultra Wormholes & the Ultra Beasts. It is headed by Professor Burnet. Burnet is also Professor Kukui's wife. I also met with Lillie who told me the story of how Professor Kukui found her. Hau told me he was heading toward Konikoni City through Diglett's Tunnel.

As I left the Lab, I saw a hole seemingly begin to open in the sky, and just as quickly, the hole closed. Man, that was odd.

In the next Log, we will take on Diglett's Hill & Route 9 on our way to Konikoni City. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #22-Diglett's Tunnel & Route 9
South of Heahea City, there lies Diglett's Tunnel. This Tunnel stretches from Heahea City to Route 9 and Konikoni City. This is a vast and winding area, and I got lost a bit trying to get through it. In positivity, I was able to get my Team to Level 30.

My Team:
Brionne (Level 31)
Ribombee (Level 31)
Sylveon (Level 30)
Carbink (Level 30)
Shiintonic (Level 30)
Jigglypuff (Level 30)
Comfey (Level 28)
As I was about to leave Diglett's Tunnel, I faced down Team Skull grunts, who had messed with the Alolan Diglett. Luckily, Hau helped me. He sent out Pikachu (Level 23) as the ally against the grunts, who used Fomatis (Level 22) and Salandit (Level 22). Salandit was defeated by Brionne and Fomantis was defeated by Pikachu. They left quickly, which allowed me to go from Diglett's Tunnel to Route 9.

Route 9 was a small Route, which easily lead me to Konikoni City. I healed and rested, preparing to explore this large city on Akala Island.

In the next Log, we will explore Konikoni City, Memorial Hill, & Akala Outskirts. Until the next time, we will see you!
Is this the final team (minus evolutions, of course)?
Haha! :D
Nowhere near.
I still plan to get Clefable, Klefki, Mimikyu, as well as Granbull. The Tapus will be captured, as well as getting Magerna from the QR Code.
I also would have gotten the Marill line as well as Togekiss, but both need access to the Island Scan. Barring those, I will focus on doing the ones I can get in game, might include a spoiler on my planned team.
Log #23-Konikoni City, Memorial Hill, & Akala Outskirts
Konikoni City is a pretty large city. There is a stone shop, run by Olivia, along with several restaurants & a clothing store. I bought a few items at the clothing store, then went to Olivia's shop, where a Probopass gave me a note from Olivia, telling me to meet her at the Ruins of Life. Before I did that, however, I met a girl with a trio of Pikachus, then I headed to the Memorial Hill. There were a few battles here, then I continued to the Akala Outskirts, where there were a few more battles.
Suddenly, this woman named Plumeria, who is an admin of Team Skull, showed up. She was angry that I kept beating the Grunts that she sends my way. She then challenges me to battle. I tried to use Ribombee (Level 31) against her Golbat (Level 25), but finding that Golbat was getting the upper hand, I switched to Carbink (Level 31). Carbink managed to beat both her Golbat as well as her Salandit (Level 26). Plumeria left, defeated, and I took a bit to finish leveling up. Once I was done, here was My Team:
Brionne (Level 32)
Ribombee (Level 32)
Sylveon (Level 32)
Carbink (Level 32)
Shiinotic (Level 32)
Jigglypuff (Level 31)
Comfey (Level 30)

In the next Log, we will take on Olivia at the Ruins of Life in the Akala Grand Trial. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #24-Ruins of Life (Grand Trial #2)
Grand Trial #2-Olivia
Before I came into this Trial, I deposited Jigglypuff and Comfey in the Box, then I journeyed back to the Ruins of Life. Lillie also sat to watch the battle, which I was surprised by. Apparently, Lillie is mesmerized by Olivia. Anyway, here we go! Considering Olivia uses Rock Types, I thought that this battle would be easy, and I could use Brionne to sweep. That was not going to happen!

Olivia sent out Nosepass (Level 26), and I sent out Brionne (Level 32). Nosepass used a combination of Thunderwave and Spark to almost take Brionne down. Wanting to save the Z Move for the end, I had Brionne continue to use Aqua Jet, which eventually defeated Nosepass. The good thing was, Olivia had used her healing item on Nosepass, so I didn't have to worry.With Brionne significantly weakened, I felt it couldn't continue the fight, so I switched to Shiinotic (Level 32). Olivia sent out Boldore (Level 26), and two Giga Drains took out Boldore easily. When Olivia sent out her final Pokemon, Lycanroc (Level 27), and I kept Shiinotic out. Lycanroc fired off a Rock Throw, and Shiinotic used Bloom Doom (Base Move: Giga Drain), which took out Lycanroc, winning me the battle against Olivia and getting the Rockium Z, which I gave to Carbink.

As I finished the Trial, Hau came up to Olivia, asking her to let him take her on. Olivia, Hau, and Lillie departed to see to the battle.
During the time I was training, I helped defend a few Aether Foundation people, including a scientist named Faba, from Team Skull, who were trying to steal a Slowpoke Tail. Grateful, Faba asked me to meet him at Hano Grand Resort, where he would take me to Aether Paradise. We have a bit to do before then.

In the next Log, we will be battling Lana & Mallow. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #25-Battling Lana & Mallow
Battle With Lana
I actually battled Lana's twin sisters, Harper & Sarah, first. They sent out Luvdisc (Level 24) & Corsola (Level 24). I sent out Shiinotic & Sylveon, who managed to defeat the twins easily. Harper & Sarah pushed Lana to battle me, and she took me to Brooklet Hill.

Lana opened with Chinchou (Level 26) and I opened with Shiinotic. One Giga Drain took Chinchou out, and I was a bit excited. That would change when she sent out Araquanid (Level 27) and I sent out Ribombee, hoping I could be very effective, countering the Bug Typing. However, after the water spider used the Water Vortex move, I had to switch to Sylveon. After many exchanged blows, Sylveon beat Araquanid. Last for Lana was Shellder (Level 26), which I beat with Shiinotic.

Defeated, Lana took the twins home, and I went home with her. Now was the time to find and battle Mallow.
Battle With Mallow
In one of Konikoni City's restaurants, I met with Mallow, who pushed me to go to Lush Jungle to battle her. She opened with Phantump (Level 26) and I opened with Ribombee. Ribombee took Phantump down. She then sent out Shiintonic (Level 26), which was tricky. I sent out Sylveon, and we had to go back and forth, eventually having Sylveon win. Last for Mallow was Steenee (Level 27). Ribombee took out Steenee easily, winnng me the battle.

In the next Log, we will explore Hano Grand Resort. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #26-Hano Beach & Resort


I went to Hano Grand Resort, where I met a famous Pikachu and his manager. I also explored the entire resort, taking on a few battles while I was here. On Hano Beach, I made some money getting Pyukumuku out to sea. During this time, I got my entire team to Level 34, managing to see my Brionne become a Primarina. Once I felt ready, I left Jigglypuff (Level 32) and Comfey (Level 33) in the box, then talked to Faba, who took me to Aether Paradise.

In the next Log, we will explore Aether Paradise and take our first steps onto Ula'ula Island. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #27-Aether Paradise & Ultra Wormholes
Now at Aether Paradise, I meet the team at the floating, man made Alolan island. This team included Wicke, Faba, and most importantly, Lusamine. Lusamine is the President of the Foundation, whose stated purpose is to protect hurt Pokemon. She also wants to meet Pokemon from other dimensions.
Just as she started to talk about Pokemon from other dimensions, a Pokemon from other dimensions appeared (even though I don't know what they are in game, it is a Nihilego), being Level 27. Primarina (Level 34) beat the Ultra Beast in an OHKO, and it disappeared where it came from. Lusamine sent Hau and I to Ula'ula Island.
Vs. Hau
After getting settled on Ula'ula, Hau asked me to battle him. He opened with Alolan Raichu (Level 28) and I opened with Primarina (Level 34). Raichu was able to keep using Electro Ball, but after a few Sparkling Arias, it fell. Next for Hau was Leafeon (Level 28). I changed to Ribombee (Level 34). One Pollen Puff took it down. Last for Hau was Torracat (Level 29). I changed back to Primarina. Torracat kept using Fire Fang, but surprisingly didn't use the Fire Z Crystal. Primarina used Hydro Vortex which defeated Torracat, but not before getting Burned. I healed up and rested.

In the next Log, we will continue collecting Zygarde parts, going back to Akala Island. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #28-Zygarde Quest-Akala
I didn't spend too long doing this here, as most of the easily accessible ones were collected as I went along.


Now, it is time to focus on Ula'ula Island. In the next Log, we will explore Malie City, Malie Garden, & Malie Cape. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #29-Malie City, Garden, & Cape
There was quite a bit to do in Malie City, starting with meeting the Professor in the Garden. It was raining when I was here, which I would have appreciated if I had Pokemon that had Swift Swim as the ability. I battled a few trainers here on my way to find the Professor. Hau and I met up with the professor, who we told about the Ultra Beasts at the Aether Paradise.
Next, we met up with Lillie, who was heading to the Malie Library. Upon getting there, we ran into Hapu and Mudsdale again, who offered to take Lillie to the Ruins of Abundance whenever she was ready. Going into the Library, we meet Samson Oak, the cousin of Professor Oak from the Kanto Region, who studies Regional Variants.

Taking a moment away from the Library, I checked out the Community Center, where I got some move boosting rocks and some ribbons of friendship.
Heading back to the Library, we reunited with Lillie, who was talking to a girl named Acerola. Acerola used to be royalty. While here, we learned how Lunala battled the Tapus. Is Lunala an Ultra Beast?

Leaving the Library, we headed to the Outer Cape, where we battled a father & son who had a Muk & Grimer. I collected a few items, then headed for Route 10!

In the next Log, we will go through Route 10 and Mt. Hokulani. Until the next time, we will see you!
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